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The Easiest Front Porch Planters Ever

The easiest front porch planters ever! Super simple and fast containers to dress up your front door area. In just a few minutes your porch will go from drab to amazing!

Today I’m sharing how to make show-stopping, impressive planters in just a few minutes. These are truly the easiest front porch planters ever!

front porch planters with ferns

Easiest Front Porch Planters

Even though I loved my olive buckets, I am ready for a change. I moved the olive buckets to the back, and they will join my herb garden. I debated about how to replace them, and looked for quite a while, finally deciding on these black planter boxes. I had visions of filling them with colorful blooms and that may still happen…but for now, I decided to keep it extremely simple and go with these lovely ferns. I promised the easiest front porch planters ever, so that’s what I’m delivering!

easiest front porch planters assembly

Lowe’s had rows and rows of healthy ferns for a great price, so I came home with two. To simplify the process, I wanted to set the fern containers inside the planter boxes. This method enabled me to leave the ferns in their original containers, and it eliminated the need for potting soil. I was hoping the ferns would set in the planter boxes at the correct height, but no such luck. They sat down into the planters way too low. To raise them up, I simply put packing pillows and plastic grocery bags in the bottom of each planter. Other options to raise up the fern containers, and allow drainage, are packing peanuts or plastic water bottles.

porch planter with fern

Not including the time it took to shop for the ferns, these planters took less than ten minutes to assemble. I may still actually plant the ferns in potting soil but if they do well and grow, I’m sure I won’t. You can use this method with any sort of front porch planter…even large, inexpensive terra cotta pots. Ferns are very forgiving too. They can be neglected for days and once watered, they bounce right back. They tend to collect moths, but a good shake every now and then takes care of that. 

Here are the planters, at home, on our front porch. I’ll be sharing the sitting area and door very soon. I just cleaned the porch yesterday…and what a good feeling it is to have that task finished. The time spent outside was so enjoyable, and the end result made me happy!

navy blue front door with front porch planters filled with ferns

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Where to get the front porch planters:

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Click HERE to see the rest of the porch!


This post was originally published in 2017. Two years later, in 2019, I recreated the same fern planters, but used white metal pots instead of the black planters. You can see the white pots with ferns by clicking HERE. 

fern in white planter

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