Black and White on the Front Porch

Easy and budget-friendly black and white decor ideas for the front porch. White rockers, buffalo checks, and ferns are the perfect summer combination!

the front porch with ferns

Spring has arrived in Ohio. The trees are bursting with green, the grass is growing so fast we can’t keep up with it, and the front porch is decked out in black and white. Who could ask for more?

Welcome to my favorite post of the year. Sprucing up our porch in the spring, after a winter of dark days and cold weather, is something I plan for and look forward to with excitement and anticipation. For this front porch design, I decided to keep it simple and budget-friendly.

black and white pillow on white porch rockers

I chose affordable pillow covers that pack a punch and add wonderful curb appeal to the front porch. Like last year, all white impatiens were planted in buckets. I loved the way they grew last year and I’m hoping to have the same luck this year. A set of pillows, three impatiens plants, three ivy plants, and three buckets are all it took to brighten up this end of the porch. 

white rocker on summer porch

ferns and impatiens on porch

For the front door area, I decided to get two new planters. They are simple steel buckets that look very much like trash cans. I found them at Hobby Lobby {HERE}. They sell out quickly, so if you miss them, a pair of small steel trash cans that have been spray painted a high gloss white would work as well. 

diy porch planter drainage holes

Make sure to drill some holes in the bottom of the trash cans, and fill them halfway full with plastic water/soda bottles. It also works to use packing peanuts or packing pillows. The holes add necessary drainage, and the bottles save on potting soil and help keep the planters from being so heavy. 

plastic bottles in porch planter

fern in white planter

Once you have the drainage taken care of, add the biggest ferns you can find! I could not believe my luck when I recently visited a local farmers market. There were rows and rows of the most gorgeous ferns, and I could not resist bringing two of them home.

ferns in white planters

You might remember the black and white rug I layered under the doormat last fall. I brought it out again and topped it with this cute coir doormat. Like the ferns, as soon as I saw it, I knew it was coming home with me. 

1hello sunshine doormat black and white rug

The very last thing was adding a black and white bow to the door basket I made earlier in the spring. When I was finished, I stood back and couldn’t help smiling. Even though the front porch is modest and small, I so enjoy making it look its best. All the cracks and worn out areas fade to the back, and they become much less noticeable. That’s always a good thing. 

blue door with summer basket

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white impatiens on porch in summer


There’s a lot more to do. We didn’t mulch our beds last year, so we need to definitely do it this year. A few plants in my fence row garden didn’t make it through the winter, so they need replaced. We are replacing our old and rotted deck with a cement patio. As we slowly complete all these projects, Kelly and I will be sure to share them with you along the way. 

kelly the schnauzer on the front porch

Wishing you happiness and peace
on this Mother’s Day…

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  1. Beautiful!! Trying to recreate this. Where did you get the white wicker side table between the two chairs?

    1. Hi Lindsay…I’ve had that little table for so long. It’s probably 35 years old. I just keep spray painting it white! Honestly, I think I got it at a local garden center, but I can’t be sure. I’m sorry I can’t be more help!

  2. Diane Smith says:

    Goodness! How old is Kelly now? She looks great!

  3. Looks wonderful! I always admire your use of colorful simplicity. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Great post! I think I may paint my rockers white, and put a couple plants out this week. It is still a little cool, but we should be past the frost. Thanks for your inspiring posts.

  5. KittyLuvr says:

    In times of uncertainty, it’s comforting to always know that you will provide a simple yet beautiful post full of easy budget friendly ideas that bring a smile!!

  6. You both look adorable! She would make my cup overflow. I have 4 granddaughters just entering their teens – Yikes, how did that happen? The oldest is now driving her own car – double Yikes! So many blessings and yet every so often I need a reminder so thank you.

  7. Your porch decor is perfect. I bought my ferns this week at Giant Eagle $9.99 each. That made me happy. Hoping to visit Hobby Lobby and pick up the “Hello Sunshine” doormat. It’s a happy phrase so needed in NE Ohio. Great idea to add ivy to your white impatiens. Will do the same in several pots for our deck. Have a lovely weekend. Our daughter’s family is traveling to Sandusky for a baseball tournament this weekend. Hope the weather will be decent.

    1. Jane Marsh says:

      Can upi tell me what size are the steel cans from Hobby Lobby? They have 3 sizes. Love the Look Thanks!

  8. Love the buffalo check. That’s so popular now. Using it everywhere.
    We’ve bought another home in our town and have been fixing it up. I’m using lots of check

    Also I arrived in Ashland Ohio and I’m afraid winter is still here. I’ve been freezing with the rain and cold. I’m so use to our Alabama 80+

    Glad we connected again I look forward to seeing you in my emails

    Thanks for all inspiration that you share

  9. I love this – so simple but stunning. Even the dog matches!

  10. Another black and white fan here…..just bought the black Windsor farmhouse bench from Target. Instead of my usual pink flowers, think I will do the giant ferns and new guinea impatiens with ivy just like you. Looks wonderful!! Thank you so much!!!!

  11. Your spring porch is beautiful. I love the color of your front door blue. Can you provide the brand and color. Thank you.

  12. Lorra Brown says:

    I love your porch decorating posts! I look forward to them each season! Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day 😊

  13. I love your trash can planters. One question: did you seal the spray paint with anything to prohibit rust?

    Happy Mother’s Day

    1. Hi Lisa…I actually bought my planters already painted. I have no idea if they will rust or not! A glossy sealer over the paint would look beautiful and I’m sure it would prolong the life of the paint job. Have fun!

  14. What a sweet surprise to see Kelly at the end of your post ! She is so cute .
    I love black and white ! I really need to layer my front porch rugs like you have done , pulls everything together .
    Happy Mother’s Day 🌸

  15. Ann, I believe that it’s my favorite!!! Thank-you so much for this beautiful post on Mother’s Day and Happy Mother’s Day to you!💕💕🌸🌸🌸🌸

  16. I think this is my favorite porch you have done! Love, love, love buffalo check!

  17. I always love seeing your porch decor. Even though it is definitely spring in Ohio I just wish it would warm up. I want temps above 70! Kelly even matches your porch decor.

  18. Maureen Provost Ryan says:

    Ann, Happy Mother’s Day to you!!!
    The front porch looks excellent — I love your touches for this year! We just purchased Boston ferns to flank our front door and pink geraniums to accent the entryway. Looking good!

  19. What a pretty and welcoming front porch you have, Ann! I have a North facing front porch and decided to try your New Guinea Impatiens in the planters on the porch. They look so pretty already, and I’ve had several compliments. I’m hoping this will finally solve my problem of finding the right plants for my front porch. Thanks!

  20. Your porch is lovely, Ann; so fresh and clean. Do you have a problem with birds on your porch? Beginning a new day with their lovely songs is so refreshing, and I love to watch them flit about as they gather materials for a new nest, but I get so frustrated with the “mess” they make on my porch after I have worked so hard to make it inviting! I would appreciate any pointers on how to deal with this. Thanks!!!

  21. We just painted our front door Ink Black,it has a hint of dark navy peeking through the black.Added a buffalo check black and white bow to the wreath and some red geraniums in olive buckets to either side of the door.I am loving the new look.Your porch looks beautiful.The white trash cans are lovely with the ferns, one of my favorite plants.I am a big fan of anything black and white.Happy Mother’s Day Ann,hope it is filled with family and much love.

  22. Lovely! I’m always so inspired by your posts.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  23. Susan Brown says:

    Porch is beautiful! I am wondering what size the plaid bucket is.

    1. Hi Susan…mine is the medium size. It’s almost 7 inches tall.

  24. Beautiful! Our front porches are decorated almost exactly alike. I love how fresh the back and white looks on the front of the house for spring. I love coming here for all of your wonderful ideas.

  25. Your porch looks lovely. Black and white is always a favorite even in my clothes.
    You always have the prettiest plants.
    Happy Mother’s Day.