Front Porch Fall Decorating Ideas

Easy front porch fall decorating ideas that won’t break the bank. Greet the season with autumn colors and natural elements. 

front porch fall decorating ideas white rocker with pillow wood garden stool

Let’s welcome the crisp and cozy vibes of fall, and transform our porches into warm and inviting spots to relax and spend time. With these front porch fall decorating ideas, you can create a welcoming atmosphere that will make your porch the envy of the neighborhood!

front porch fall decorating ideas rockers with pillows
front porch fall decorating ideas set of white rockers with pillows (2)

Where To Begin

Start by selecting the colors of the season you love most. Rich earth tones like deep oranges and russets, golden honey, and chocolate brown, will all create a cozy and inviting ambiance. Incorporate these tones into your choice of throw pillows, blankets, and outdoor rugs. Next are seasonal elements. Bring out the dried flowers, pumpkins, gourds, and mums. Include layers of texture with throw blankets, pillows in autumnal tones, and rugs on top of rugs. With these fall decorating ideas, you can turn your porch into a retreat where you can enjoy the beauty of the season.

front porch fall decorating ideas door basket with greenery

For our fall front porch, I chose to keep everything extremely simple. I honestly didn’t want plants to water, or anything to maintain. I also really wanted to use a color I had never used before. After a lengthy process of elimination, I settled on a warm, chocolatey brown, brightened by crisp white. Once that decision was made, everything fell neatly into place.

blue front door with fall decor

The Door

Our door area always begins with the wreath, or in this case, the basket. I used the same basket and greenery I displayed for spring and summer…and added inexpensive faux fall stems. (The basket is hung with a Command hook.)

fall door basket with eucalyptus and gold faux flowers

The chocolate brown color is introduced in the striped rug that’s layered under the doormat. Together, they not only welcome the season, they welcome our guests as well! I built grapevine topiaries for the white planter boxes, and filled in the bottom of the trees with faux fall stems.

layered hello autumn welcome mats (1)

Grapevine Topiary Assembly

  • Begin with a cone shaped tree form, white lights, a planter filled with potting soil, and ivy.
  • It works best for the ivy plants to be placed as close to the edge of the planter as possible. This will give you plenty of room to center the tree form.
  • Place the tree form in the middle of your planter, and nestle it into the soil.
  • If desired, place a string of 50 white lights around the tree form.
  • Beginning at the bottom, gently wind the ivy around and up the form, tucking in the ends where needed.

Note: My ivy was planted in the spring, along with impatiens. I removed the impatiens, but kept the ivy. There are three plants in each planter. New ivy plants can be used for this project as well. Keep them watered, and they will quickly and naturally grow up your tree. Ivy is very forgiving. It can be tucked and twisted easily.

porch sitting area with fall decor

The Sitting Area

Once the investment is made in your porch furniture, changing the accessories is a low-cost and fun endeavor. One of my favorite things to change is the garden stool that sits between the rockers. The version in this post is perfect for fall. The dark stained wood is a great contrast to the chairs, and the organic feel it gives the sitting area is pleasant and welcoming. The inexpensive pillow covers and throw blanket bring in softness, and they highlight the chocolate brown I chose as my focal color.

front porch fall decorating ideas

Natural Elements

Nature is at its most beautiful during the fall season, so why not bring some of that beauty to your porch? Incorporating natural elements like leaves, branches, and flowers can add a touch of freshness and elegance to your fall decor.

front porch fall decorating ideas dried hydrangeas in watering can

Collect colorful leaves and arrange them in unbreakable vessels. If you have access to branches with colorful foliage, place them in tall vases or buckets to create a striking porch accessory. These natural elements will add a sense of authenticity, and bring the essence of fall to your porch.

fall accessories on porch with mums

Fall flowers like mums, asters, and sunflowers are also great additions to your porch decor. In order to keep everything as simple as possible, I chose to cut limelight hydrangea stems from my bushes in front of the house, and allow them dry naturally in the watering can.

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*I got the grapevine trees from Wayfair, but they are currently sold out. This tree is the same height, and significantly less expensive. It would work great for an ivy topiary. Since the tree is green, you can easily use basic green string lights.

dried limelight hydrangeas in watering can

I’ve done so many of these seasonal porch posts that I feel like I can write them in my sleep. Even though I’ve lost count of how many there have been, I still enjoy each one like it’s the first time. I love the process, I enjoy the time spent outdoors, and when each porch is completed, I treasure the sense of accomplishment. I hope I’ve inspired you to welcome autumn to your outdoor space, and celebrate the season.

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  1. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Ann, your front Fall porch is absolutely beautiful! I love how you used brown! Your plaid throw is lovely. Your topiary is so pretty! I am going to make one for my planters. You have so many wonderful ideas and are always so willing to share these with us! Ann, you always do such a wonderful job of decorating your front porch for the seasons. Thanks, Ann, for all your ideas!

  2. Very pretty! Love the colors and the hydrangeas.

  3. Elizabeth Gelinas says:

    Love your porch colors !

  4. Your porch looks so cozy and inviting.Love all the neutrals.Keeping it simple as always.