Spice Storage Ideas: 8 Ways to Organize Your Spices

Are your spice storage containers unorganized and hard to find? Stop searching! Use these clever spice storage ideas to keep your spices fresh and easily accessible. 


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After wrapping presents, one of my very favorite things to do is restore order to a jumbled mess. I love organizing, and if you have the proper tools, it’s easy and very satisfying. These spice storage ideas are all simple to do, but they may take a little time. It’s time well-invested though, so take a look, and I’ll see you at the end. 

What is the Best Way to Store Spices?

The things to remember in regards to storing your spices are:

  • Keep them in airtight containers. This will keep any moisture out, and help keep the spices fresh.
  • Store them away from light. If it’s convenient to store your spices in a cupboard, pantry, or closet, glass jars are perfect. If not, it’s best  to store them in metal containers with airtight lids.
  • Don’t store spices in the refrigerator. The cool temperature provides a moist atmosphere, and moisture will ruin your spices.

8 Spice Storage Ideas

Spice Drawer Organization

If you have a kitchen drawer to spare, I think these spice drawer organization ideas are brilliant. The jars make it so easy to find what you want, and are super simple to access. 

organized spice drawer

Spice Drawer Organization | Almost Makes Perfect

organized spices polished habitat

How to Organize Spices in a Drawer | Polished Habitat

spice storage ideas jars in small cabinet
spice storage ideas clear bottles with labels

Organized Spice Cabinets 

Last year when I finished a complete reorganization of my kitchen, one of the most rewarding projects was the spice cabinet. I have this little, triangular shaped cupboard that is the perfect place to store spices. You can read about it {HERE.}

Spice Cabinet Organization | On Sutton Place

organized-spices anderson grant

Labeling Your Pantry + Organizing Tips | Anderson + Grant

Jamie, from the website Anderson + Grant, has printable spice labels that are available in either a round or square design. They are the perfect custom touch to your glass or metal spice storage containers!

organized spices in kitchen cabinet

Organized Baking and Spice Cabinet | Kelley Nan

If you don’t want to transfer your spices from their original containers to different jars, they can still be beautifully organized. Kelley Nan shows you how. 

Mason Jar Spice Storage Containers

mason jar spice storage

Mason Jar Spice & Herb Storage | Rocky Hedge Farm

Spice Rack Storage

magnetic spice storage jars

Magnetic Spice Storage Rack | Jessica Welling Interiors


How to Organize Spices in a Small Kitchen | H2O Bungalow

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How Long Do Spices Last?

The answer to this question varies. It can be anywhere from 1 year to 3 years. The very best way to know if your spices are fresh is to keep track of the expiration date on the original packaging. If you are transferring the spices to glass or metal containers, use a small label on the bottom of the container to note the expiration date. These removable round labels work perfectly.

spice storage containers with date labels

If your spices need attention, I hope these spice storage ideas have inspired you to tackle the job, and restore order. I promise, you will feel incredible!

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  1. I keep my often-used spices on a turntable on a lower shelf, and less-used on the shelf above.

  2. I have a drawer next to my oven to store spices, but often they get out of place, like kids on a playground! Adding large labels and expiration dates to each container is going to save me a few headaches. Also alphabetizing them will get meals on the table much quicker…thank you!

  3. I’m going into the kitchen to check the dates on my spices 😆 usually they don’t last a long time but I bet there are a few lurking that need to be gone!

  4. So many wonderful ideas! Love the idea of putting the expiration date on the bottoms of the spice jars! I’ll have to start doing that the next time I buy a new spice.

  5. Okay now I need to re-think my spice closet. 😊. So many good ideas !

  6. Micaela Brundage says:

    Oh my! Now I’m super excited to redo my spices!

  7. Connie Douglas says:

    I love love love the cabinet with the bottles all the same size and uniformed labeled I’m doing it!!! No more digging past old outdated bottles and having them fall on me while I try to find the one I want. Thanks for this great and easy to do idea!!!

  8. My husband built a rack on our pantry door for spices. It has been great since we don’t have a lot of space.

  9. I recently went through my spices and never realized that I had some really old ones, needless to say I threw them out and will replace them if they are needed in the future….

  10. With a cabinet full of spices these are helpful ways to organize them.

  11. Judy Cline says:

    My daughter had a spice rack that I loved so I bought one. Working out great for me. It sits in your cabinet in a “U” shape, 2 levels high and it is so easy to see everything. I love it!

  12. Love the mason jar spice collection

  13. Thanks for the storage ideas! I use a “lazy Susan” for my spices, which works really well.

  14. Ann,
    This was helpful. I recently reorganized my spice drawer and I’ve used many of the ideas you gave us. It’s fun to see how people organize their kitchens. It’s one of my favorite rooms in the house.
    Karen B.

  15. A few years back I transferred all my spices to small jars with white lids for my kitchen drawer…best thing I ever did! I do like the door racks or the wooden drawer racks too. I found that placing a year date on the bottom helps to keep things fresh as I don’t bake as much as I used to.
    Great post Ann!

  16. This is why I love to read your blog, you give us great information and tips about so many different subjects. Thank you!

  17. Great ideas but I do have a question. Is it okay to store spices next to your stove? I had read that it’s a bad idea, however, it is most convenient.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Sandi…I too have read that it’s a bad idea. Supposedly the heat from the stove decreases the spice shelf life. However, if you use your spices quickly, I don’t think it would be an issue. Good luck!

  18. I have more spices than can fit in my spice drawer! Pretty funny for someone who doesn’t even like to cook!

  19. Jeanie Nichols says:

    Great ideas! Thanks

  20. I recently reorganized my spices and cupboards, inspired by one of your posts. It’s so satisfying and January is a great month for it. Thanks for inspiring me to get the new year off to a good start!

  21. Having so much trouble commenting. Is this an old blog post? I was told I had already posted on it. I have not.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Dee…no, this is a brand new post! You did comment already though…you shared a tip about buying spices in small amounts. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I actually didn’t know that comments were limited to one. I will definitely look into that. Thank you, Ann

  22. Buy spices in small amounts. And I believe ‘red’ spices are more likely to attract or already have insects and eggs in them. Another reason to buy smallest amounts.

  23. Love the sticker on the bottom idea. Will be doing that this week.
    I also started marking my canned goods with a permanent marker on top. This way the exp date is visible. My fav all time spice organizer…I just don’t like giving up more than a drawer

  24. Thanks for the inspiring ideas.

  25. laura@everydayedits.co says:

    HI Ann, Thank you for the great ideas! Perfect time of year to organize! I have a garage I need to tackle today! xo laura

  26. Karen Mary says:

    Hi Ann,
    What a good idea to add the expiration date to the bottom of jars you’ve transferred spices into! (I recently wrote about spice storage on my blog, but I didn’t mention that, even though I often buy bulk spices!)
    BTW, amber jars are another good option (besides metal) for jars that are stored in the light.
    Happy cooking!

  27. You’re posts are right in line with my to do list! I’ve gotten some great ideas for my first area to organize- the kitchen!