Easy Garden Art Ideas

Easy garden art ideas that show you how to add your own personal style to your garden through garden art. Budget friendly options included!

birdhouse garden art 2021

Garden art is, in my opinion, like any other kind of art, and I approach using it in the same way.  I think it should reflect your personal style, and have some sort of meaning. The walls in my home are filled with photographs, pictures passed down from relatives, and other items that tell the story of my family. I have tried to do the same thing in my garden. My garden art tells my story, and each piece holds a special place in my heart.  These garden decor ideas feature our backyard at the Sutton Place house. I was very ready to give up the large yard, but I do miss that garden! Keep reading so you can personalize your own garden space in much the same way. Here’s how!

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Wood Signs or Flags

I love flags…especially the American flag. I fly it on our front porch, and it seemed fitting that it should fly from my garden as well. One of the easiest DIY garden decorations is to paint an American flag on a piece of wood, and display it on a shed, fence, garage, or other small out-building. I did this several years ago, but eventually it became faded and weathered.

cottage garden with shed and garden art

When we gave our shed a much-needed makeover, a new flag was at the top of the to-do list. This time around I got a beautiful handmade flag from this Etsy shop, and it quickly became the focal point of my garden.

See More Wood American Flags HERE.

wood american flag on side of shed 2021

Garden Weather Vane

Weather vanes are no longer used to track the direction of the wind, but they still have charm and add personality.  Garden weather vanes attach to a stake that is stuck in the ground. They come in a variety of sizes and themes. I chose a golfer because my husband and son avidly play and follow the sport. It has weathered beautifully and gives my garden a vintage, cottage feel. Sometimes weather vanes and other garden art can be found at thrift stores and flea markets…so keep your eye out!

Deluxe metal golfer weather vane HERE

golfer weathervane in garden 2021

A Birdhouse

Birds and gardens go together like toast and jam. Because of that, it is perfectly fitting to grace your garden with one (or more) birdhouses, sometimes called a bird feeder. They can be installed in the ground, or hung from just about anything. Different types of birdhouses attract different types of birds. There are wren houses, finch houses, houses for sparrows, and the list goes on. Personally, I just love to look at them, and if a bird makes itself at home, it’s an added bonus!

cottage garden rock border bird house

The Oct-Avian bird house pictured in this post was a Mother’s Day gift, and I thought long and hard about whether or not I should move it. It was installed in the ground with concrete, and it at the time, it seemed like a big job to remove it. So it stayed with the house…which in a way, is perfectly fitting.

Bird house pictured can be found here: Oct-Avian Bird House.

birdhouse on shepherds hook 2021

Shepherd’s Hook with Birdhouse

shepherd’s hook is the absolute easiest way to hang anything in your garden…especially a birdhouse. Nothing is needed except a bit of muscle to stick it into the ground. Shepherd’s hooks come in various heights, so you can stagger them in your garden to add interest. It’s also a very easy way to change out seasonal garden decor.

Church Birdhouse HERE

wind chines on shepherds hook 2021

Shepherd’s Hook with Wind Chimes

Not only are wind chimes beautiful to look at, they are absolutely lovely to hear. I received the set of wind chimes pictured below when my mother passed away. I thought it was such a thoughtful and meaningful gift. I placed a shepherd’s hook outside my kitchen window, and hung the wind chimes. I could see them every day, and I could hear them as well. One of the easiest DIY garden crafts is to construct your own wind chime from spoons. This is something older kids could help with, and this tutorial explains it well.

Wind chimes HERE

st francis statue in garden 2021

Garden Statues

Garden statuary can be anything from concrete geese dressed for the weather to saints and angels. I’ve seen owls, old ladders, mosaic flower pots, and more. There is a wide choice of sturdy items that will weather nicely, and live happily in your garden. I have always had a statue of St. Francis of Assisi in my garden. For some reason, I can’t imagine a garden being complete without him. He is the patron saint of Ecology, and is best known for “preaching to the birds.”  Other ideas are cement benches, concrete stepping stones with engraved quotes, or small woodland animals.

St. Francis Garden Statue HERE

garden storage shed

Thank you so much for stopping by and spending part of your day with me. I hope these easy garden art ideas help to make your garden the perfect reflection of you. I’ll be back soon!

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  1. Sue Daugherty says:

    When my best friend died several years ago her sons asked me if there was anything I wanted of hers. I immediately said her St. Francis garden statue. It not only is a wonderful addition to my garden but also a reminder of all the hours gardening with my friend. You have a beautiful yard.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this…what a lovely way to remember your friend! The three big peonies in my garden were a gift from my best friends when my father-in-law died. Peonies are special to begin with, but the fact that they are a remembrance makes them even more special. Happy gardening!

  2. Anne Marie Gorman says:

    The peonies made it through the snow! Glad you are able to enjoy them. Had peonies in CT. but not down here in sunny, hot, humid Florida. Loved the smell of them when cut and placed in vases of all sorts.

  3. I enjoyed seeing the art in your yard. Although I’m Baptist, I have always loved St. Francis of Assissi, too. Seeing your yard TELLS me that I need to pay more attention to mine!

  4. Love your garden…. looks very peaceful. I have a lovely garden as well..like you say.. it soothes your soul!!!! The weather hasn’t been the greatest this spring .. so I try to get out when it isn’t raining.

  5. Lee Durden says:

    Loved the ideas & tour of your garden!!

  6. Elma Viljoen says:

    New to your blog, but I already love it. Greetings and a peaceful Festive Christmas to you.

  7. Karen Scow says:

    How did you start you sweet potato?

    1. Hi Karen,
      I bought small bedding plants of the sweet potato vine at a local nursery in May. You may be able to start from seed but I’ve never done that. Hope this helps!

  8. Donna Scott says:

    Just used your recipe cards as an insert for my daughters bridal shower. They are such a pretty addition. I purchased the floral alphabet and I’m going to make a banner with her name for decoration. thank you for your design sense and inspiration.

  9. Marva Williams says:


  10. Love you gardening crafts! Copied so many ideas! Also my sweet potatoe vine is out of control. I LOVE the pale green color and have it with pink & purple petunias. Thank for all your time and ideas. Very well appreciated! I look forward to Sunday mornings. Happy Summer, Sue Horn

  11. Love to plant sweet potato vine in pots, beautiful for the summer and then add bright orange pumpkins in the fall for the new season. They tend to “perk” up after the hot summer in the fall too.

    Also enjoyed looking at your “house tour” post. Your home is stunning!! Especially liked your twist pattern flatware. Beautiful.

  12. Love your sweet potato plant. Marking my 2017 spring list to plant one. Hope it will copy yours. I had good luck this year with my lavender in a half barrel pot. Just cut some to dry and save. Going to your eBay article. Beautiful Sunday in Ohio.

  13. I bought your bicycle pillow & everyone who sees it falls in love with it.Guess it’s a good time to look for Christmas & fall designs.Thanks.