The Best Easy and Festive Fall Vignette Ideas

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Simple, festive, and fun fall vignette ideas. Examples of easy vignettes that add a touch of autumn to your decor. Uses pumpkins, flowers, pine cones, and more!

Decorating your home consists of many different things. Color, texture, main furniture pieces, accent furniture, accessories, and so on. Once these major players are in place, sprinkling vignettes around your rooms will add interest, and lend a cohesiveness that can’t be obtained in any other way. What follows are all the different ways to create vignettes, and they feature our current home, plus our home on Sutton Place.

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What is a vignette?

A vignette is a small grouping of decor accessories that reflect the season, your interests, or tell the story of your family. I love to create seasonal vignettes around our home…and it’s also a great way to refresh your decor quickly, and on a budget. Although vignettes can be arranged on any flat surface, I believe using a something as a base anchors the arrangement, and makes it cohesive. Here is a list of items that can be used as a base for any vignette:

  • Trays
  • Bowls
  • Books
  • Baskets
  • Plates
  • Table Runner
  • Dough Bowl
  • Cake Stands
  • Wooden Risers
  • Wooden Crates

Side Tables

One of my favorite fall vignette ideas for your side tables is to fill bowls, pitchers, vases, or lanterns with natural elements or items that reflect the season. Pumpkins are, of course, a wonderful choice for fall, but so are flowers, moss balls, pine cones, cotton bolls, wheat, dried hydrangeas, or autumn-colored leaves. 

Adding some bittersweet, faux or real, is one of my favorite ways to decorate for fall. Real bittersweet is not the easiest thing to get…and I can never find it locally. I order it from sellers on Etsy, and it adds such a festive touch. It’s pretty enough to stand alone, but it also pairs beautifully with eucalyptus or other types of greenery.

Coffee Tables

An easy fall vignette idea for your coffee table, and one of my favorites, is to pile on the layers. Start with a tray, and then place a pitcher, or a bowl…or both!

Fill the containers with natural elements, and in no time you will have a lovely, autumn-inspired display. Another idea for an autumn coffee table vignette is to begin with a tray or serving platter. Arrange vintage mason jars in various sizes and fill them with wildflowers, dried or faux berries, branches, or leaves. Sprinkle in mini pumpkins, acorns, or pinecones.

Fall Mantel Inspiration

  • Keep in mind to vary the heights of the items you choose for a mantel vignette.
  • Begin with something tall, and layer in smaller items.
  • Limit the vignette to the mantel ends, or let it spill out into the middle. It’s also lovely to let any natural elements spill off the edge of the mantel.
  • Combine different shapes, colors, vintage, new, and textures.
  • Use the colors of the season: yellows, oranges, cinnamon, tan, or brown.
bookshelves with fall vignette ideas


Adding fall decorations to book or display shelves gives you a big dose of style, texture, and interest. For fall, keep your existing shelf decor, but add pumpkins, greenery, bittersweet, berries, dried flowers, or candle wreaths. Don’t forget to layer your shelves too. Lean picture frames, framed prints, or plates to add interest and height.

Blanket Ladders

Blanket ladders are the perfect place to create a seasonal and colorful vignette. The obvious place to start is to layer throw blankets, quilts, coverlets, or grain sacks on the rungs of the ladder. More ways to add interest and warmth to a blanket ladder vignette are:

  • Using a piece of festive ribbon, tie on a wreath or bunch of flowers.
  • Add baskets to the ladder rungs, and fill them with greenery, pumpkins, flowers, or pillows.
  • Depending on the size of the rungs, prop a small sign or frames filled with free fall printables.

Now that you know how to easily create fall vignettes, simply add your own personal style to make them your own. Use things you love, your favorite colors, and find inspiration from nature. Enjoy!

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fall vignette ideas pitcher of flowers on square plate with tiny birds

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  1. You always have the best ideas! I love the floral pillow on your sofa in the background.

  2. Beautiful vignettes….but BITTERSWEET – it is the bane of my garden!!! Years ago my neighbor transplanted a bittersweet plant from the wild into her garden, and ever since then the birds, who like the berries, have planted them along our shared rock wall. It grows and grows and twines around everything and chokes the trees, bushes etc! I no longer enjoy using it as a decor item in my house because of this!

  3. Thank you for this beautiful ideas. I love to decorated my house depending on the season love soft color and earth color since I have to many children I can decorate in white that is my favorite color for home accent and decoration. Best regard from PA Ariamna.

  4. Good Morning Ann,
    I never get tired of fall decor ideas. This week in N.C is supposed to be cooler and rainy. Perfect time to pack up my summer decor and give the house a good fall cleaning before changing over to new season.
    This has been a very hot and humid summer and I am looking forward to the change. I have made lists for each room and am ready to get going. Thanks for your beautiful ideas.