Easy Spring Porch Refresh: Ideas + Inspiration

Budget-friendly ideas + inspiration for an easy spring porch refresh that are colorful and very quick. Learn my 5-step process that works for every season!

Since the day I became a homeowner, my favorite thing to do has been to refresh our front porch with the changing seasons. At our very first house, the porch was small, but there was enough room to decorate with a chair and planters. I placed a basket filled with flowers on the chair, and sometimes added a colorful rug…and I always had a front door wreath. (No surprise I’m sure!)

front of sugar maple house on sutton place

Then, on Sutton Place, I had a bit more room to work with, and enjoyed the planning process as much as the doing process. Now, because I’m decorating the porch at our new home, things have changed once again. By following the 5-step process I put in place all those years ago, updating our front porch decor for spring was easy and very quick.

easy spring porch refresh white rocker with blue pillow

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Refreshed Door Decor

When the first signs of spring appear, or any new season for that matter, the first thing I do is decide on a door wreath. It’s definitely not necessary to reinvent the wheel, and start from scratch with each new season. For an easy-on-the-budget door wreath, simply use one you already have, and add or subtract elements to give it a brand new look.

easy spring porch refresh new wreath on blue door
door wreath no longer available

I purchased the beautiful wreath pictured above, and I added these blue spring flowers, which tied in the door color. (Here is the information on our door color.) A good tip is to use the style and colors of your door wreath as the jumping-off feature for the rest of the porch. Let it set the tone, and add incredible curb appeal at the same time!

front door painted Sherwin Williams Distance with fern planters

Planters Flanking the Door

Over the years, I have experimented with new pots and various plants for our front porches. One year I planted all white impatiens, and it was beautiful. Another year, I chose ivy, sweet potato vine, and SunPatiens…and I loved it too. However, my very favorite look is two large planters, filled with Boston ferns, that flank the front door. This is such an easy way to make a huge statement, and the ferns practically take care of themselves!

This is the look I chose for my last summer on Sutton Place…even though I didn’t know it at the time. I decided to use ferns for our first spring and summer at our new home as well. It felt exactly right when I sat the ferns in my white planters. If you follow your heart, you will never go wrong.

A New Welcome Mat

The last step for the door area is a welcome mat. Occasionally I find them for just a few dollars at a discount store, and other times I pay a little more online. The cute and cheerful bicycle doormat pictured above was a birthday gift from my son’s family. A doormat is the perfect place to add color. I know it’s tempting to go with a neutral coir mat you can find anywhere, and that you can use for every season…and more times than not I do exactly that. But a doormat is the perfect place to add color and personality, so take advantage of that and go bold!

front porch decorated for spring

The Sitting Area

Thanks to my partnership with POLYWOOD, I was able to replace my aging and yellowed rockers with this gorgeous Jefferson 3-Piece Woven Rocker Set. I realize that not everyone has room for a set of chairs on their front porch. If you are working with a small space, consider a single chair, bench, or stool. Provide interest by layering a cushion or small pillow.

easy spring porch refresh blue pillow on rocker

A sitting area is the perfect place to add color and interest with soft furnishings and fabric. A blanket draped across the back of a chair, and throw pillows are an easy and inexpensive way to bring your own personal style to your outdoor space.

blue and white planters on white table

Accessories and Plants

No list of front porch decor ideas would be complete without addressing the finishing touches. The final step is adding low-maintenance plants in colorful containers, filling outdoor lanterns with pots of foliage or candles, and basically bringing the indoors out by accessorizing the space. Use what you have, shop your house, and see what you can come up with!

Do birds love your wreaths?

Every time I share a post about our front porch, I get emails and comments asking me how to keep the birds away. I never knew this was a thing, because in all the years we lived on Sutton Place, not once did a bird try to build a nest in my wreath. However, that all changed when we moved to Sugar Maple Court. Just a few days after I hung my spring wreath, a huge bird began building a nest.

door painted Sherwin Williams Distance with doormat and fern planter

This bird was relentless, and after a bit of back and forth, I finally just removed the wreath. I then started looking around online for solutions, and decided to try the “snake trick.” Evidently, birds will not nest if they see a snake. So I ordered this set of fake snakes, and laid two on top of my wreath. (See the image below.) I chose colors that blended with the wreath, and even from close range, the snakes are not noticeable. It’s been over a week, and no nests. I’ll report back in another month or so, but I’m fairly confident that the birds are gone!

how to keep birds away from door wreaths

More Porch Decoration Ideas

  • Add a porch swing. (If you are lucky enough to have the space!)
  • Place an outdoor rug under the sitting area, or layer it under the doormat.
  • Use LED candles in lanterns, or group them together on a table or bench.
  • Paint your front door a contrasting color.
  • Use unexpected furniture like a vintage church pew, retro metal chairs, or an antique glider.

Shop + Source

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Thank you for joining me on our porch. I hope you have been inspired to refresh your outdoor areas, and make a special space for your family to enjoy. As always, I am very grateful for your friendship and support. Until next time…

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  1. Ann,
    So many great ideas. Like you and your husband did we are starting the process of downsizing. Your post inspired me to know I can still create a welcoming entry to our new smaller haven.

  2. Love your front porch especially the bicycle door mat.

  3. Valerie Haugland says:

    Hi Ann!
    You’re porch looks beautiful. I am going to try some of your suggestions. My biggest problem is that it’s always dusty! This is a dumb question but is there any way to keep the dust down? Or do I just clean like I clean the inside of my house?

    1. Hi Valerie…several years ago my dad bought me a cordless blower. It’s lightweight, and since there’s no cord, it’s super convenient. About once a week, I just blow the porch off. Works great!

  4. Hi Ann, happy Thursday! I have those blue pots that are on your steps, from Lowes. I just got them this year, 2 of the large and 2 of the medium and I LOVE them. I also have a similar set of blue and white ceramic pots. I am using only blue and white pots on my patio this year with orange flowers and am loving the look. I wish SO much I had a porch. Yours is just beautiful. Thanks for all the links!!!

  5. Ellen J Sorce says:

    Your porch is so pretty and inviting. I LOVE the color of your front door!

  6. What a beautiful porch! I hope you take time to sit in those lovely chairs and enjoy the warm days. Two questions –
    1) Do you use real ferns next to the door? I think we gey too much sun and they would get burned.
    2). I didn’t see a link for those lovely aqua pots on the steps. Did you get them recently?
    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Deanne! Yes, the ferns are real. They really do need mostly shade, so they may not be right for you. The blue pots are from Lowe’s. I couldn’t find a link on their website, but I just looked again and found it. Here you go: https://rstyle.me/+V9b4czXOTjafoHL_xcaRhQ Thank you!

  7. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Ann, your front porch is beautiful! I love what you have done! Your wreath on your door is so pretty and I love that you can add the different colored flowers for the seasons! Such a great idea! The color of your front door is perfect and goes so nicely with all your decor. You have done such a great job with your “new” front porch. Enjoy! Thanks for sharing with us!

  8. Do you have a source for your pillow covers?

    I’m sure the fake snake works well but I’m also sure I’d give myself a heart attack each time I spotted it!

  9. Great porch. I want to sit on this porch. Thank you for the ideas. It was my first time with a nest in my wreath. I did not know it was a thing. All the best!

  10. I love your front porch. Those chippendale planters need to be on my porch. Would love to see a picture of the entire porch. Looking forward to your gardening ideas!

  11. So beautiful, Ann! Tasteful, elegant, and fun. Just curious as to why you did not paint the front door your signature color “Naval” (“Distance” is quite similar)? Can’t wait to see your outdoor space in the rear of your new home!

    1. Hi Kimberly! We tried a large swatch of Naval on the door and from the sidewalk, the door faded right into the stone. It was just too dark. Distance is actually quite a bit lighter, and shows up beautifully. Thank you!

  12. Kathy Finn says:

    I just ordered the doormat, wreath and flowers! I look forward to using the wreath for fall and maybe Christmas seasons. Please share how you change it for the seasons when the time comes. Love your new front porch!

  13. debra@commonground says:

    I’ll have to check out the fake snakes. The wreaths are safe, but it’s the baskets that the birds love here. I just can’t use door baskets. Love your rocker set and the adorable bicycle door mat. It’s all so pretty and fresh. How are you on squirrels? I can send you some of mine. Squirrels, geese, birds… I have all the pesky critters!