Lamb’s Ear Garland Centerpiece Idea with Pumpkins & Cotton Bolls

Learn how to make an easy and beautiful lamb’s ear garland with cotton bolls. This tutorial shows you how – along with helpful tips. lambs ear garland centerpiece on dining room table

When it comes to seasonal decor, I have a few favorite places to decorate. Number one is, of course, our front porch. Number two is my dining room table. Even though we don’t use the dining room all that often, I have a direct view from my kitchen, so I really do enjoy whatever centerpiece is there. This lamb’s ear garland centerpiece idea is loosely based on the eucalyptus garland I made last year. The process is a bit different since I used faux lamb’s ear and the eucalyptus was fresh.

How To Make Lamb’s Ear Garland

Putting together this lamb’s ear garland is really quick and easy. Here’s how to make your own.

Gather Your Supplies

First, gather your lamb’s ear, cotton boll garland or stems, and some short pieces of florist wire. The florist wire pieces should be around 5 inches long.

dining room table with lambs ear and pumpkin centerpiece

Wire The Lamb’s Ear Together

I stood at my dining room table so I could better gauge the length of the garland. One by one, I wired the lamb’s ear stems together, making a long row. The stems will overlap, but don’t overlap the lamb’s ear.

lambs ear cotton boll and pumpkin centerpiece idea

Add It To Your Table

When the garland is finished, place it in the center of your table. Nestle the cotton boll garland in and around the leaves. Tuck and fluff until you like the way it looks from both sides of the table. If you are using candlesticks or hurricanes, place them now. 

Add Mini Pumpkins

The last thing is to add some mini pumpkins on both sides of the garland. Stagger them so they are not in a straight row. 

dining room table with lambs ear and white pumpkin centerpiece

The last thing is to add some mini pumpkins on both sides of the garland. Stagger them so they are not in a straight row.

Lamb’s Ear Garland Tips

  • If you can’t find a cotton boll garland, just use cotton boll stems. You can either nestle them into the greenery and let them be, or you can wire them in.
  • This centerpiece idea can be made with any kind of greenery. If you have something on hand, give it a try. Also, the greenery doesn’t have to match. Mixing greenery stems would add just as much interest and texture.
  • Substitution ideas for the cotton bolls: Sunflowers, mums, gold or orange berries, mini faux gourds.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lamb’s Ear Garland

Here are some questions people often ask about decorating with lamb’s ear. If you don’t see your question here, leave it in the comments.

What looks good with lamb’s ear?

Almost anything looks good with lamb’s ear! It’s something that you can use with any season that you are decorating around. For the fall, I like to pair my fuzzy lamb’s ear with a few mini pumpkins and fuzzy cotton bolls.

The idea is to vary the type of textures that you are using in your home decor. Contrast the fuzzy lamb’s ear with something that is matte and shiny or soft and fluffy.

What is the fuzz on lamb’s ear?

The fuzz on lamb’s ear is supposed to resemble the soft feeling of a real lamb’s ear. The real plant has a fuzzy texture from hairs that are called trichomes. Fake plants have tiny fibers on them that are made to mimic the real plant.

Where can I display my lamb’s ear garland?

Display your lamb’s ear wherever you are decorating. Use it on a wreath, place the garland on your table as a centerpiece, or use it to add flair to your mantle above your fireplace. This is a muted and classic plant that really adds pizazz to any location you place it.

To take this centerpiece right into the Christmas holiday season, just remove the cotton bolls and pumpkins. Replace them with a mix of any of the following:

  • red berries
  • festive ornaments
  • pine stems
  • pinecones
  • flameless candles
  • small ceramic houses
  • fairy lights
  • mini Christmas trees
  • pomegranates
  • red Anjou pears
  • oranges
  • mini reindeer
  • snowmen
  • mason jars of nuts (with the shells still on)
  • candy canes

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Lamb’s Ear Garland Centerpiece Supplies & Sources

Lamb’s ear stem | Cotton boll stems | Striped table runner (similar) | Fabric on chairs | Hanging Lanterns | Botanical Prints | Glass hurricanes | Board and Batten | Chandelier | Paint Colors | Rug (similar)

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