Small Bathroom Remodel Plans: Navy & Neutral

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Check out these design and decor plans for a small bathroom remodel, using neutral tile and a navy vanity with double sinks.

small bathroom remodel neutral navy inspiration

Our Small Bathroom Remodel

I know this post is coming out of the blue, and the last thing you are expecting from me is a bathroom renovation! No one is more surprised than me at the way this project has come about…especially because my dream for years has been a kitchen renovation. So what happened?

Earlier in 2020, before the Covid quarantine began, my husband approached me about fixing up our two upstairs bathrooms. (Believe me, you could have knocked me over with a feather.) We have a very tiny master bath, and a small hallway bathroom. He had invited several friends to stay with us for his class reunion, which was supposed to take place next month.

His reasoning was that the kitchen was in better shape than the bathrooms, and that the bathrooms should go to the top of the to-do list. I briefly considered standing my ground, and insisting that the kitchen be renovated first. However, I realized that was probably not the best approach, and decided it was a battle I was not prepared to fight. I am disappointed about the kitchen being put off again, but in all honesty, the bathrooms are terrible, and I’m very excited they are finally getting updated. Even if the reunion ended up getting canceled!

So, we worked together to renovate and redecorate our small hallway bathroom. If you are wondering how to remodel a tiny bathroom, I hope these ideas help you too!

guest bathroom remodel tile wall before

Small Bathroom Before

Here is the breakdown of what was in our bathroom before we started the remodel:

  • Original 1960’s tile
  • The original vanities and sinks
  • Original cast iron tub
  • Laminate flooring (installed over original tile)
  • Original shower fixture 
  • Updated lights, faucets, & door hardware (15 years ago)
  • Original mirror (framed during mini-renovation 15 years ago)
  • New toilet which we are keeping (it’s the only thing that’s coming back!)
1960's vanity with vintage tile in bathroom

Small Bathroom Remodel: The Plan

The updated photos are in the follow-up posts (and I included the links to them at the bottom of this post). First, here is some information about the products we bought and the plans we made before they arrived.

Vanity and Countertops

I ordered a beautiful, navy blue, double KraftMaid vanity with Shaker doors. The countertop is from a company in Ohio called Al-Co Products. It’s cultured granite in a shade called Sandstar. In the image at the top of the post, it’s underneath the faucet handle. 

guest bathroom remodel before sinks

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New Bathroom Tiles

Picking out the new tile for this small bathroom remodel was a challenge, but I took my time and ordered lots of samples.

In the first image above, the tile with the design is going on the floor. The large, neutral tile (underneath everything in the image) is the main shower wall tile. There will be a penny tile border, but I’m not sure exactly where it will be placed.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze Fixtures

The fixtures are all from the Moen Dartmoor line and are oil-rubbed bronze. I ordered these lights, these mirrors, and gold hardware. 

guest bathroom remodel tub with tile before

New Linen Closet Inspiration

The linen closet in this bathroom has ALWAYS been inconvenient. It had a bi-fold door, which could only be opened when the door to the bathroom was closed. It’s a large closet, but has been completely under-utilized because of its location and poor accessibility.

I have spent many hours on Pinterest and Google Images looking for just the right way to attack this closet.

open shelving inspiration pic (1)
Image source: Roeser Homes

I finally found the inspiration I was searching for on Pinterest. The image above is from Roeser Homes, and it’s exactly what I had in mind. (Of course, we have a tub/shower combo instead of a stand-up shower.)

The open shelving will be efficient, and so much easier to access.

guest bathroom remodel linen closet before

We are working with the same local contractors who did our board and batten in the dining room. They have been wonderful, and are a pleasure to have in our home. As soon as this bathroom is finished, we will begin our tiny master bathroom remodel. More on that later!

Tiny Bathroom Remodel: In Progress

It was very important to me that the design of these bathrooms fit our home. I knew the trendy choice of white marble with shiny fixtures would never work. I am happy with our plan, it reflects our tastes, and it’s the right feel for the house. I’ve never done anything like this before, and I have to admit that I was nervous.

Now that the renovation is underway, the nervousness has left, and I’m excited. We’ve lived with these old bathrooms for a very long time, and are so looking forward to pretty new spaces.

The image below shows where the project is right now. The space was gutted down to the studs, and the old cast iron tub was removed. The tub was so heavy that it took four guys to get it down the stairs…and I wasn’t sure they were going to make it. New drywall has gone up, a new exhaust fan was installed, the new tub is in, and paint is on the walls. 

hallway small bathroom drywall

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions people often ask about how to remodel a tiny bathroom with navy and neutral colors.

What colors make a small bathroom look bigger?

Typically, using lots of white or ivory in a small room makes it feel and look bigger. If you are going to update a small bathroom (like I did) then I suggest using a lot of white or light ivory as the contrast color.

When you use darker shades of paint, it absorbs more light and makes the entire room feel smaller. That’s why I usually save the really darker shades as accents—like the navy vanities. Using a smaller amount of the bold shade allows them to really pop while still making the room feel spacious.

What is the average cost of a small bathroom remodel?

According to HGTV, the average cost of a small bathroom remodel is about $8,000. Some people reported only spending $3000 on the low end for just the basics. Of course, keep in mind that there are exceptions. Others have spent upwards of $30,000 or more on the higher end.

You can figure to spend about $70 per square foot on DIY labor and $250 per square foot if you hire the job out. So, I’m hoping we land somewhere in the middle.

Budget information and some final thoughts can be found at the end of this post.

Is there anything I can DIY to reduce the cost and stay in budget?

Yes, there are lots of things you can do yourself to save money on bathroom remodels. Sanding and repainting cabinets yourself will save you a bunch of money if your cabinets are in good condition. Another way to save money is to redo flooring yourself, and install the plumbing fixtures yourself.

You’ll save money when you make the choices over hiring professionals – but if you don’t have any DIY experience, it’s always best to hire someone who knows what they are doing.

How do I make a plan for my tiny bathroom remodel?

I always start with a budget first. After that, the next step is prioritizing what will change. Definitely decide what stays and what goes. For example, if you have a really outdated vanity that is falling apart, that should be your first priority.

  • After you know what you are going to update, and how much you are going to spend, begin to think of colors and themes. I always find inspiration online. My favorite place to look is Pinterest, and I also do very specific Google searches. It’s helpful to make a dedicated Pinterest board to save your inspiration images.
  • The next step is a list. Start with the biggest items, and include every single thing you need to complete your renovation. Inevitably, you will forget something, so here’s a tip. When you are deciding on a budget, factor in about 20% for overages and unexpected items. If you need it, it’s there. If you don’t, you will have a little extra money at the end of the project!
  • If it’s a DIY project, begin to purchase and/or order items and set a start date.
  • If you are hiring out the work, find a few contractors and get estimates. When a contractor choice is made, your project can begin.

How do I pick a theme and color scheme for my bathroom remodel?

This is the fun part! There are lots of ways you can go about picking a theme for your bathroom. First, does your entire home have an overall decor theme? Some people like to decorate their home with inspiration from Joanna Gaines and do a farmhouse theme. If that’s you, then pull that theme into your bathroom.

You could also just choose to create an entirely different theme in your bathroom, apart from the rest of your house. Popular bathroom themes use water as the inspiration – beach, nautical, or a relaxing spa. You can have some fun with the bathroom as it’s a smaller, closed-off space.

Or, just use your favorite colors! Your bathroom is where you go to rejuvenate, and start and end your day. The colors and theme should make you smile when you enter the room.

Small Bathroom Remodel Updates

Since I published these original plans, the bathroom remodel is complete! Click through and see the progress posts and the final reveal!

Thank you so much for spending part of your day with me. Until next time…

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  1. One thing I find amazing is that the tile from 1960 looks new. We ripped out the same tile two years ago in our house built also in 1960. Can’t help but wonder what our remodel will look like in 55 or 60 years!

  2. I can’t wait to watch the progress in your bathroom! I love your choices in colors and finishes!
    I thought your kitchen had already been done…I love it as is! Lol
    Good luck with all you’re doing. It’s going to be beautiful ❤️

  3. Evelyn Sandefur says:

    Can’t wait to see the results. We just purchased a home with similar bathrooms built in 1970. Can’t wait to see your updates. Evelyn Sandefur

  4. You picked out the exact tiles I would have picked. Love the navy vanity but I would be too scared to do it. It will look great!.

  5. Jeanie Nichols says:

    I am so excited for you and can’t wait to see it completed.

  6. It’s going to be gorgeous, I love love navy. Hard to live with the mess but well worth it. Looking forward to updates.

  7. Charlotte says:

    I did indeed love the old retro bathroom with the pink tiles, but after so long the new one will even be more gorgeous. I love your choices and I am excited to see the reveal. I have begun Navy and white and off white in my house. Pink and yellows are the accents. It is beautiful and I am glad I chose my classic main colors.
    Thanks for sharing your new project. I can hardly wait to see the progression.

  8. Sounds lovely. Can’t wait to see the navy vanity.

  9. I am so excited to see the end result. The dark navy blue is gorgeous.

  10. How exciting for you!

  11. Kimberly- KKAbsherWrites says:

    I love everything you picked out! Your color choices are classy and will stand the test of time. I can’t wait to see the updates.

  12. I’m so excited for you! Can’t wait to see your plan come to fruition

  13. Ms Alex Markwell says:

    5 stars
    Live the renovations plan … I am equall6exvited to follow the project.

  14. 4 stars
    Ann- Beautiful choices and how exciting to be working on a remodel. If you are like me I want it done yesterday! So much to be looking forward to and what a nice surprise to have an “unexpected” project. I have found that it sometimes helps if my husband thinks the idea is all his-whatever it takes. So glad that you have decided to go ahead with plans and postpone your kitchen plans (which I know is disappointing). But it will come. Sounds like you have very dependable contractor which is a great benefit to any project no matter how big or small. Looking forward to your finished projects.

  15. I hate the mess and clutter of renovation but love the results. I can’t wait to see when it is finished. I love the idea of a painted vanity and especially a navy one. Our last bathroom reno was pretty traumatic because it was our ONLY bathroom. My husband insisted on doing it himself and it took him three months!!! I may never recover. LOL. We’ve since added a powder room so now we have more options.

  16. I know your remodel will be gorgeous and something you have been looking forward to changing for a long time. But my heart skipped a beat when I saw the pink tile!!! I’m a retro girl and your old bathroom is my dream bathroom ♥♥♥ I shed a tear or two but I look forward to seeing the progress and finished room!

    1. Omg me too! Love the pink tile on the wall. The before is so cute, I would have only changed the counters because tile counters are very inconvenient.
      But I am sure the transformation will be great as well, can’t wait to see how it’ll turn out!

  17. Christine Heinrich says:

    Good luck! I’m sure both renovations will be beautiful. The three places we’ve lived since our marriage in 1976 all had pink tile, tubs, sinks and toilets. I couldn’t do anything about the apartment but both houses lost that pink as soon as we could change it.

  18. Anne Horning says:

    I’m sure it will be beautiful as is your whole house! That is definitely the cleanest “old” bathroom I’ve ever seen! We retired 4 years ago and moved from the Akron area back to my hometown south of Atlanta where we gutted and remodeled the small home I grew up in. It was a lot of work but I wouldn’t change a thing! I had so much fun picking all the colors and finishes and it came out great! Enjoy your new bathrooms! My husbands Firestone HS reunion was also cancelled, maybe next summer!

  19. Lee Durden says:

    5 stars
    It is going to be Beautiful! Can’t wait!

  20. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    How exciting! Your pink tile is the same that we have in our Parsonage but yours is so shiny and the grout is so white (or was)! I love the navy vanity and can’t wait to see as “Mission Bathrooms” progresses! Have a wonderful week!

  21. Amy Kaminski says:

    Yay for you Ann! So excited that you get to do this renovation. Isn’t it amazing what gets accomplished when it’s the man’s idea?🤣🤣

  22. Rarely do I see a similar bathroom layout like yours, which almost matches mine!
    We have been pulling the floor up, replaced with NYC inspired white & black hex tile, a new vanity, delayed as yours is, with glass knobs, and a new tub surround and light yellow wall colour above board and batten lower wall.
    Very exciting to get started and to that half way point!
    My only surprise with it was the return air vent hidden inside the lower vanity – no wonder it was a custom build!

  23. Karen K from Buffalo says:

    Ann when my daughter’s house was being built I was really excited for her. When the time came for us to remodel our bathroom, I went with her countertop decision. I am really sorry I listened to her. I have a black granite countertop in my bathroom & I so wish I could have had quartz instead. I have quartz on my kitchen countertop & I can do anything to them & they still look beautiful. My bathroom I have to constantly wipe down with special cloths to get the shine back from the water that has been left there to dry. Don’t want to be a “Debbie Downer” but I just thought you should know. The rest of the bathroom I can’t wait to see!

  24. How exciting for you! This is the perfect time for renovations. We are saving money by not going out or traveling and home improvements are a perfect idea. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  25. Ann, You must be beyond excited and I understand why! Redoing our master bathroom and the hall bathroom is my dream! I look forward to learning lots from your experience. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Dear Anne,
    I am so pleased for you that you are getting a new room or two, even if it is not your kitchen. It will come. Your old bathrooms were so immaculate even if you were not fond of them, you certainly are a good steward, and the Lord will bless you. I am looking forward to seeing the completed rooms.
    Kind regards

  27. Going to be beautiful…love the tile…and the fact that your husband suggested the change! Looking for to pictures.

  28. Diane Smith says:

    Ann, I think you are wise not to argue with your husband over what’s being done first. That usually leads to NOTHING being done! I LOVE your choices! That navy vanity will be stunning!

  29. You are a very wise woman to do your bathrooms first for a number of reasons, but to have a husband suggest it in the first place would be all the reason I’d need – LOL! Love your color choices and shelving idea, too. Thanks for letting us see all of the steps in your remodel process. BTW That is the CLEANEST bathroom before a remodel that I’ve ever since.

  30. So excited to see this! You always decorate in such lovely ways!

  31. Your choices are really nice, and not the cookie cutter stuff I see so often on the web….like that you are being true to yourself and your home and family. Good luck! Renovations are exciting, and nerve wracking but usually great to have when finished. Looking forward to future posts!

  32. This is so exciting! I love the choices you made and can’t wait to watch the transformation.

  33. I’m excited for you. Can’t wait to see the new bathroom. Our home is similar to yours; it’s 41 years old. After we retired 8 years ago TODAY, we remodeled two and a half bathrooms. It took time and money, and there are some changes, like a different paint color for one, that I would make if my husband would repaint. He truly dislikes painting, but he is an angel. Last Christmas, all I wanted was new painted kitchen walls. And the Christmas before, my gift was newly painted family room.

  34. Brenda Armstrong says:

    5 stars
    I know there are days you feel your efforts aren’t appreciated but please know how valuable your blog is. Last year we list our son suddenly and no matter how bad the day, I seemed to find some point of inspiration from you.
    God bless. We are stronger than Covid 19, riots and anger, and loss.

  35. Gee, I liked your old bathroom! But your pix don’t show the worn-ness. I will love the navy–you can go holiday patriotic or coastal or…… It will be fun seeing your progress.

  36. 5 stars
    How exciting! Can’t wait to see the progress!

  37. I’m going to watch your reno and take lots of notes. Our downstairs bathroom is so 1950s and I’d like to do a number on it as soon as I can. The one glitch is it’s hubbies bathroom and he doesn’t like change. Maybe I can send him away to summer camp or something while I tackle that project. hehehe

  38. How exciting. I am looking forward to some fixer uppers as soon as we get in the new (old) house. Pinterest is our best friend. What I can see and your descriptions sounds so lovely. J

  39. Jan Hamilton says:

    This looks like it will be beautiful. I can’t wait to see the reveal. You have such wonderful taste!

  40. Looks lovely. Could you point me in the right direction as to how you create your mood boards? Thanks

  41. Gayle Kesinger says:

    I recently remodeled my bathroom to make it easier to shower since I am in my 80’s. Just curious about why you decided to put in a new tub in a guest bathroom. I don’t miss my old tub at all and I am surprised at how roomy the shower is. The type of floor tile required now is much safer. My total remodel was accomplished in six days and I was only without a toilet for one night. I look forward to the reveal. Gayle

  42. Becky Hackman says:

    I love the products you have chosen. My daughter has that same tile in all of her bathrooms and you will not be disappointed. Beautiful!

  43. Carol Heartfelt Whimsies says:

    Oh how I love all your choices! I know what you mean about all the white marble/shiny fixtures of most of today’s renovations would not fit in w the rest of your home. Although I like that look, I’ve had to make different choices in our home updates.
    I cannot wait to see how this all comes together! I have a linen closet like yours in my master bath that I’ve been thinking of turning into open storage so you are inspiring me!

    1. I thought we were the only ones that still had pink & goldenrod bathrooms from the late 60s!! I can’t wait to see your complete remodel because I’ll need some great inspiration when we are able to do ours. Thanks so much for sharing with us :-)

  44. Lovely choices Ann, How exciting to get some projects done! Many are leaving the cast iron tubs in and refacing them or better yet having a nice shower and completely eliminating the tub.

  45. Ann,I am surprised you are redoing your bathroom but very excited for you and I love the choices you picked.Don’t stress about the mess, this to shall pass ! Can’t wait to see the progress.

  46. Ann, everything that you do is so beautiful and tasteful that I am sure your “new” bathrooms will be as well! Your “old” bathroom looks nice to me! You always have everything clean and neat. Can’t wait to see the final photos! Enjoy your summer!

  47. Pamela J Prueter says:

    Good luck Ann! I’m looking forward to seeing the progress☺

  48. It is going to be beautiful. I love your choices. Looking forward to following along😻

  49. I am so excited for you. Can’t wait to see the final results

  50. Your design board looks great. We completely redid an upstairs main bath about 6 years ago – we did keep the original toilet. When the contractor reinstalled it he must have either used the original wax ring, or a cheaper Home Depot one, fast forward – last fall when we were waiting for a painter to come and paint the entire home I looked up two days before he was to come and there was a round wet spot in our ceiling. The ring the contractor used was in such poor shape after just 6 years that one side of the ring was squashed allowing a water leak. I almost died right on the spot. We called a plumber that day for a quick repair, and they fixed the problem. I’m glad it happened when it did instead of after a $3,000+ paint job!! Go to a regular plumbing supply place to get a more commercial heavier duty ring – it just may save you stress and $$. Good luck!!

  51. I was so glad to see this. We’re redoing our bathroom this winter and I needed ideas. I love all the selections you have made. I can’t wait to see the finished room. When you removed the tub, did they remove it in one piece?

  52. I understand why you would want to redo your bathroom, but it’s in unbelievable shape. The tile is amazing. I bet you can’t get tile like that anymore.
    The colors you picked for your new space are beautiful.
    I love blues, and creams.
    Can’t wait to see the progress
    Happy Sunday
    Much love,

    1. Rebecca M says:

      Rose, I was thinking the same thing!

  53. Oh Ann, it’s going to be perfect!! It’s so you, but also more on trend than you suggest, particularly the patterned tile. Beautiful, classic, and still ‘of the moment’… :-) I LOVE the linen closet solution, as well. So excited for you and can’t wait to see it progress!

  54. KittyLuvr says:

    Love love love your choices! They look perfect with the rest of your home! I think the tile choices are very classy-just like you. Ann, thank you for always staying true to who u are! I look up your porch suggestions each season before I do a ”refresh”! Your basic step by step suggestions always work! Congrats on your great makeover!

  55. Linda Smith says:

    I love all your ideas! Your bathroom is going to be beautiful, yet very functional! We remodeled our master bath 3 years ago and put in oil rubbed bronze for all our faucets including the shower (Moen) and they don’t have water spots at all. We do have a water softener! I think you’ll be fine. Can’t wait to see the end results! Linda

  56. Kathy Lux says:

    So excited to see this! I love your color scheme and ideas for the bathroom! Thanks for sharing the ideas and the specifics.

  57. You are going to love your remodel when finished! It seems like such a headache causing all the mess, but in the end it is so very worth it! You’ll be going upstairs to just stand in the doorway and marvel at its loveliness! Keeping true to your tastes and style of home is the most important thing when renovating, so we’ll done! Enjoy all your hard work!

  58. Wow! Lots going on behind the scenes with you. I love your choices and can not wait to see it come together. We are in the planning and budgeting stages of a master bath Reno here. So, I’m looking for inspiration!

  59. Susan Brown says:

    I have the same situation with the linen closer in our guest bath. I would like to remove the bifold doors, but what about towels, etc., getting dusty?

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Susan! I plan to use baskets and bins…but I’m not going to worry about the towels. They are used and laundered often enough that I don’t think it will be an issue. Since our master bath is so tiny, my husband uses the hallway bath, so the towels are used on a daily basis. Thank you!

  60. How exciting! I am loving your choices. BTW, I think your kitchen is lovely.

  61. Barbara Edwards Armacost says:

    This is going to be so pretty when it is done. The navy and beige will be perfect. Although it is dated your rose tiles were so pretty. But the new will look so much better.

  62. I’m so happy for you. Enjoy the progress. Ignor the mess. 🙂

  63. How exciting! Can’t wait to see the finished space, especially the navy vanity. My daughter just used those same tiles in her kitchen. I know everything will be beautiful!

  64. Anne Marie Gorman says:

    You are a brave woman, ordering alot of the items online. I know that you can return them if not liked, but…. I definitely like what you have picked out and even bookmarked the page for the mirrors. But with us it will be our kitchen remodel first. Both my husband and I agree on that one. I see that your bathroom counter is tile as is your kitchen counter. I guess that was what was in in the 80’s. I believe you will be pleased with the results. I love everything.

  65. I have noticed in your photos that your home must be older. When was it built? But the kitchen and baths are in pristine condition and look new but are dated. You and any previous owners took exceptional care. Can’t wait to see the new spaces.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Sandra…our home was built in 1966. The bathroom looks much better in the pictures than it does in person! There are drawers that don’t work anymore, problems with the bathtub drain, missing grout, etc. Thank you!

  66. Congratulations Ann I am sure you will love the remodel in the end. Can’t wait to end results. Jean

  67. Evelyn Sandefur says:

    5 stars
    Can’t wait to see the final pictures. Lovely products. I bet it was hard to remodel that room, I can tell you took such good care of it. Keep inspiring me.

  68. You will love having updated bathrooms! I remodeled our guest bath last year and had such fun. The transformation was just what I hoped for. I did navy walls and white everywhere else and mixed metals of brushed gold and satin nickel.
    One thing I will say is I did oil rubbed bronze in our master bath remodel. I would not use it again. We have hard water and it really shows water spots and calcium build up. If I were you I’d use satin or brushed nickel. However, if you use the bronze keep it wiped down after showering. Just my opinion after dealing with it.
    Can’t wait to see the end results. Are your contractors wearing masks? I’ve worried about having workers in my home but I’m itching do to some projects!

  69. This point will stay with me: “I knew the trendy choice of white marble with shiny fixtures would never work. I am happy with our plan, it reflects our tastes, and it’s the right feel for the house.” In my ten-year renovation, it’s always felt like a struggle between these two things. I’m writing that inside the cover of my design spiral!
    Enjoy the process! I can’t wait to see the finished room!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Terri…thank you! It is so hard when it just doesn’t work to do the trendy and popular thing. I believe it’s possible to find a happy medium, it might just take a little more time!

  70. It will be so fun for us to follow the progress of your bathroom remodel project!

  71. Ellen J Sorce says:

    5 stars
    I rarely say this, but you were smart to listen to your husband. Your kitchen is nicer than most and I understand it’s YOUR space, but looking at your pictures. your bathrooms were in real need. Have fun with your new project!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      This made me laugh! Thank you for the encouragement…I appreciate it!

  72. kemla williams says:

    I cannot wait to see the finished product. Your choices are perfect.

  73. I’m sure your new bathroom will be absolutely lovely!! Two questions – the headline that drew me in said this story was about renovating a small bathroom. That one doesn’t seem “small” at all. Is the headline referring to the “tiny” bathroom mentioned at the end? Aside from the closet, which part of the bathroom was not functional?

    1. Ann Drake says:

      In comparison to bathrooms in newer houses, it seems very small to me. There is a lot packed in there, but the actual space is not big. I couldn’t even get undermount sinks because the depth of the vanity is too narrow. I guess it’s a matter of interpretation!

      1. I guess small is relative! Hope your renovation is problem-free!

  74. Ann! I always love reading about your home renovations! It is going to be lovely and such a beautiful, useful space🥰

  75. Oh my goodness, I am so happy for you. It will be just beautiful.

  76. Mary Kaiser says:

    I am so excited for you to get all that work done. I love everything that you picked out for your bathroom. It will be so beautiful, I can’t wait to see it all come together for you.

  77. How beautiful (and functional) this bathroom will be when completed! Love the idea for the closet. One of the things that makes your blog my favorite is that you stick to your style, your tastes, and what works best for you. Can’t wait to see the progress and finished space!

  78. Hi, we have almost the same 1960’s bathroom, down to the exact layout and awkward closet behind the entry door. Wondering why you replaced your cast iron tub? We are thinking of re-glazing our old cast iron tub rather than replace it. Thoughts?

    1. I was going to ask that same question. We remodeled our hall bath for guests and I kept my cast iron tub as they hold up and are very expensive compared to new tubs. It was beige so we had it glazed white. I love it! You do have to be careful not to use a suction cup mat and what products you use to clean it.

    2. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Diane! We replaced the tub because it was very small and in very bad shape. I chose a tub that has a bigger “inside” as opposed to a large surround. It’s going to be much more comfortable and functional. Thank you!

  79. Sheila DelCharco says:

    Oh I’m so excited for you! We redid our bathrooms and I love them! (Kitchen is next on the list!)

  80. Heather B. says:

    Wow! I am so happy for you!
    Bathrooms and kitchens are heavily used, the most expensive to renovate and the most labor intensive. It will be so worth it in the end!
    I’m looking forward to seeing the progress

    1. Looks just like my hall bath. My pink tile is much darker than yours, my walls and floor are also pink. Yuk. A true pink room. And the same problem with the closet… Good luck.