On Sutton Place Paint Colors

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Details about the paint colors at the homes featured on the blog On Sutton Place. Includes inspiration for choosing paint colors, and ideas for blue and off-white.

ivory tufted accent chair in living room

Picking the perfect paint color is hard. Believe me, I’ve made my share of mistakes. Over the years, I’ve repainted more than one room because once I saw the color on the wall, it just wasn’t right. In both of our homes, I simplified the process of choosing by using the same neutral color throughout.

paint colors sutton place 1

Sutton Place Interior Paint Colors

The neutral I used on Sutton Place was a custom mix from Sherwin Williams. Originally, way back when, I color-matched some doors in our living room. Once I started painting with that custom color, I just kept going. I’ve included below the information from the top of my paint can.

sherwin williams custom color off white (1)

Sherwin Williams Alabaster

If you don’t want to go the custom route, Alabaster from Sherwin Williams is almost an exact match.

Sherwin Williams Naval

Now on to a little color. Navy paint colors are a challenge. I have tried over the years to find the perfect one. I didn’t have much success until I found Naval, again from Sherwin Williams.

Our front door on Sutton Place was painted Naval, along with some cupboards in our kitchen. In my opinion, it is a classic and true navy blue.

Sherwin Williams Windy Blue

For the kitchen walls I chose Windy Blue. It has just a hint of periwinkle, and is very fresh and bright. 

board and batten wainscoting in dining room 2021

HGSW Linwood Sands

Linwood Sands is the color on the walls in the dining room above the board and batten. It’s part of the HGTV Home line by Sherwin Williams, and is available at Lowe’s or any Sherwin Williams store. 

sutton place entry upward paint color

Sherwin Williams Upward

Upward is the next lightest shade from Windy Blue, and I chose this color for the entry walls. Honestly, I couldn’t tell much difference between the two. I probably should have gone down 2 shades on the color strip. Live and learn!

on sutton place exterior paint colors

Sutton Place Exterior Paint Colors

  • I already discussed the front door color above.
  • I have had many questions over the years about our exterior paint colors, mainly the siding and shutters of our home. The last time we had the whole house painted, and I was able to match the previous colors. All are from Sherwin Williams. Here’s the breakdown:

 Siding: Morning Fog (flat finish)
Shutters:  Grays Harbor (satin finish)
Front Door: Naval (satin finish)
Trim: Extra White (semi-gloss)

As you can see above, I am recommending a flat finish for exterior siding. Our siding was original to the house, which means it was 60 years old, and was slightly dented in some places. I made the mistake of painting it in a satin finish, and all of those imperfections popped out. I could have avoided that had I chosen a flat finish, but as I said earlier in the post, live and learn!

on sutton place paint colors sugar maple house

Sugar Maple Paint Colors

When we downsized and moved to the house on Sugar Maple Court, I knew I wanted our main living area painted a neutral color. I needed to match (or come close to matching) the existing kitchen cabinets. This proved to be easier than I had anticipated, because there was really only one color from Sherwin Williams that worked!

Sherwin Williams Snowbound

Our kitchen cabinets are white with a touch of gray, and after a lengthy process of elimination, I decided on Snowbound.

antique dresser in foyer with board and batten wall

Sherwin Williams Modern Gray

Modern Gray is actually a very nice greige tone, and it’s perfectly neutral. We used it on the walls in our guest bedrooms, and I also chose Modern Gray for the board and batten in our foyer.

Sherwin Williams Distance

When we bought our current home, the door was painted white. I knew for sure it wasn’t going to stay that way! I had my heart set on painting it the same color as the Sutton Place house, but when we put the paint sample up on the door, Naval wasn’t right. It was too dark, and the door receded into the stone. In the end, I chose Distance, and love the way it looks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to mix white and off white?

Mixing whites and ivories is something I do all the time. My honest opinion is that if you like it, do it. I mix white accessories with the other neutrals in my decor. I have some bright white ironstone that looks beautiful on the same shelf with the ivory ironstone. I have some vintage quilts that are blue & white. At one time, when I was younger, I don’t think I would have mixed the white and ivory. Now I am much more relaxed, and don’t worry about it!

What sheen do you use for your walls and trim?

In both houses, I used a satin finish on the walls, and a semi-gloss finish on the trim and interior doors. For our front doors, I used an exterior satin finish.

What color was the garage door on Sutton Place?

Our garage door was white. (The garage door at our current home is white as well.)


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  1. Kathy Lux says:

    Were you happy with how the siding looked when painted? We have to decide between painting or replacing our siding soon. Thank you for the suggestions for paint colors. Our house is very similar to your Sutton home.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Kathy…yes, our siding looked great after it was painted. Except for the sheen mistake, we were very happy. We had aluminum siding, not wood.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I love your home! What color are the Sutton Place cabinets? Thanks so much!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      The cabinets are the custom off white shade. It’s very close to Sherwin Williams Alabaster. Thanks!

  3. Ann,
    Thanks for sharing all your colors. I love how welcoming they all are. Happy Easter!

  4. Maureen Provost Ryan says:

    Hi, Ann!!! We just switched our siding color from beige to soft yellow— it looks amazing and very welcoming! The neighbors love it too. Our interior has all the blues you have featured— very calming and serene. Thanks for all you share with us!

  5. Hi Im looking for a blue for my front door and I came across yours. Love the color and I actually have a wall in my boys room that was painted Naval a few years ago. I was wondering if you used an exterior paint and what finish was it?

  6. Love the front door color. What color would you paint your front-facing garage door?

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Vanessa…my garage door is white. When we moved here, there were two doors that we eventually replaced with one. The two original garage doors were painted the gray of the siding. I really like the white better!

  7. I agree that Naval is a very classic navy blue…it is also one of my favorites! I like it so much I painted three house exteriors this color! 😉

  8. Michele Martin says:

    Hi, I found your article about your blue front door because I want to do the same thing. I have white side panels so I wanted to use your suggestion of Naval. We went to Lowes and it looks soooooo dark. Almost black. But your front door finished is the color I like, so not sure what to do. Help. I also like your other suggestions salty dog and indigo

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Michele! Are you sure the paint is Sherwin Williams? Do you have an actual Sherwin Williams store? I did not get my paint at Lowe’s so I’m not sure if it’s the same formula. It does look very dark in the can. But it’s a true navy blue. Is it possible to get one of those little sample jars? If yes, then take it home and try it on a piece of poster board. Make sure to do two coats. Tape the poster board to your front door and look at it at different times of day because the light will change. I hope this helps!

  9. Ruth James says:

    Hi Ann, Is the color of your shutters the same color as your front door? I have 2 architectural pieces on the front of my house I would like to repaint and I love the color of your shutters-plus my brick is the same color as yours.

  10. Thanks for posting this again. I was just telling my husband this morning about your front door color and how much I love it. We’re looking at colors for new siding and colors for shutters and the front door. I want this color if I can talk him into it.

  11. Michelle Morrison says:

    So happy you mentioned the linen drapes from Pottery Barn ( one of my all time favorite places to shop). As of today they are now on sale so I ordered four panels. I’m on my way to making a more neutral palette throughout the home!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      You will love them! Mine have the blackout lining (request from my kids!) but I really wanted the ones with the lighter lining. Let me know what you think when you get them up!

  12. Your home is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it! I have been considering making white linen drapes for my living room. If you have time to respond, I was wondering if they wrinkle and if yours are lined. My impression of linen is that it is always wrinkled.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Yes linen wrinkles. It’s just a fact of life. However, there are a few things you can do to help matters. First, prewash the fabric before you sew. That will help so much with the wrinkles and it will soften your fabric. Plus, linen shrinks so if you don’t prewash, you will have issues if you launder your drapes. Washed linen irons very nicely so ironing helps. Yes, mine are lined. I’m going to be honest…it wasn’t easy. The linen stretches and shifts. The best thing to do is make your panels but leave them unhemmed. Hang them, mark your hem, take them down and sew your hem. A lot of steps I know. Good luck with your project!

      1. Thanks for the advice. I am a regular reader of your blog and appreciate the tips you share from your experience. Saves the rest of us from repeating them!

      2. Thanks for the advice. I am a regular reader of your blog and appreciate the tips you share from your experience. Saves the rest of us from learning the hard way!

  13. Ann, I love your style! I also absolutely love your sofa. I have been looking for one like it for years. I live in Baltimore though and have no Art Van stores nearby. If you or your readers have any idea where I might find one like yours, I’d love to know.

    Thanks so much for sharing your lovely home.

  14. Oh my, I really like Naval. Looks like another trip to Sherwin Williams and repainting the front door will be on the to-do list soon. Your blog is a wealth of ideas and inspiration. Thanks!

  15. I was so excited to see you chose the exact Sherwin Williams color (Naval) for your front door that I chose for mine last spring. I just love it and get many compliments on it. I have been agonizing over what direction to go in for inside colors and your ideas are so inspiring to me. Interestingly I have the same type off white stoneware in my kitchen as you have in your living room!

  16. Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads says:

    Ann, I have been struggling with that whole ivory/white issue lately. I have those ivory drapes from Pottery Barn in our bedroom which I absolutely love! But I have been needing a new quilt or coverlet for the bed for a while and just couldn’t decide if I should get white or ivory. I decided to order an ivory one from PB just yesterday! Hey, I guess I should write a blog post when it arrives! Love the way you showed your paint colors with the brushes!

  17. Ann, I started integrating more white/ivory into my bedroom. I believe I saw once when you were doing a bedroom reveal your bed spread that was white. I found one online and absolutely love it. I change my pillows out by seasons. It makes the world of difference. Now I want to paint my dining room.

  18. Ann, as a quilter, I love seeing quilts included in farmhouse style decorating! To me it makes perfect sense but I rarely see them on display or on beds on modern farmhouse decorator blogs or on Instagram. Yours look beautiful!

  19. Thanks for sharing, Ann-with-no-e. ;-) (My middle name, btw.) Love your pics… they so inspire me! I need to make a tassel or two for my white lantern! ;-)

  20. Sue Dunlap says:

    I love neutrals! However, I’m not a “blue” person. Can you give me some suggestions for other colors I can use?

    1. Ann Drake says:

      If I ever switched, it would be from blue to gray. Even though gray is a neutral, it adds color as well. Another option would be green. It’s very organic and soft. Good luck!

  21. Cherie Westover says:

    I am just starting the neutral colors in my home…coming from a French country look with florals and wonderful colors. Please post a palette of cremes neutrals and whites..I still need to see the blend of colors. Thank you

  22. I have so enjoyed these last two posts on neutrals. Whites and lights seem to be the consistent trends in any style of decor these days. My walls, in the main downstairs rooms are off whites, the color of pale French Vanilla Ice Cream. After 42 years of shades of the same color, I am weary. I will be making some changes and you have given me much to consider. Thanks again!

    What do you think about mixing wood stain colors, paints, faux finishes? My pieces are many different styles and vintage and will also be reconsidered in the near future. My house is not an open concept, it is a standard center hall Dutch Colonial. Using different woods in each room has never seemed much of an issue actually because the sight lines are defined. Just wondering.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      I don’t have any issues with mixing stain tones, painted furniture, etc. In fact, I think it makes your room looked collected over time instead of purchased at a big box store. I have dark wood tables, a lighter wood antique chest and a blue cabinet in my living room. Just my opinion of course but if you like your pieces, then mix them together. Enjoy!

  23. Thank you for sharing Ann. Your rooms and ideas are always spot on. I absolutely love blue and white. When we remodeled this house years ago, I went with a creamy, white yellow called Ice Cream. It’s aged well and stood the test of time. Looks great with blue and white too!

  24. Thanks for all these details, Ann. Most helpful. I have new doors – front and back – which we painted a lighter blue and I’m just not loving it. I think I’m going to go with your Naval for the doors. Blue is my favorite color although for years we had red doors. I do have a color in my bathroom which I love and will continue to reprint as needed – blue willow. It’s just the perfect grey-blue, I think. I’m with you on neutrals overall – calming, easy to change out accents, easy to live with – I’ve always believed that.

  25. Ann, thanks so much for sharing! Your home is such an inspiration to me!

  26. Wanda McDaniel says:

    Thanks for your Blog!
    I have always used Sherwin Williams! Their Alabaster is perfect for my wood trim and Online Gray on my walls.

  27. Maureen Ryan says:

    I think yours is my favorite blog. There’s something so satisfying about it on many levels. Just wanted to say thank you for the great job you are doing and for the great information you share!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Thank you Maureen…this made my day!

  28. Karen bentley says:

    I also love that color naval and used it for a bidget friendly update in my kitchen!

  29. Kathleen G says:

    I remember your post about the paint colors you chose for your home. I’m glad you did an update for your new readers. So very happy you still love the wallpaper in your dining room. Did you do a post about your seat covers on your dining room chairs?
    Have a beautiful day,
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Kathleen…no I don’t think I did a post on the dining room chairs. I’m thinking about changing them (again!) so if I do, I’ll make sure to write a post. Thank you!

  30. Monica @ Lovely Pursuits says:

    Great post! I agree completely with regards to mixing ivory and white. I think it adds to an organic “collected over time” kind of look.

  31. Thanks for all the details.

  32. You have given me a lot to think about! I like color, but I agree that things can look dated with certain patterns and colors. It is hard for me to pick a paint color and these last two posts really clarify why. They also point me to some answers. Your examples of other blogs is helpful and I read those regularly too.

    Another thought/question: I read about color and decor, my husband doesn’t. How do you incorporate your family’s opinion and likes with your vision of how you should decorate? My husband has to live with the choices too! He will go along with my choices, but I don’t want to be a dictator!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      My husband has always let me do what I want in regards to color, paint, fabric, etc. He honestly has no opinion even though I’ve asked a million times. He does, however, have an opinion about painting wood furniture. He refuses to let it happen. So that’s why my wood pieces are dark. He also has an aversion to replacing something that “is still perfectly good.” He doesn’t see the need to “update.” The compromise is that when he does voice an opinion, which is rare, I always listen. I almost always let him have his own way too unless it’s just ridiculous. lol. So if your husband does have an opinion, listen and try to incorporate his wishes into your decor. I agree, he lives there too! My kids are grown and don’t live here anymore so they don’t really have a say!

  33. Terrie Bagnuolo says:

    Thanks so much for this information. Actually I think it was the perfect strategy to post your beautiful home and your love for neutrals without the paint and fabric details initially. It allowed me to just think on how much I liked it and didn’t clutter my mind with facts as I enjoyed the soothing look. Besides, your manner is so pleasing; it’s nice to hear from you twice in succession about the same topic. Also, thought it was a genius use of paintbrushes to share the colors! Lots of fun following your blog.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      You are welcome Terrie…thanks for taking the time to leave such a nice comment. :)

  34. Kathy Mollett says:

    I love your front door color. I’ve. been wanting to paint mine (currently taupe) but not sure what color to go with. My shutters are black & from your pics, your brick looks similar to mine. I was considering a teal??? I would appreciate your input. Thank You!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Do you have teal anyplace else in your house? If yes, then I say go for it. If not, perhaps try to pick an accent color that will introduce people to your home’s decor. That’s really why I chose navy. It’s sort of my signature color and always has been. If your shutters are black, a dark gray door would look nice. Just a thought…good luck with your choice!

  35. I just love the combination of blue and white. Always looks so fresh. And your front door is swoon worthy. I love the color. Still trying to convince my husband to let me paint ours that color. Your decorating style really speaks to me. I don’t think we’ve ever seen your kitchen though. Is it as pretty as the rest of your house?

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Yes my kitchen is pretty…but dated and small. I have shown it a few times but it’s very hard for me to photograph. One wall is a ginormous window and I struggle with the lighting. Anyway, I need new countertops and a new sink. The appliances are fairly new and very nice. If I can, I’ll do a post on the kitchen soon. Thanks for your comment!

  36. Terrific post Ann! I was always hesitant about using a light blue in my kitchen and entryway because they all appear so pastel and child-like for these areas. The windy blue is beautiful and I will get a sample to try out. I also love, love, love your front door – a perfect navy blue to be sure.


  37. Keepin’ it simple. I love that and I love your style. Thanks for sharing!

  38. Your room looks lovely and so do the
    paint colors you chose.

  39. Such great information! I thought You had given me a plan I could use in my kitchen…but alas, then I looked at my black/brown speckled granite and realized it just wouldn’t work ????. Love your home and your color choices!

  40. Maria L Wolfgang says:

    I love the blues u chose..
    Everything looks crisp yet inviting. Thank u for sharing..

  41. laura {not a trophy wife} says:

    Your home looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing and Happy Friday! laura

  42. I LOVE your blog! You are always so honest and sincere! Keep on keepin’ on! Thanks.

  43. Simply beautiful Ann, love the choices in paint colors.

  44. Jeanette Duke says:

    I think your colors are spot on! I especially love your fur baby on the sofa! ????

  45. Thank you for all your inspiration. Do you have a source for your ladder?

  46. Oh my gosh I could cry now. Blue is my favorite color. I see what you did and feel so much better in what I was thinking. I am in awe at the email I sent off this morning and this email now. Thank you Ann. I am beside myself with happiness.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      I am so happy too Jody…enjoy your home!

  47. I have been meaning to ask you this since last year. For the Easy Chicken Soup Recipe – why do you include two cans of Campbell’s Chicken Broth with the other 2 cartons. Is it a flavor thing, or is it a quantity thing?

    I share this recipe with others all the time; it is just delicious. Of course, I also recommend your blog as well. ;-) I made this two days ago for my husband and me. Today, I am also taking some to my parents and a friend who broke her wrist. the extra days will make it that much more delicious! After packaging, I still have enough for another meal. Perfect! Thanks so much, Ann.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Lauri! Yes it’s a flavor thing. The Campbell broth used to say on the label “double rich, double thick.” They changed the label but not the broth. I think it adds a lot!

  48. Mary Choi says:

    Another perfect post with perfect timing. I am getting ready to have all my trim repainted and will definitely check the color you used for your trim. ???? Thanks Ann!