Thanksgiving Fall Centerpiece Ideas

In this post: Thanksgiving Fall Centerpiece Ideas that are easy and budget-friendly. Tips on layering and using natural elements like pumpkins, bittersweet, and boxwood.

thanksgiving fall centerpiece ideas pinecones pumpkins on tray

Hello! Up today are some very simple and budget-friendly Thanksgiving Fall Centerpiece Ideas. You can put these together now and enjoy them all the way up to Thanksgiving Day. Nothing complicated, but they all have a bit of orange which makes them very festive and fun. 

thanksgiving fall centerpiece ideas candles on stacked wood trays

Fall Centerpiece Ideas

The first idea is so simple, but it works because it’s layered. Start with something soft…like a runner. It will add interest and texture as well as ground your centerpiece. Add a tray or even two. Stacking is the perfect way to help the layers along. All I did once I had the base in place was add candles, pumpkins, and bittersweet. The pumpkins aren’t real but I think they almost look like they are. The bittersweet is fresh and colorful. Something like this will last for weeks and takes just a few minutes to put together. 

thanksgiving fall centerpiece ideas candles pumpkins bittersweet on tray

The next idea uses one of my favorite pieces of ironstone. This tureen moves around my house and pops up whenever I need a neutral container. It was a Goodwill find a few years ago and set me back a whopping $3.00. Once again I began with a runner and added a tray. 

thanksgiving fall centerpiece ideas in dining room

I stacked a grapevine bittersweet wreath on the tray and set the tureen down inside the wreath. A smaller bowl inside the tureen worked as a riser for the moss and pumpkin. I love the way this turned out because the orange berries pop off the ironstone. It’s cheerful and welcoming…and very fallish.

thanksgiving fall centerpiece ideas pumpkin in turreen with bittersweet

The last fall centerpiece idea is what my mom would have referred to as “everything but the kitchen sink.” It’s all sorts of natural elements arranged on a large wooden tray. I gathered pine cones, pumpkins, dried hydrangeas, berries, bittersweet and a few faux leaves.

thanksgiving fall centerpiece ideas natural elements on wood tray

I started with the two giant pine cones in the middle flanked by stacked pumpkins. To stack the pumpkins, I had to break off the stem of the base pumpkin so the top one would sit without tipping. After that, I just started adding the smaller elements. I tried to mix up the colors and if there was a hole, I just filled it in with a sprig of hydrangea. Since I used real gourds for this, I gave them a bath first. This helps to extend their life and help mold from appearing.


pumpkins in tub of soapy water

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