Ideas For Your Summer Front Porch

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Easy ideas to refresh and update your summer front porch…or any outdoor space. A sitting area, soft furnishings, and plants make all the difference!

blue and white summer front porch decor

If you have owned the same house for a long time, one of the biggest challenges is making it feel fresh and new without completely reinventing the wheel. You want an updated and well-thought-out look, but you are working with the same old spaces. In this post, I’m sharing some tips and tricks that will help you rise to the challenge. These ideas can also be used to furnish a new outdoor space, and they can be adapted to most porches, patios, or decks. In some cases, you may have to think outside the box, but I am positive you can do it!

front porch with railing summer decor

When I am refreshing an outdoor space for a new season, the first thing I do is give it a good cleaning. After that, you have a blank slate to work with, and it’s much easier to visualize the space.

Tips for the Perfect Summer Front Porch

Tip #1 Add one or two new items that give the space a pop of color.

This pop of color can come in any form, and can be any size. Some ideas are:

  • new pillows or chair cushions (or a throw blanket in the fall)
  • colorful planters
  • a small side table
  • a rug
  • accessories such as lanterns, a vessel of flowers, or garden-inspired decor that reflects your personal style
  • a wall sign

For my summer front porch refresh, I added new blue and white pillow covers and a very fun navy blue garden stool. The garden stool is metal, and light-weight. It can be moved around easily, and will be simple to store. All the other pieces that make up this summer front porch are things I already had…and of course, the bones of the porch didn’t change.

Tip #2 Look online for inspiration.

When I was trying to come up with a plan for this porch refresh, I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. After I purchased the pillow covers, I hit a road block, and could not get any further. The indecision was driving me crazy! I knew I wanted another accessory that I had never used before, but I had zero ideas. After spending some time on Pinterest, I found this image. All of a sudden, I knew exactly what I was going to do. The layout in my inspiration photo is similar to mine, so I could picture what my porch would look like with a garden stool added on the end. I thought about painting the wicker table navy blue, like the green one in the inspiration photo, but in the end, I talked myself out of that!

shutters on brick front porch with rockers

Even though our front porch is smaller than the inspiration porch, with much plainer finishes, I was able to visualize what it would look like, and that in itself took the guesswork out of purchasing the garden stool. I just knew it was exactly right before I even ordered it.

blue garden stool on summer front porch

Tip #3 Use different plants and switch up the colors.

The planters on our front porch never look the same two years in a row. I love huge ferns flanking the door, but I don’t use them every year. Last year, I used sweet potato vine and ivy, so this year I opted for ferns. Next year it will be something different. To add an unexpected touch to the sitting area this year, I found two galvanized containers in the garage and turned them into planters. They add a bit of vintage charm, and the fact that they are white is perfect.

summer front porch with garden stool and rockers

Tip #4 Opposites attract.

Our outdoor spaces are small and simple. Both the front porch and our back patio are plain concrete, which is very neutral, so I add color and texture with accessories. If your outdoor spaces are colorful and have textured finishes, it’s a good idea to use simpler accessories. White or black outdoor furniture pieces are always a good choice. They anchor any size space, and allow you to change color combinations without starting from scratch.

small plant in white container

I’ve been showing you the same front porch, three times a year, for ten years. That’s 30 different looks! I’ve only changed the chairs one time when I replaced wicker chairs with our white rockers. The little round table has never changed, not even once. It’s the same old space, year after year. I hope by sharing these simple tips, you will be inspired to breathe new life into one of your outdoor spaces. It’s easy, it doesn’t have to break the bank, and it’s completely gratifying.

rocker on brick front porch

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  1. Jeannette says:

    Your porch looks gorgeous! I really enjoyed reading your new “about me” feature. I’ve been following you for a very long time, but its nice to get an up date. I know how you feel about being many miles away from your grands as I am in the same boat! It was lovely to meet Millie – what a cutie! I decided to re-subscribe today as I’ve been having a difficult time leaving a comment for some time now. I’m using a different e mail address so I hope that works.

  2. so pretty, loves ferns on a front porch and your navy end table is perfect!

  3. Love your porch, the blue and white is so fresh.My front porch is concrete and small.I have a metal bench and a white garden stool similar to yours.Pillows,a fern plant and a fiddle leaf tree make it complete.

  4. Such great ideas! I, too, like blue and white. Thank you for making a change to porch decor easy to understand and replicate.

  5. Ethel Alderson says:

    Please give us some suggestions to add Christmas to the game den stool!

  6. Ann, your creativity never disappoints! I love the garden stool. Your keen eye seems to always catch just the right accent piece! I look forward to seeing your refresh every season. Thank you for sharing your ideas and spaces with us because you always help motivate and inspire! Have a wonderful summer!

  7. So fresh and pretty. Ideal combination for summer temps, which are showing up around here even before official summer begins.

  8. I envy you your porch. It looks so welcoming. I loved the garden stool; I’d love to see it at night with a lantern lighting it up. I have been sewing pillow covers for my vintage/craft booth hoping people will buy a pillow, then several covers.

  9. HI Ann, This is one of my favorite porches ever! Sharing on the Weekend Edit Saturday. Pinning too! laura

  10. Lucia Donahower says:

    Hi Ann,
    Your front porch looks great. I love the garden stool, and the impact it makes.
    Many thanks for the tips.
    Have a great week.

  11. I just love it! I really appreciate how you always share your sources as well.

  12. I love how you decorate your porch every season Ann! I’m just up 75 from you, rural Cygnet. Did you drill holes in your galvanized planters? I have several and have used them as planters but not drilled holes for drainage. I would have to drain them so the flowers wouldn’t rot.

  13. Always love seeing your porch. Haven’t gotten to mine yet but I’m thinking of painting my wicker chairs and table white. Plus the theme will be red, white and blue to go with our new red siding!!

  14. Barbara Murray says:

    Looks beautiful! We bought new shutters in a different color for our house and it was a nice update. Vinyl shutters fade after time but if you have painted ones they can be repainted.

  15. I love your porch!What is the cute flower with the purple center ,so pretty?