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Front Porch Fall Decorating Inspiration

Use this front porch fall decorating inspiration to greet your guests and bring autumn color to your outdoor space!

front porch fall decorating inspiration

One of my very favorite things to do when each new season appears is to refresh our front porch with outdoor seasonal decorations. I’ve done it so many times that I’ve got it down to a system, and anyone can follow it. I know it’s a challenge to reinvent a space without spending a lot of money, or doing an actual renovation. This system I’m referring to addresses the same five elements, every single time. Not all may apply to you, but it’s a process you can follow, and adapt to your own home. Today I’m sharing some front porch fall decorating inspiration that goes hand-in-hand with these five things.

Front Porch Fall Decorating Inspiration

white rocker with fall plaid pillow on porch

1.) The Front Door

It makes sense to me to start with the front door, because for any porch, it’s the focal point. An updated wreath is the perfect place to start. Choose something with seasonal interest and colors. The wreath pictured below was purchased at Hobby Lobby, and I added the copper dried artichokes. I fluffed it to add dimension, and in about 10 minutes, it was on our door!

Tip: Choose or design a wreath that won’t blend into your front door color. If you have a white, or light colored door, choose something that has a base of grapevine or dark greenery. If you have a dark door, for example blue or black, add a wreath with light, bright colors.

1fall wreath on navy blue door 2021

If you have an existing fall wreath that’s in good shape, simply update it by adding a fresh bow, or changing out some of the floral elements. Many times, one or two very quick changes can completely transform a decor item.

fall wreath up close on navy blue door 2021

2.) Pots with Fresh Fall Plants

When your summer planters are spent and finished blooming, it’s time to refresh them with fall plants. Mums are the obvious, and very beautiful choice, but there are other ideas also. When I was at the garden center shopping for the terra cotta mums pictured below, they also had an autumn-colored mix of petunias. I had never seen anything like them before, so decided to give them a try.

front porch fall decorating inspiration blue planter with copper mums

Using the navy blue planters I painted in the spring, I placed a big mum in the center of each pot, and surrounded it with ivy and the petunias. These petunias can take a little bit of shade, so I’m hoping they take off, and trail down the sides of the pots.

door area on porch with fall decorations

3.) The Layered Doormats

I love seasonal decor. Adding it to your home is an excellent way to freshen things up a few times a year. Let your personal style lead you, and make the decor elaborate or simple, inexpensive or a splurge. Some years, I splurge more than others! There are times when I just can’t help myself, and that happened this year with the rug and mat in front of the door.

Layering your doormats does two things to improve the charm of your front door area. First, it allows you to incorporate two different colors and textures. Second, it enlarges the area in front of the door, and gives it more presence. In other words, layering doormats makes a statement…and that’s always a good thing when it comes to welcoming family and friends to your home!

layered fall doormats with blue planters

4.) Adding Softness with Fabric

If you have room on your porch for a sitting area, definitely take advantage of it, and add a chair or two. It’s the perfect opportunity to add softness and more color with soft furnishings. Place pillows and/or throw blankets on the chairs for a cozy and vibrant autumn touch.

white rocker with fall plaid pillow

5.) Porch Fall Decorating Inspiration: Finish with Accessories

If you don’t have room for chairs, consider a garden stool. Another idea is placing a small table against your porch wall, or in a corner. These surfaces can be accessorized with fun, seasonal decor items, and make sure to include some plants.

furniture on porch decorated for fall

The blue garden stool was a new addition in the spring, and it’s going to stay around all the way through the holiday season. It wasn’t intentional, but having a spot of blue in the sitting area ties in nicely with the navy blue front door and pots.

blue garden stool on porch decorated for fall

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Porch Fall Decorating Inspiration Sources

sitting area on fall front porch

Galvanized Custom Name Planter

I have a little story to tell about the oval planter pictured below. One of my best girlfriends has a place on Lake Erie, and she invited me for an overnighter a few weeks ago. There are lots of wineries in the area, and she found one that was on our way home…and they were offering a craft class that very evening. The project was this stenciled planter. I honestly had my doubts about my ability to make it look good, but to my astonishment, it turned out to be pretty cute! They provided the stencils and the planter, and we got to do the fun part. If you live in the Sandusky/Port Clinton/Fremont area in Ohio, the little winery is Chateau Tebeau in Helena, OH. The classes are called “Paint & Sips” and even though I don’t drink alcohol, it was a relaxing and enjoyable evening! The next one is September 15th, and if you are interested, you can get more information {HERE.}

oval planter on table with mums comp

If you would like to create a galvanized name planter on your own, get custom stencils made {HERE. and get the container {HERE.}

layered doormats front porch fall decorating inspiration

Spending time on our porch this past week has been so enjoyable. It definitely didn’t feel like work. I went slowly, and tried to savor every minute. The fresh air was good for me, and it kept my mind off other things. It was very strange being outside without Kelly, but being busy and having a purpose helped so much. I am very grateful that you all take the time to stop by this blog, so I can share my life with you. You all are, quite simply, the best.

Until next time…