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A Warm Welcome: Autumn Door Wreath (For Free!)

By repurposing items I already had, I was able to make this fun autumn door wreath for free! Step-by-step directions are included, along with sources for the materials.

autumn door wreath with fall planters1

Sometimes, the best things in life are free. I know that may sound incredibly corny, but it’s true! That’s the case with my new autumn door wreath. Last Christmas, I made a door wreath using various types of greenery, and each type of greenery was placed on the wreath in a section. You can see that wreath HERE. I love this look, so using what I already had, I created something similar for fall.

I was prepared to purchase what I needed for this wreath, but after rummaging through my bins of fall decor, I discovered that I had everything I needed! I used the grapevine wreath, with the eucalyptus garland attached, that I had made in the spring. I had the cotton bolls, sunflowers, and wheat from previous projects.

*Keep in mind that the wreath sections can be assembled with anything you have on hand. Some suggestions are:

  • lamb’s ear
  • faux boxwood
  • fall berries
  • billy buttons
  • orange pumpkins
  • mums

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autumn door wreath pumpkins cotton bolls sunflowers

Make an Autumn Door Wreath

Supplies needed:

autumn door wreath supplies

Step 1: Place a garland of greenery on the grapevine wreath, and attach it with florist wire in four places. If you don’t have a garland, any type of greenery will work. The greenery makes a base for the decorative items, and a garland is easy and quick to attach.

Step 2: Decide on the sections. It’s helpful to place the items on the wreath to figure out the spacing. 

use skewer to make a hole in pumpkin

Step 3: Begin with the pumpkins. Using a skewer or awl, punch a hole through each pumpkin. Thread a piece of florist wire through the hole, and attach each pumpkin to the wreath. Make sure to tuck in the excess wire.

wired pumpkin for autumn door wreath

Step 4: Travel around the wreath, attaching the other items in sections. The floral stems do not need to be wired. Trim the stems with wire cutters, and just insert them into the grapevine. 

white pumpkins on autumn door wreath

Clearly if you were to buy all the materials to make this wreath, it would be pricey. My hope is that you will take the idea, and make it your own by using what you already have. Even if you have most of the items, and need to buy just a few things, that’s way better than starting from scratch!

sunflowers on autumn door wreath

Autumn Door Wreath Tips

  • This autumn door wreath was not hard at all…but it did take some time. It’s helpful to assemble the wreath sitting at a table, or at your kitchen island. Definitely don’t try to make this wreath on the floor! 
  • When I hung the wreath on our door, I discovered that the wheat section stuck out quite a bit. Every time I opened the door, the wheat got in the way. Instead of moving the sections, I decided to trim the wheat. If you recreate this wreath, and use wheat, place it on the other side if the wreath, or on the top or bottom, so it won’t get in your way. 
  • I used light-weight styrofoam pumpkins, but real gourds and/or pumpkins can be used. Use the same skewer and wire method to attach them. Real gourds and pumpkins last longer if they are properly prepared. See the link below for the easy directions. When the season is over, just remove the gourds before storing the wreath.

How to Preserve Pumpkins & Gourds

sherwin williams naval front door


I’ll be back on Tuesday with the porch sitting area, along with my 20 Minute Decorating crew. Until then…

See the rest of the porch!

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