The Little Things: A Gratitude List

Enjoy the little things…
for one day you
may look back and realize
they were the big things.
~Robert Brault

Sometimes, we need reminders. Life gets busy, and it can definitely get messy. Either way, it’s easy to get off track and wish for things to be different…or at least simpler. When these moments hit, and you find it impossible to think of the glass as half full, it’s helpful to remember just how much you have to be grateful for. Gratitude is something we have to work on every day, and be aware of all the time. If you’re like me, and struggle with this, it’s helpful to make a “gratitude list.” 

decorating in threes example mason jars on small chest

The whole “count your blessings” concept works for me every time. Below you will find my own gratitude list…and it’s a mix of little things, important things, and things I love. It’s in no particular order…I just wrote as ideas came to me. In the time it took me to write this list, my glass quickly went from half empty to overflowing.

My Gratitude List

  • My family
  • My granddaughter’s laugh
  • My grandson’s adorable smile
  • My friends (including my readers)
  • Being able to see my dad again
  • My good health (even if I do have a few aches and pains!)
  • Peonies almost ready to bloom
  • The COVID vaccine
  • Fresh herbs just out my back door
  • Clean windows
  • An empty dishwasher
  • My morning walk with Kelly
  • A new haircut
  • A pedicure
  • A kind email
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Blue mason jars
  • That first cup of coffee in the morning
  • Laundry that’s finished (or at least caught up)
  • My Smart TV (not sure what I would have done without it this past year!)
  • Green grass
  • Fresh mulch

The Little Things Quote

I couldn’t write a post like this without including an inspirational printable. I’ve seen this “enjoy the little things” quote by Robert Brault many places, and always loved it. In 2019, when this post was originally published, I wrote to Mr. Brault and requested permission to make a printable featuring his quote for my readers. He graciously agreed, and the quote is used with his permission. What you see below is a brand new 2021 printable made especially for you. Current email subscribers can download this quote (pictured below) from the Members Only Library. If you aren’t currently on my list, just fill out the short form at the end of the post. You will receive an email that contains a link to download your own high resolution, unwatermarked copy of Mr. Brault’s quote.

the little things framed cropped

Also included with the printable quote, and brand new for 2021, is your very own gratitude list. Download it and print a few to keep on hand. Store them in a handy place, maybe with your journal. When you have a bad day, or are worried, or wonder what life will throw at you next, take out a copy and start writing. Think of all the little things that make you smile, or bring you peace, or bring you joy. It’s very quick, and it’s a few minutes that you can take for yourself (which you definitely deserve.) When you’re finished, you will feel much better…and you will be reminded that life is good, and that no matter what, we all have something to be grateful for.

gratitude list on clipboard

Thank you so much for stopping by, and for your friendship. Until next time…