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Late Summer Ivy & Sweet Potato Vine Planters

These sweet potato vine planters are huge compared to where they started a few months ago. See the amazing before and after, plus get tips on growing sweet potato vine.

When I first shared these planters with you a few months ago, I focused more on the SunPatiens that the other plants. I thought the SunPatiens would be the star of the show, but I was wrong. It was the sweet potato vine that grew like crazy, and it made the planters really show up from the street. The image below is how the planters looked in mid-May.

See the porch in May

summer planters and layered hello doormats

And here is how they look now!

sweet potato vine planters on porch

I’ve actually had to trim the sweet potato vine a few times when it was getting out of hand. I love the lime green color, and how it pops next to the darker green of the ivy. Truth be told, I am a bit disappointed in the SunPatiens. They grew and filled out, but I didn’t get many blooms. The planters get full sun all morning, but it was clearly not enough. 

sweet potato vine ivy sunpatiens in galvanized planter

Other than using fertilized potting soil, these planters have not been fed. All I did was water them…and sometimes I forgot to do that! Even during the times when our temps were in the 90’s, I never watered them every day. A good watering two or three times a week was all it took for the sweet potato vine to take off and grow. Another growing tip, if you want to plant sweet potato vines in containers, is to make sure you have good drainage. These planters drain well, which kept the sweet potato vines from rotting in moist soil. 

hello doormat and sweet potato vine planter

I’m happy with the way the ivy has filled out as well. I plan to leave the ivy, and possibly the sweet potato vines, in the planters for fall. I am not sure if it’s going to work, but I want to lift out the SunPatiens, and add mums. I would like to nestle some small pumpkins around the mums, but I’m not sure there will be room. That will happen at the end of the month, so stay tuned for that.

pretty garden long graphic

planter with ivy, sweet potato vine, sunpatiens

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Summer Front Porch Sources

front porch with sweet potato vine planters

I feel as though we are in a sort of lull between seasons…it’s definitely still summer, but I’m thinking about autumn. Even though we are limited due to the COVID restrictions, if feels good to look forward to the days ahead. That first chilly and crisp morning, soup simmering on the stove, and pumpkin bread coming out of the oven. Until next time…

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