Stylish Small Front Porch Ideas for Summer

Discover easy and affordable front porch ideas for summer. Find simple tips to elevate your outdoor space, and make the most of the sunny season ahead!

porch ideas for summer white rockers pillows

No one knows better than me how challenging it can be to make an existing space seem new and fresh…and no place is that more true than our front porch. The bones are good, but it’s very small, so updates are made by simply changing the accessories.

The ideas that follow are perfect for a small porch, but they can be used for a porch of any size. If you have a bigger space, and there is room in the budget, you can include more options in the seating area, more planters of varying sizes, or a rug.

porch ideas for summer white rockers with pillows

What To Update

Summer front porches have a certain charm that isn’t present at any other time of year. The weather is warm, so comfort and function are two super important aspects to keep in mind. Depending on your budget, you can swap out just one or two things, or give the entire porch a seasonal update. I don’t re-invent the wheel each time because that would just be too hard and very expensive. What follows are the five things I change with each new season.

porch ideas for summer ferns in white planters

Front Door Wreath

This year I opted to use a wreath I have used before. It’s a generous size, and because it’s so full, it adds amazing curb appeal to the front of our home. By reusing something I already had, I was able to splurge on the new planters!

porch ideas for summer boston fern in tall white planter

The Planters

I love symmetry, so a planter flanking each side of the door is a must in my book. This year I splurged on new, taller planters. I thought long and hard about it…and I changed my mind about three times! There was absolutely nothing wrong with the planters I had, but I desperately wanted a new look. I also wanted something that would made a great first impression. These new planters did both of those things.

boston fern in tall white planter

Sometimes change is unnecessary, but sometimes it’s a very good thing. It’s up to you to decide that. Making changes and updating your decor helps keep your home feeling fresh and new. When you change your surroundings, it boosts your mood, and makes you feel more comfortable. New decor can also better reflect your current tastes, making your space truly reflect your season in life. Plus, updating your decor is a fun project…and you have to admit, we can all use a creativity boost every now and then!

black front porch planter with fern 2022


A super simple idea to dress up
your front door area. These fern
planters will transform your
porch from drab to amazing!

Adding The Ferns To The Planters

  • The planters come in one piece, so there is no need for assembly. There is a shelf that comes with each planter, and two sets of notches inside the planter so the shelf can be placed at two different levels.
  • I put the shelf at the highest level.
  • I then found two small pots, and placed them on the shelves, upside down.
  • After that, I just placed the fern containers right on the top of the upside down pots.
porch ideas for summer blue floral doormat

The Doormat

Most of the time I’m happy with a basic coir doormat, but this year I was in the mood for something with a little more personality. Hence, the fun and flowered new doormat! I also like to layer a smaller plain doormat over a larger colorful rug, but I was able to get this new doormat in a bigger size, so that wasn’t necessary.

porch ideas for summer rockers with garden stool

Soft Furnishings

Throw pillows or cushions are the perfect way to add comfort and softness anywhere in your home, but they work especially well on your porch. Pillows can also bring a pop of color and style to your porch, making it look more inviting and cozy. They are an easy way to update the look of your outdoor space without spending a lot of money. I’ve used pillows on my porch furniture for years, and I’ve never had a pillow blow away! They do occasionally get a little damp if we get a strong rain, but they dry out quickly.

new guinea impatiens on garden stool beside white rocker on porch


Using small planters filled with annuals, and simple accessories on your porch is a wonderful idea for several reasons. First, they add vibrant color, and a touch of nature, making your porch more welcoming. Annuals can be changed each year, allowing you to enjoy different flowers and plants with each season. Small planters are also easy to move and rearrange, so you can experiment with different looks. Adding accessories personalizes your space, making it uniquely yours, which results in more enjoyment during the time spent on your porch.

new guinea impatiens in planter beside rocker on porch

What I Didn’t Do

The one thing I didn’t do when I was assembling this summer porch update was worry about matching all the different shades of blue. They all blend, but they aren’t all the same. The blue on the door complements the blue shades in the doormat, but they don’t exactly match. I need practice being more flexible, and it felt good to “relax my rules!”

blue and white pillow on rocker porch ideas for summer

More Tips + Ideas

  • Recycle and reuse. Keep your doormats, and use them more than once. If they are in good shape, there is no reason not to keep them. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I actually have quite a collection of doormats. (Call me crazy!) I don’t always buy a new one…many times I use what I have.
  • The same goes for your soft furnishings. If you have pillows that you’ve used inside for a few years, take them outside. I guarantee they will feel new again!
  • Use inexpensive annuals for your pots fresh potting soil. For an added boost, water the annuals with Jack’s All Purpose Plant Food.
  • Add something unexpected. For example, if you have an electrical outlet, incorporate a lamp. When we lived on Sutton Place, our porch was a bit bigger, so I had room for a larger round table between the rockers. Many years I added a lamp. It never blew over, and weathered very well.
  • More unexpected ideas: lanterns with candles, a sign that says “welcome” or “gather,” use baskets as plant containers, add an outdoor rug. 
  • In keeping with the Southern tradition, give your porch ceiling a fresh coat of paint by painting it light “haint” blue.
  • Install lattice panels or outdoor curtains to create privacy and shade. This can make your porch feel like an extension of your indoor living space while adding a touch of personality.
floral bouquet 1

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    Ann, I always enjoy seeing the pictures of your porch. I love the blue and white you have used this year — so pretty. Your new door mat is really nice. Those new white planters with the ferns are perfect for the sides of your door. I tried to place and order with Amazon for two of those planters but these cannot be shipped to Canada.

    You always do such a wonderful job of getting your front porch ready for each season! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Inspiration, just what I needed… the sun has arrived after lots & lots of rain, so out I go to give my porch a refresh! I’ll start with a wreath re-do, my favorite part, using ideas from OSP former posts. I have one huge lovely pot that needs some colorful plantings. As always, thanks Ann!

  3. I love your calm porch. I bet you feel less of the summer heat when you relax in a rocker

  4. Sue Daugherty says:

    I always enjoy seeing your posts about your porch. My parents never changed their door mat so it never occurred to me to do that. Thanks to you I have a collection of seasonal doormats now. What an easy way to decorate for the seasons. Our porch is very small as well so we just have a small bench where I also change the pillow covers seasonally. Thank you for the inspiration.