Summer Front Porch Decor: Gingham & Daisies

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In this post: Easy ideas and inspiration for fun summer front porch decor. Includes a daisy wreath, easy planter ideas and how to add accessories.

Easy ideas and inspiration for fun summer front porch decor. Includes a daisy wreath, easy planter ideas and how to add accessories.

Now that May is here, I’m beginning to believe that summer might actually be around the corner. It’s been terribly cold and rainy here in Ohio so I’m ready for the sun to shine. Even though I’ve not used it much yet, our front porch is decked and decorated for summer. I can’t wait for that first nice day.

Easy ideas and inspiration for fun summer front porch decor. Includes a daisy wreath, easy planter ideas and how to add accessories.

I change my porch decor with the seasons, but this year I missed out on spring. To make up for that, I added pansies to my pots…but I’ll have to switch them out later with something that can stand the heat. For now, I am loving the purple, white, and blue blooms.

Easy ideas and inspiration for fun summer front porch decor. Includes a daisy wreath, easy planter ideas and how to add accessories.

I’ve never used a rug before but have wanted to try one on the porch for a long time. Instead of buying something new and then not liking it, I used a rug I already had. This blue plaid rug was in our entry for a few years and since it’s made for the outdoors, I decided give it a go. (All shopping sources are listed at the end.)

Easy ideas and inspiration for fun summer front porch decor. Includes a daisy wreath, easy planter ideas and how to add accessories.

I think it adds a great pop of color and seems to make the concrete less noticeable. That’s a win/win in my book!

Easy ideas and inspiration for fun summer front porch decor. Includes a daisy wreath, easy planter ideas and how to add accessories.

The only other things I added to this end of the porch are the two navy gingham pillows. I picked them up on one of my pop-ins to T. J. Maxx. As sometimes happens, I just knew they were perfect when I saw them, so they immediately went in my cart.

Easy ideas and inspiration for fun summer front porch decor. Includes a daisy wreath, easy planter ideas and how to add accessories.

Tip: Pillows like this are an investment. Stick to your color palette and you’ll be able to use them elsewhere in your home. Buy pillows with down inserts. Next time you can save some money and just buy pillow covers because you already have wonderful inserts.

Easy ideas and inspiration for fun summer front porch decor. Includes a daisy wreath, easy planter ideas and how to add accessories.

I’ve had a lot of questions about using pillows outside…do they fade, get wet, etc. I’ve personally never had any issues. Of course sometimes they get wet, but they always dry out. My porch gets morning sun so I don’t have trouble with fading. If the fabric is washable, the pillow covers are easy to launder. If not, I don’t worry about it.

Easy ideas and inspiration for fun summer front porch decor. Includes a daisy wreath, easy planter ideas and how to add accessories.

I’ve also had questions about keeping the porch clean. A few years ago, my dad bought me a little, cordless blower. It’s not very powerful but it blows off my porch beautifully. I keep it right out side my back door on a hook, so it’s easy to grab and go. I try to remember to put the battery in the charger after I use it. (This is crucial!)

Easy ideas and inspiration for fun summer front porch decor. Includes a daisy wreath, easy planter ideas and how to add accessories.


Easy ideas and inspiration for fun summer front porch decor. Includes a daisy wreath, easy planter ideas and how to add accessories.

I didn’t collect everything on our porch at once. It’s took me several years to get the basics like hardware, lights and furniture. I replaced old and worn-out items one at a time. If you want to makeover your own porch, make a plan and then make a list. Add items you want to birthday or Christmas lists…and save your money. Little by little, you will tick off your wish list and have the summer front porch decor  you’ve always wanted.

As always, Kelly was outside with me when I was taking these pictures. It was quite chilly that day but it felt good to be out and busy.

Easy ideas and inspiration for fun summer front porch decor. Includes a daisy wreath, easy planter ideas and how to add accessories.

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Summer Front Porch Decor Sources:

Doormat | Black planter boxes | Rug | Rockers | Mailbox | Porch lights | Address plaqueGingham Pillows (similar) | Blue lantern (similar) | Door wreath | Flower crate & oval planter (At Home) | Door color | Wreath hanger | Door hardware | Cordless blower | Watering can

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  1. I loved your lights on your porch and decided to buy for my new exterior makeover. Thank you for sharing your items and where they can be bought. I can’t wait for my new lights to be hung!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Yay! You will be very happy with them. Enjoy!

  2. Love all your porches! Great job!

  3. Thanks for sharing your porch. It looks beautiful! Love your ideas!

  4. Mila Bassett says:

    I am in love with the little white pot that holds the pansies!

    Ann, do your flower pots have drainage holes in them? In your experience, how do pansies and similar plants fair in hole-less pots?

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Mila! All my outdoor flower containers have holes. I have to drill into the vintage enamelware or galvanized metal. I have planted herbs in hole-less containers like mason jars. If you put a layer of pebbles on the bottom it helps with drainage. Best idea is to have drainage holes though…if possible.

  5. Rebecca M says:

    Ann, I really enjoy your posts! You seem down to earth and give tips/ideas that any budget can use! Thanks!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      What a nice thing to say…thank you Rebecca!

  6. Cindy Pierce says:

    Your porch in beautiful! Curb appeal plus!!

  7. Barbara Harilaou says:

    Hi Ann it’s been a while since I’ve writen something I haven’t been following I was trying to get my garden ready . What a beautiful and inviting porch you have created It’s so summery . I think blue and white are the most perfect colors for the summer .My back yard is also with the same color tones . I have built in benches in my yard and I made sitting pillows from jean fabric since it’s so durable . Looking at your pillows in blue and white gingham gave me the idea to maybe add some in my back yard. Thank you so much for this beautiful colorful and inspiring post . Have a wonderful week.

  8. I love your spring porch! I really like the addition of the rug. The gingham is so cute. It is such a timeless fabric. The whole porch looks so fresh and welcoming. I hope our weather warms up soon here in PA. It has really been chilly.

  9. Doris Raab says:

    Beautiful and fresh, Ann!

  10. Julie Briones says:

    Love this, Ann! Love the colors and how it all comes together so naturally. I’m making a list now for my Wee Abode’s porch… rug, lights for my stair railing, little metal table (I don’t have a cover on my porch), pots (from HomeGoods… I’m thinking that is my At Home on this side of the country), and I would like a hanging shelf planter for my stair railing.

    Thanks for the tips! Always love your posts!

  11. Gina says:

    What a wonderfully welcoming front porch. You would certainly put a smile on my face if I were to pay you a visit. I love the wreath and the colors really are attractive on your front door. Lots of inspiration in this post!

  12. Lovely! Looks so welcoming!

  13. Your porch is perfect. Love the pillows. Will have to visit our TJMax for a find like yours.

  14. Very pleasant and calming looking porch. I never thought to put the plant containers in a box. Nice job.

  15. I love the blue checks with the pansies! Kelly looks like she’s saying, “Are you done yet, Mom?” Your porch always makes me want to drop by for coffee and a rock.

  16. Liz @ Infuse With Liz says:

    Everything looks so well balanced and inviting. Loving the blue accents- the rug does look great there and I really like the cute blue gingham pillows. Pansies are a favorite- such a happy flower! We’ve had some rather frigid nights recently so I’m still waiting to put out my plants.

  17. Two of my favorite things gingham & daisies ????.Love your style & budget friendly ideas,thanks for sharing.Hope you can sit out & enjoy it soon.

  18. Dianne Gingrich says:

    Looks so lovely and inviting!

  19. Lovely. I feel that the front porch is the first welcome to a home and it reflects that to the guest. Yours always looks so fresh and comfortable. Your pillows are a nice touch of seasonal color. I tend to substitute small lap quilts for chilly times. Happy little pansies are always little welcome faces. Thanks for sharing. Cold and rainy here today and my biggest hurtle is keeping the birds from stealing the branches from the wreathes by the door and pecking at the quilts!

    My question for today is: what type of surface treatment have you done to the concrete on your porch? Mine was painted a few times and I have a terrible time with water seeping in and blistering and lifting the paint. We are planning something major this year to correct that but I am not sure what. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Have a great week.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Cheryll…I’ve not ever done anything to the concrete porch. I would LOVE to cover it with pavers or something similar but other things must come first. My daughter had a cement stoop that was in terrible shape. We tried painting it but the paint peeled. She had it covered with Trex decking and it looks amazing. It looks like an old fashioned wood porch. She chose a gray color. Just a thought but it might be worth looking into.

      1. Staining the concrete may be an option. That’s what I’m planning to do when the weather gets s bit cooler…we live in Central Florida. You mentioned it was a cold day, you have probably told us before but, where do you live?

  20. Carol Paulus Kalis says:

    Love your porch…it’s so inviting. The purple/lavender pansys go so well with the navy blue gingham pillows. Good job!!!!

  21. I think a little rug on the porch just adds to the overall comfort of the setting. We just installed a huge sun room on the back of the house and I will use some of your decorating ideas for that room. Its quite chilly and rainy here in central NJ also but I’m enjoying being almost outside in that sun room. Thank you for all the great decorating tips.

  22. Nancy Elizabeth says:

    I Love the simplicity of what you design. It is Traditional which I think is inviting to all who visit.

  23. I love anything blue. The rug, pillows and pansies are adorable. It has rained and been chilly here in Cleveland, Ohio also. Lawn needs to be mowed but not with wet grass. My porch is covered but I hung a basket and bought a bowl of mixed flowers. Set it on the top step. I have my mom’s metal wreath with metal flowers and butterflies on it.

  24. Your porch is a cheerful & happy place, Ann! Your recent post on wreaths inspired me to make one for my front door that same day. It brings a smile each time I enter my driveway.

  25. I love the touches of gingham on the porch, they look very fresh. Also love the daisy wreath. Makes me think of my first wedding back in 1972. It was outside and the theme was blue gingham with white daisies, and my dress was white cotton eyelet. Very sweet! And such a long time ago….

  26. Your porch is very inviting.Kelly is a cutie.

  27. Your porch is so inviting. I am waiting for our New England weather to warm up and sit on our porch.

  28. Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads says:

    THE RUG!!! What a great addition to your porch, and Kelly looks so darn cute standing next to it! The gingham pillows are so you, Ann!

  29. I wondered if your shutters are the same navy color as your door? We are having a terrible time finding a blue that works with our faded almond color house. We have often had warm colors sort of…..think reddish/purple but want a change. The blue we chose seems too bright for the faded siding and thought a faded/grayed navy would be better. But then there is the shutters :(

  30. Oh Ann…you are the best! I LOVE your porch ideas. Thank you too for the fun ebook.
    Because of your post I just realized we have an At Home store in the Twin Cities. Never knew. It’s a drive for me but I think I won’t be disappointed.

    I love the freshness of the gingham. Always a classic favorite of mine. And…that rug is so fun. I don’t have an actual porch but I have a concrete slab that is one step up from the sidewalk. I need to figure this out…because your home is always sooooo welcoming both outside and inside.

    Thank you for all the hard work you do in creating such a practical blog.

  31. Your porch looks lovely. I love the blue. We lived in Ohio for three years and we loved the weather. Being outside in the summer was delightful. I know you will enjoy the porch. We enjoy ours here in Florida anytime BUT summer!

  32. Always such a treat to see Kelly!! I am a total sucker for gingham and buffalo plaid – so I never get tire of seeing it! And gingham looks good year-round ! I especially like the metal tub on the table, and the matching wooden crate — the metal label looks so vintage. And the rug is an excellent addition; it really dies tie everything together. This so inspires me, but I need Sailor to re-assemble the wooden bench he bought me for my birthday when we were still dating!!!

  33. Debra Bartels says:

    Your porch looks so inviting. I was gifted with a cordless plower also. Best present ever! Purchased an extra battery so its always ready to use.

  34. Meda Branwell says:

    I always love your beautiful posts, Ann. Thx so much for sharing your time & talent! I did have to chuckle when I read your title on this one that says daisies & then see all the pics r with pansies! ????Of course the blue gingham would look great with daisies too???? Good to know I’m not the only one in a rush sometimes & miss a detail. ????????????

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Meda…I was referring to the daisy wreath on the door!

      1. Meda Branwell says:

        Ohhhhh! ????????????

  35. Your porch is beautiful Ann, love the blue & white, it’s so clean and fresh looking. The rug gives a nice cozy look; good call bringing it outside.

  36. It has been cold and very rainy here in central Indiana. We were teased with warmer than usual temps in February, March and April. I love your porch…the blue and white is so fresh. The rug is a great addition to your seating area. What variety are the ferns? Do you know anything about the Queen Kimberly ferns? Kelly is a doll baby…nothing like a dog for companionship.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Donna…the ferns I got are Boston ferns. I’ve not heard of Queen Kimberly ferns. I did a quick Google search and they look very easy to grow. They can be brought indoors too.

  37. Ann I love the front porch. So pretty and inviting. The white with blue is so crisp and pretty. Kelly is adorable. Thank you for sharing. donna

  38. It looks lovely, Ann, as always! So “spring-y”! And, Kizzie thinks Kelly looks pretty cute, too!

  39. Lorri Rauscher says:

    Looks lovely and inviting.????

  40. Mary Choi says:

    Love the gingham pillows! Everything looks beautiful and love seeing your little schnauzer in the pics too. Give Kelly a hug!

  41. Very pretty… Loving the color choices!

  42. Ann, Your porch looks so welcoming! Love your gingham cushions. Gingham is very “in” here in England. Aren’t pansies the best? They give such a lovely pop of colour.
    Hope you have a sunny Sunday. Weather hasn’t been great here either.

  43. Great inspiration! Time to spruce up my front porch! Thx for posting.

  44. Sandi Weiler says:

    Our taste for style runs close. I love navy blue,gingham checks and daisies. 5000 years ago these were my choices in my wedding. I Sound really old saying that. Haha

    Gingham always makes things fresh and as you say by using your same basic colors you can use thru your home anytime you want to switch. It’s summer in Alabama so I’ve already created my front porch using red geraniums. Actually just received yard of the month. Pretty good for a do it yourselver.
    Always look toward to your posts.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Congratulations Sandi! I love red geraniums. :)

  45. Gingham – such a cheery “come and sit a spell” fabric

  46. Gayle Kesinger says:

    My porch is very tired looking so I think you have inspired me to make a plan. Love the blue and white. I want to paint my porch ceiling a sky blue. I also have been thinking about a blower because pecan trees are so messy, dropping stuff in every season. Thanks, Ann for the suggestions.

  47. Kathleen G says:

    Cool mornings and warm sunshine days porch sitting:). Love the crisp cool blues. Always a delight to see Kelly too:).
    Kathleen in Az

  48. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says:

    Your summer porch looks very inviting! Love the checked pillows.

  49. It is so pretty and fresh!