Tips for an Outdoor Storage Shed Makeover

A shed doesn’t have to be an eyesore! Use these outdoor storage shed makeover ideas to add function and charm to your garden.

More often than not, when I start a project, I have no idea how it’s going to turn out when it’s finished. Over the years, I’ve had just as many failures as successes. My project for this summer was the storage shed in our backyard. It was here when we bought the house, which was 26 years ago. I’ve had it painted once, but that’s it. That paint job was faded and chipped, the doors were in need of repair, the pavers needed replaced, and the door latch was rusted. Basically, it was a mess. 

I didn’t have high hopes when I began my outdoor storage shed makeover, but it’s turned out much better than I expected. So without any further chatter, here is the before and after. 

storage shed in need of repair

outdoor storage shed in garden

storage shed with rotted doors

outdoor storage shed makeover completed

Outdoor Storage Shed Makeover Ideas

Repairs (if needed)

This outdoor storage shed was in need of several repairs. The doors were rotted along the bottom so all that wood was replaced. The door hardware was rusted, so that was removed, along with the flower box. It was impossible to grow anything in that little flower box so it’s no loss at all. There was also a crack in the side of the shed that was screwed tight. 

Fresh Coat of Paint

grey outdoor storage shed in garden

Nothing makes more of an impact than a fresh coat of paint. This storage shed had been painted over ten years ago, so the paint was faded and chipping. The gray color is Sherwin Williams Morning Fog and matches the siding on our house. 

New Hardware

shed doors with new black hardware

Shopping for the new hardware was very fun. I knew I wanted something decorative and black wrought iron if possible. I found the cabin latch first and then matched the handles. (All sources are listed at the end.) Thankfully, my dad came over to help install the hardware so I didn’t have to tackle that project by myself!

Shed Door Wreaths

wreaths on storage shed doors

I can’t imagine any door without a wreath…so I made twin wreaths with faux lavender for the double doors. I wired them to sturdy nails so they won’t blow off. I think they are perfect. 

Garden Art

wood american flag on side of storage shed

My existing flag was faded and rotted…sort of like the storage shed itself. I was going to try and revive it with paint, but decided a new flag was in order. I found this beautiful flag on Etsy and could not be happier with the quality. We hung it from a very large picture hook and then nailed each corner directly to the shed. It’s not blowing away either!

Pavers, Plants, or Pots

stone pavers in front of storage shed

I have never liked the cement blocks that were in front of our outdoor storage shed. They had sunk into the ground and were basically very nasty. I found these large 24 inch pavers at Lowe’s that were surprisingly inexpensive. I needed just two to clean up the area in front of the shed. New black-eyed susans and fresh mulch were the finishing touches. 

Like any project I do around here, this was a process. I first had to wait on a handyman, and then the painters. After that, I waited on a few relatively cool days to finish things up because I was not going to melt outside in 95 degree weather. From start to finish, this makeover took about a month, which I guess isn’t too bad considering there was quite a bit to do. 

outdoor storage shed with text

Outdoor Storage Shed Makover Sources

garden along fence with storage shed and bird house


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