Easy Spring Porch Refresh: Ideas & Inspiration

Easy Spring Porch Refresh | Ideas for taking what you already have and making it look new. Budget friendly ways to refresh your outdoor space!

Easy Spring Porch Refresh | Ideas for taking what you already have and making it look new. Budget friendly ways to refresh your outdoor space!

Since the very beginning of my homeowner days, my favorite thing to do has been switching the porch decor from season to season. At our first house, the porch was smaller but there was still enough room for me to put a chair and pots. I always had a wreath on the door there too. (No surprise I’m sure!) The planning process is almost as fun as the doing process. This spring has been no different. 

Easy Spring Porch Refresh | Ideas for taking what you already have and making it look new. Budget friendly ways to refresh your outdoor space!

Sometimes it’s a challenge to make the same old space look new and refreshed. What I have found works the best is to update the same five elements on my porch each season. I keep the foundation but give it a different look by switching out the easy stuff. (Source links are at the end of the post.)

Easy Spring Porch Refresh | Ideas for taking what you already have and making it look new. Budget friendly ways to refresh your outdoor space!

Easy Spring Porch Refresh

First thing is always the wreath on the door. I did this a few weeks ago and shared it HERE. Next are the planters that flank the door. The planters themselves didn’t change…just what is in them. I went to Lowe’s and was delighted when I saw their nursery section was open and stocked. When I spotted the ferns, my decision was made. I left them in their plastic pots and just set them in the tubs. If we get any more cold weather, I can lift them out and bring them inside. To see how I assembled the inside of the tubs visit my post from last fall, DIY Galvanized Wash Tub Planters.

Easy Spring Porch Refresh | Ideas for taking what you already have and making it look new. Budget friendly ways to refresh your outdoor space!

After that I shop for a new doormat. Sometimes I can find them for just a few dollars at a discount store and other times I pay a little more online. This blue and green mat just might be my favorite one yet. A doormat is the perfect place to add color. I know it’s tempting to go with the neutral coir mat you can find anywhere…but live a little dangerously and go bold!

Easy Spring Porch Refresh | Ideas for taking what you already have and making it look new. Budget friendly ways to refresh your outdoor space!

The next step in this easy spring porch refresh is the sitting area. Here I try to add some softness with fabric. Sometimes I add a throw along with the pillows but this time I went with pillows only. I had the fabric in my stash and sewed the covers myself. If you don’t sew, inexpensive pillow covers or outdoor pillows are easy to find. Craft stores like Hobby Lobby are starting to carry ready-made pillow covers that are super inexpensive. 

Add a touch of vintage charm to your porch or deck with these olive bucket planters filled with ferns. Shows the simple process to assemble the planters.

Last is adding something to the table top. My favorite things to use are natural elements. Fresh flowers, plants or in this case, pussy willow branches. I scored the beautiful viola plant on my trip to Lowe’s. I couldn’t decide if I liked it better beside the rocker or on the table. In the end it landed on the table.

You don’t always have to re-invent the wheel and truth be told, most of us can’t afford to anyway. By investing in a neutral foundation, adding seasonal colors and accessories is easy. It took a little time but I finally got Kelly to stand still long enough for me to snap her picture. She was as happy to be outside as I was!

Easy Spring Porch Refresh | Ideas for taking what you already have and making it look new. Budget friendly ways to refresh your outdoor space!

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See you soon!
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  1. Hi! Sooooooo beautiful! May I ask, where did the beautiful blue and green mat come from? I love it!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Donna! It’s from Amazon. The link is at the end of the post!

  2. Chris Greek says:

    What a beautiful way to welcome people to your home! It may technically be spring here in the Arctic, but the snow that will hang around until the end of May certainly puts a damper on my exterior decorating. Until then, I shall continue to happily live vicariously through your photos – thanks for sharing!

  3. Love your front porch. So springy and inviting.

  4. Doreen@Hymns and Verses says:

    I love how you used the galvanized tubs as planters for those gorgeous ferns! The whole porch is beautiful!

  5. I Love Porches! Love those colors in the pillows. Love Schnauzers also! We have had 2 in the past and the In-Laws too. Now we have an all white male name Amo. lol

  6. TwoPlusCute says:

    The pillows, I love those pillows. Beautiful colors.

  7. Hi Ann
    Love, love, love your blog. Trying to warm up to B Home. I don’t quite get how it works. For example, tonight there is a posting from you about window boxes. How do I get to the content? I tap here and there but don’t get anywhere. I’m using an iPad.

  8. Ann,

    I really enjoy your blog, you always have such interesting ideas! The spring porch really is pretty too. I love the color of your front door.

  9. So beautiful, love those pillows, I’ve been leaning towards blue for outside and the livingroom too!

  10. Love your porch! I decorate mine for Valentines Day, St. Patricks Day, Easter, Spring, Summer, fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I don’t do 4th of July, but do have our American flag out ever day of the year! Our neighbors love it!

  11. Pam @ House of Hawthornes says:

    I love how you can add and subtract a few things and have a totally new look. I do think you forgot to add a source link though . . . for Kelly :)

  12. I love how your porch looks. Those are my favorite decorating colors for now.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Patricia! I hope you are having a lovely spring…thank you so much for taking the time to say hi!

  13. Margaret Dignard says:

    hello there. I love your web page .ideas and lovely things. I can’t order, as I am in Canada. Do you have any idea if you will in the future?

  14. Someone asked about Ann’s rockers. I have two white rockers I purchased at Crackerbarrel Old Country Store. Love that place!

  15. Penny @ The Comforts of Home says:

    Your porch looks great Ann! I love the galvanized tubs with the ferns.

  16. Where did you get your white rockers? Do they hold up well against the weather?

    1. I found mine one year at Ollies!

    2. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Carolyn…I provided an Amazon link in the post. If you don’t want to order online they may be available at Walmart. That’s where my family got mine. Also Cracker Barrel. Thanks!

  17. Marlene Stephenson says:

    Thanks Ann for the ideas they were great.

  18. Kathleen G says:

    So pretty Ann and seeing Kelly just made it wonderful! Kathleen in Az

  19. Dorothy-Anne Pelkey says:

    Loving the porch..and the puppy.

  20. Michelle Mortensen says:

    Great idea to have a neutral base and change out 4-5 things with the season. I do not have a front porch. I just have a very, very narrow entryway. However, I still like to change up my front door area with a seasonal wreath and some flowers/plants in an urn by the door. I like the idea of changing out the doormat. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Michelle from simplysantabarbara.blogspot.com

  21. It all looks so pretty and a I love how you can reuse the same furniture and just add new pillows and such. I’m so glad the weather if finally getting nicer and we can spend some time on the porch :)

  22. Karen Blanks says:

    Where did you get the white rockers? We haven’t been able to find any lately?

  23. Ann, you have convinced me to purchase a bright door mat this spring. A trip to Lowes/Home Depot scheduled for tomorrow. Last year I had ferns on our porch in planters. A must do for this year too. Visited relatives and friends in PA this week and went to my first IKEA. Wow! Heard one is being built at Polaris. Can’t wait.

  24. Lovely. Happy Spring Sunday

  25. Angie Mullett says:

    Ann, I love the fresh look of your front porch. It is clean and simple and so welcoming. You speak to my heart when you said you had a wreath on your front door at your previous home and I see you have one now, too. Yes, wreaths or some kind of front decor is a MUST for me! Keep posting your ideas and pictures. It is inspiring!
    Happy Springtime to you!

  26. I love the seasonal changes you make with your porch…it’s always a nice balance of bright eye catching colors and clean crisp white. Love the lime/violet color scheme!

    Jane xx

  27. Tracy@www.bluridgevintage.com says:

    These are some great ideas. I really like the colors that you have chosen for your Spring porch refresh. The blue and green really make it pop. You are so right….you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when making the changes.

  28. Debra Burgin says:

    I love this 5-step approach to freshening the front porch. It’s so easy, and I can shop my own house to accomplish some of it. No sun reaches our porch, so the new mat will be just the pop of color we need. Our mail carrier will love it! Thanks, Ann.

  29. Donna Marie says:

    Well, I would love to decorate my porch and I try, but with outdoor dogs you have to limit yourself!!!

  30. Jeanette Duke says:

    Everything is so pretty as usual!!!

  31. Debbie manno says:

    Love love love! So fresh and so pretty. I love the ferns in the galvanized buckets!

  32. Claudia Robnett says:

    Your porch is almost identical to mine and I too love to decorate it seasonally . Thanks so much for your wonderful posts.

    P.S. I just ordered the front doormat!

  33. Your porch says Spring over and over!
    I love the ferns in the galvanized tubs and the blue & green is awesome.
    I see some very productive days of sipping tea & day dreaming!

  34. Beautiful porch. Your dog is precious!

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