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New Navy Blue Summer Planters For The Porch

Can’t find the perfect summer planters for your porch? Get ideas and inspiration for filling summer planters, and how to coordinate them with your door.

You know what they say…third time’s a charm. That’s how many tries it took to get the summer planters for our front porch just right! For some reason, and I’m honestly not sure why, this year’s summer porch decor has been a challenge. Most of the time, when the seasons change and it’s time for a porch refresh, I know exactly the look I want. It’s a simple matter of some time and smart shopping to get it. Not so much this year!

ferns in summer planters on porch with navy blue door1

Navy Blue Summer Planters

It all started a few months when I saw this image on Pinterest. We have had a navy blue front door for years, but it never occurred to me to use navy blue planters. I fell in love with the look, and I knew somehow I was going to make it happen. What I didn’t know was how hard it would be!

summer planters and layered doormat

Sherwin Williams Naval: The Perfect Shade of Navy Blue

I began by shopping for navy blue summer planters. I found a set at Lowe’s and brought them home. Strike one…they were royal blue, not navy blue. I then ordered a set from Amazon, which was strike two. They were more black than navy blue. At this point, I decided that the only way I was going to get the perfect shade of navy blue that matched our door was by painting a set of planters myself. I already had a set of unattractive gray planters, and I already had a quart of Sherwin Williams Naval paint. The paint was purchased last summer to refresh the door…but it was a job that never got accomplished. So I gathered my supplies, and in just a few hours, I had summer planters that are the perfect shade of navy blue.

planter painted navy blue

Navy Blue Paint Tip

Many times, dark colored paints look light in the can, and darken after they are applied and begin to dry. This is the case with SW Naval. When I first opened the can to paint the planters, I saw royal blue paint. For just a minute, I wondered if it had been mixed wrong. No worries…it was the correct color! As soon as it started to dry, the rich navy blue shade appeared and all was well.

Once the planters were figured out, the rest of the door area just fell into place. I added a tiny touch of blue to the wreath I made last month. I cut apart two stems of inexpensive faux blue flowers and simply stuck them in between the hydrangeas.

summer fern wreath on blue door

The Finishing Touches

Believe it or not, I purchased the ferns at Kroger for $12.99 each! The ferns sat too far down into the planters, and needed a riser. Two old pots turned upside down at the bottom of the planters did the trick. I love to use ferns because they are very low maintenance, and they pack a huge punch of curb appeal.

fern in navy blue planter1

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The finishing touch is the cute coir doormat layered over a buffalo check rug. I purchased the doormat a few months ago, and unfortunately, it’s already sold out. If you love navy blue, I added some other very cute choices to my Amazon Shop.

navy blue layered doormat

The weather here in Ohio has been unpredictable at best. Just a few days ago, it was finally nice enough for me to get out and hose down the entire porch. It was covered in pollen and dust, and definitely needed a good cleaning. It was such a simple task, but so rewarding. A clean porch, and a spruced up door area, gave our tired house a burst of new life. Never under-estimate how much small, easy updates can improve the look and feel of your home.

navy blue front door with ferns1

Navy Blue Summer Porch Sources

diy summer wreath

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  1. Would you please consider sharing the link for your doormat? I understand you say it’s out of stock but I’d like to follow the link in case it’s restocked. Thanks!

  2. It looks just beautiful! You are inspiring me to give my front door a fresh coat of paint and spruce up the entrance. Love the look of the navy planters that match the door. Perfect, as always!

  3. 5 stars
    Love, love love this front porch! It’s simply stated and beautiful! You have my favorite blog even though I cannot do some of your outdoor ideas here in Florida, you keep me thinking and wishing!

  4. I also have SW Naval front door but not room for planters on sides. Late March I bought spray paint that was very close in color and used it on my slightly worn teal resin planters which I have by porch steps. It’s warm here in Charleston area so I’m on my porch a lot.

  5. 5 stars
    Love the polished look of such a coordinated entrance.
    What type of grey planters did you have? Is it important to have a certain type of surface for the paint to adhere? And will any exterior paint show nicely or should it be a high gloss?
    Really enjoy all your suggestions even though my double doors don’t allow implementing some.

    1. Hi Sheila! The gray planters were some sort of resin and had a very dull finish. They were literally ugly. I used exterior paint in a satin finish, but semi-gloss would work as well.

  6. Your porch is so pretty and I love SW Naval! Almost used it for my kitchen island, but decided on a more neutral bluish gray (SW Storm Cloud).

    Always love all of your ideas!

  7. Love your front porch refresh and the navy color you chose. I’ve been contemplating painting my front door, but can’t decide on the color. I may just go with navy! Thank you!

  8. Love your wreath. You are such an inspiration. I have been using ferns for several years. So lush and little care. Your blue door has been a favorite since you painted it. Hoping to turn our 42 year old door blue too.
    Happy Mothers Day. Earlier this morning, we had sleet, snow, and rain in this part of Ohio.
    Figured that’s what OHIO stands for: Only Happens In Ohio.

  9. Hi Ann! Your ideas are always inspiring and I, too, have never thought of matching planters to my front door (which is also blue!) Love the look. What were the planters that you painted made of? Can you paint plastic pots?

    1. Lovely, Ann! I’m chomping at the bit to get my porch and deck ready for summer. Unfortunately, the weather here in Western New York has not cooperated. We’ve had a few nice days here and there, but for the most part it’s cold and rainy. Just trying to get the lawn mowed is a challenge, let alone doing any spring cleanup or gardening. Am looking for an outdoor rug to put on the porch, but every time I find one I like it’s “sold out” in the size I need. Next week isn’t looking any better. Ugh! Guess I’m just being …impatient because I usually don’t plant anything until Memorial Day, but this year I just want to get going

    2. The gray planters are some sort of resin/plastic and they had a very dull finish. The surface is slightly textured as well. Yes…you can paint plastic pots! If you use spray paint, they make a specific kind just for plastic. Good luck!

  10. Your summer porch is just lovely, Ann. I’ll bet all your neighbors look forward to seeing your new decorating every year. Love it!

  11. Your front porch looks beautiful! You always make it so inviting. I love the ferns too. I’ve never had a lot of luck with ferns. Florida sun and heat are very hard on them and I am certainly not a patient expert trying to keep them alive even though some people can here.😄
    I love your navy door too. I may copy that idea when we repaint our door.
    You are always an inspiration..

  12. I always love what you do to your porch seasonally but I think this is my favorite so far! I love navy blue and think I’ll try my hand at painting some old pots to go on my back patio that has a navy stripe outdoor rug. Your wreath coordinates so well with the whole look and those ferns are gorgeous. We have sun that hits our front door so ferns are out for the planters, but yours are beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Ann

  13. Beautiful! Last year I purchased a tall black planter to use by my front steps (I don’t have a porch.) First I thought I would plant in it, but I always loved Boston ferns and decided on plopping one into the planter. It grew beautifully and that is what is going in the planter this week! Happy Mother’s Day!

  14. I love the look on your front porch. I also used your inspiration and now have a naval door with one of your suggested wreaths, but highlighted with bright pink instead. May I suggest you also paint the wreath hanger with your naval paint. You will be very pleased with the results as it will not distract from your beautiful wreath. -Kay

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