Small Screened In Porch Decor Ideas

Ideas for small screened in porch decor that are light and summery. Includes inspiration for screened in porch furniture & accessories.

screened in porch decor

Small spaces can be a blessing…and even though they have their limitations, they can be functional, and lovely as well. Our screened in back porch doesn’t really have a lot going for it. It’s simple and plain, with a concrete floor. I choose to look past all of that, and treat it like any other room in our home. My goal these days it to have as little maintenance as possible, both on the inside and outside of our house. Our back porch is the perfect example of my “simple is best” motto! 

screened in porch decor gingham pillows

Screened In Porch Furniture Ideas

What you put in a screened in porch depends on two things:

  • the size of the space
  • the function (dining, lounging, work space, etc.)

Before you do anything, it’s best to make a decision based on those two things. Our porch is long, but narrow, so it doesn’t really lend itself to a comfy sofa and chairs. I considered making it just a dining area, with a large table, but that didn’t make any sense because it would have rarely been used. In the end, taking into account that 99% of the time I am the only one who goes out there, I decided to create two small spaces. A sitting area for just two people, and a tiny eating area. 

screened in porch furniture wicker chair

screened in porch furniture vintage chest

It was also important to me that everything in the space be maintenance-free. The floor mat is some sort of flexible plastic, so it cleans up with water from the hose. The wicker is resin, so it doesn’t need painted. The table is metal with a rust-free coating, and the bistro chairs are weatherproof as well. 

summer back porch

fern wreath and pitcher of flowers

Screened In Porch Decor

Since I didn’t need to buy anything new in regards to furniture, I splurged and treated myself to new cushions for the chairs, along with new lumbar pillows. I already had the navy gingham pillows, so adding them to the mix was easy. Soft furnishings, especially in an outdoor space, provide a touch of coziness. Pillows, cushions, and throws really help to bring the inside out. 

screened in porch furniture bistro chair

The rest of the accessories are items that can be easily washed if they get dirty, and of course, fresh flowers. Overhead lighting isn’t required, but a ceiling fan is a wonderful addition. It’s best to bring in a table lamp to provide a soft glow when the porch is used in the evening. When the sun sets, and darkness settles, sitting inside a screened in porch with a lamp glowing is just about the best thing in the world. 

The Story of My Garden Gate

screened in porch furniture white wicker chair

*Affiliate links (Amazon & others) included. Click HERE for my disclosure statement. 

I had a very hard time listing sources for our screened in porch. Many items are no longer available, but when possible, I tried to find something similar. Outdoor decor sells out so fast at this time of year, and with the limitations caused by COVID-19, it currently seems to be a bigger problem. So just know I did the best I could!

screened in porch decor pitcher of flowers

Thank you so much for joining me on the back porch. I continue to be very grateful for your friendship. Until next time…

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  1. Jeanie Nichols says:

    I just love your back porch. It looks so inviting and comfortable, as well as beautiful!

  2. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Ann, your screened in porch is just beautiful! Just love the way you have incorporated all the blue! Enjoy your time out there! It looks like such a wonderful space to sit and relax. Bless you, Ann! Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. Ann your porch is Beautiful!!

  4. Our screened/glassed in porch is my favorite room in the house! Yours is very inviting and charming. I love your colors and mix of patterns. Great place to read a good book!

  5. 5 stars
    Wow, your porch looks so stylish and cute. It’s very cool what you do. Beautiful photos, everything looks so bright and comfortable. You inspire me to do new things. I would be happy to remake our porch for my wife. She’s been sad lately and she wanted to change something in our house for so long, I think to give her such a present. Thank you for sharing the links where you purchased it, I will definitely look at them. Good luck!

  6. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Ann, your screened in porch is so beautiful — and cozy! Love all your furniture and your blue and white décor! It’s perfect! Hope you get to spend lots of time there this summer. I love your gate, too! Such a perfect spot for it! Always enjoy seeing how you decorate! Your home is so beautiful!

  7. I LOVE your porch. It is exactly what I want. I live alone and want my patio screened in so my cats can come out too. I know crazy cat lady lol. Won’t happen this year but it is high up on the list.

  8. I envy you your cozy porch. I would have a couch long enough to lay down on with a table nearby for a cold drink and a book! I have just tiny stepsm and in Maine, the bugs are horribly hungry so screened in is a necessity! Your low maintenance furniture/rug is perfect, too; I hate housework more the older I get. I love the blue and white–you can punch it up with red for May–through July, or add another pop of color if needed (I’d go daffodil yellow in early spring!).

  9. Jeanie Nichols says:

    I love your screened back porch! It makes me want to come and sit for awhile and read, or just relax. You did amazing job.

  10. Love your screened in porch. Is so inviting.

  11. Ann your screened porch is lovely. I love the colors and the way you made it into a usable space. It’s comfortable looking and says “come sit with me”. I wish the pillows were available but I understand that every one is doing makeovers or improvement projects to keep busy. Thank you for sharing your simple but elegant home.

  12. Love! Blue is my favorite color and blue and white a favorite combination. You’ve done a beautiful job with your porch.

  13. Y. Calitri says:

    5 stars
    I love Blue and White and collect a lot of them. Very clean and beautiful Screened in Porch.

  14. My favorite two color choice, blue and white. Our house’s siding is blue with white shutters. I watered my husband’s garden earlier this morning and opened our blue umbrella on our deck. I always wanted an enclosed porch like my parents, but I hastily had a beautiful deck built. Your screen porch is so lovely and peaceful. Enjoy.

  15. What a beautiful space! I just love how fresh the blue and white looks. Beautiful job!

  16. What a delightful spot to relax and rejuvenate! I adore your use of blue and white in your home and especially on your wonderful screened in porch. Heaven!

  17. I love your porch. Crisp, clean and so inviting!

  18. Probably my most favorite room in the house! We added heat for the cold months, so when the whole family is here during holidays, we can use the space to relax, eat and the children can play! It has become a wonderful playroom for our grandchildren that can be used all year! We spend a LOT of time enjoying it and each other. Thanks for sharing so much information in your posts. Always enjoy!

  19. Fresh and cozy. You did a beautiful job.

  20. Absolutely gorgeous! So inviting and cozy. Love it!

  21. Donna Cheek says:

    ❤️Love❤️ your screened porch! So pretty and cozy!

  22. Our porch too is narrow, with the back side of an indoor fireplace jutting out in the middle of the long wall. I did as you did and used one end for a small table and the other end for sitting. We did put tile down on the floor to jazz it up a bit and I also bought an old fireplace mantle to put on the jut out area. We love our screened porch and eat out there twice a day all summer long.

  23. What a lovely space. I grew up in the south where mosquitoes were huge and hungry and screened porches were common. I miss having one. You are fortunate and yours is lovely. There is nothing more pleasant than to start the day off on a screened porch with coffee or even breakfast. Enjoy your beautiful space.

  24. Sharon H. says:

    I loved the beautiful simplicity of your back porch. It’s seems very tasteful and as you mentioned easy to care for. The long and narrow floor plan is thoughtfully arranged with coziness evident in every corner.
    I smiled to note that you often use this space alone. I too use our outside space by myself most of the time. It’s looks like the perfect place to share great conversation with a friend over a cup of tea or cool glass of lemonade.

    1. Cecilia from Georgia says:

      The navy and white is so classic and clean looking. I was so disappointed when I finally got to shop in stores for outdoor chair cushions because there were such limited choices when looking to buy 8 that match. In getting ready for Spring I gave all my old ones away! Never thought it would be impossible to go shopping for new ones! I hope to find some early next year and change over to navy and white. Have a great week!

  25. Sue Mellette says:

    Thanks for sharing. Your porch looks so inviting. I love blue and white. I know you enjoy sitting there!

  26. Your blue and white porch is beautiful. What an inviting area. I know you will enjoy your time there.

  27. Your porch is lovely.The blue and white looks so fresh and the old gate is charming.

  28. Beth Cornelius says:

    Your patio is so pretty and cozy. I love the blue and white color combo. I bet it’s so peaceful sitting out there on a summer evening.

  29. Kim Monroe says:

    Love this look!!!

  30. Beautiful thank you for sharing.

  31. Stephanie says:

    5 stars
    Your screened porch is just lovely! I love your use of blue & white and this post is timely since I just had my patio screened in and I’m about to begin decorating. It will be a cozy sitting area for myself and my Westie. I have chosen to decorate with various shades of blue & green – I love this color combo!

  32. Just love your porch Ann!
    We have glass/screens on ours and live there 3 seasons. Thank
    you for sharing yours.

  33. Charlotte says:

    I love the cozy, but lovely porch. The blue and white pieces are beautiful and my favorite! You inspire like no other for the designs you choose. Thanks for the inspiration.

  34. We’re moving from California to Indiana early next year, and the on-line house hunting has begun. Not surprisingly, screened porches are a new idea to me, and I am amazed at the variety we see. So if our new house comes with a screened porch, I know exactly where to look for ideas and inspiration. The colors and textures you have use are both fresh and and cozy-feeling, and I am impressed with your deliberate approach to how it will be used. Something I will definitely be referring back to!

  35. Good Morning, Great idea of two spaces in one! I love the blue and white decor. Very lovely cozy area for reading & just enjoying the day! Thanks for the ideas!

  36. Your screened porch looks perfectly inviting. I wish I had a cozy spot like that. I especially love the fern wreath, thank you for listing your sources. Just beautiful.

  37. I adore screened porches and we have two! I love the blue and white decor you have and what is great is you thought what do I want my porch to do for me? I love the bistro chairs!!! I agree that sitting outside at night and a soft light or candle is wonderful and NO mosquitoes.
    Screened in porches are a bit of a maintenance issue when porch season opens with cleaning the inside of dust, blown in dirt etc. I finally hired someone to clean my screens except this year I did it due to Covid. I finally bought covers for the chaise lounges so they wouldn’t get dusty over the winter months. My cats love their screened porches too.

  38. I love your sitting room.It is so quaint and I love that it looks so cozy.I especially love the metal gate on your wall, especially when you told us how it came to yr house. Seeing you do that gave me permission to put my old window on a wall. I had some people say..why would you do that? I said because I like it there☺️

  39. Lovely Ann I have watched your porch evolve over many years and it keeps getting lovlier

  40. This is beautiful, Ann! So fresh and crisp. What a lovely place to sit and enjoy the summer!!

  41. As always, your creation is just my style. I do wish you lived next door! We are in the midst of redoing our back deck off the kitchen. When finished it will be very inviting. I appreciate your suggestion of a sitting area and eating area. We can fit in both. Like you, I am the “sitter” so that can be my own little spot. Thanks also, for doing all that “research” to help with shopping.

  42. 5 stars
    I love your style and I am all about easy maintanence ! Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. I have always wanted a screened in porch but at this time in my life I do not need more areas to maintain and will just enjoy others ‘.
      screened porches. Your blue and white decor and wicker are exactly what I would choose. Lovely place to read ,daydream and even take a little nap.

  43. Ann Hardy says:

    Ann, your porch is just lovely. What a wonderful spot for reading and reflection. Loved seeing this post today.

  44. Why haven’t I seen this before Ann…it’s really lovely! xo