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Fall entry decor ideas: included are a new washable rug, an easy and quick pumpkin arrangement, and more cozy inspiration.

fall entry decor pumpkins in bowl on small chest

As you all know, I believe that simple is best. This year my fall entry decor is just that…simple, quick, and budget-friendly. It’s easy to forget small spaces when it comes to seasonal decor, but just a few touches can make all the difference. Our little entry was looking tired and neglected. Nothing had changed for months, and even though I walk by the space a dozen times a day, I hadn’t added any fall decor. Here we are well into October, so I knew I needed to act quickly. I love online shopping, and Walmart is the perfect place to find everything you need for seasonal decorating. I quickly updated our sad entry by replacing the old faded rug with a beautiful washable rug. I also added a cozy pillow to our existing chair, and put together a pumpkin arrangement that took no time at all.

At the end of the post, a few of my friends are sharing their ideas for adding simple touches of autumn to your home. We love getting together with all of you, and the best perk is that instead of just my ideas, you get inspiration from four other bloggers with different styles.

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fall entry decor bowl of pumpkins


Let’s start with the pumpkin arrangement. I gathered my favorite bowl, a pre-made faux eucalyptus wreath, and a variety of real mini pumpkins. Now I’m going to share a trick I use regularly when making any sort of flower arrangement or centerpiece. In order for the pumpkins to mound nicely above the rim of the bowl, I added a “riser,” in the form of an upside-down soup bowl. Risers can be just about anything you can rustle up from your kitchen. Plates, bowls, cups, or plastic containers work well. Another idea is to look in your pantry. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used a cake mix box or a can of soup as a riser in an arrangement!

Risers solve many problems. First, they take up the negative space so you don’t have to fill up your entire vessel. Without the riser, I would have needed to use twice as many pumpkins. Second, a riser provides a sturdy base, and makes positioning your various items so much easier. One of my favorite tips is for large porch planters: to take up the negative space, place a smaller planter upside-down inside your big planter. It saves on potting soil, and your planter won’t be quite so heavy.

pumpkin arrangement assembly

Next, the wreath was added, and the handy riser lifted it up just enough so it spilled over the edges of the bowl. Using a pre-made wreath for this project was a huge time-saver. Another plus to using a pre-made wreath is that because the greenery is all connected, none of it will pop out of the bowl, or move around. As you place the pumpkins, it all stays where you want it.

pumpkin arrangement in bowl

Last, I placed a few larger, but still mini, pumpkins in the center of the wreath, and then tucked some smaller ones in around the outside edge of the wreath. The end result is an arrangement that adds just the right amount of autumn charm, and it will last for weeks. Make sure to preserve your real pumpkins and gourds so they don’t mold and turn rotten. Click HERE to learn how.

pumpkins arranged in a bowl


One way to stretch your budget when you are planning a seasonal refresh is to shop for items that can remain in the space when the season changes. In an entry, the perfect place to put that concept into action is with the rug. Make a practical choice by keeping with your core decor colors. Walmart Home offers a stunning collection of washable rugs that look great, and wear well.

Instead of choosing a rug with traditional autumn colors, I chose a washable rug with different shades of blue. It will work for the holiday season and beyond…but because it’s vibrant and cozy, it’s especially perfect for fall. This washable rug is durable, hardwearing, machine washable, and pet and kid-friendly. It’s the ideal rug for high-traffic areas, like foyers, kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways.

Entry Rug Tip: choose a rug that will fill the floor space of your entry, not just the spot in front of the door. A larger rug adds the presence needed to make a statement, and welcome people into your home. You need enough rug space so when you open your door to a guest, there is enough room for more than one person on the rug!

blue washable rug


Never underestimate the impact a simple pillow swap will make! It’s the all-time easiest way to change the look of a room, or add seasonal interest. For fall, the most important thing to look for when choosing pillows is texture. Texture adds interest, and it makes a pillow pop right off a piece of furniture. Look for fringe, tassels, roughly woven fabrics, and neutral and/or darker colors.

fall entry decor washable rug navy pillow

Fall means different things to different people. For me, it means adding anything cozy and comfortable to our spaces. It means layering throws and pillows, burning yummy candles, and baking pumpkin bread. Even if you don’t go all out decorating for fall, adding a few carefully chosen accessories will bring warmth and personality to your home. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Although I love autumnal colors, no where is it written that everything has to be orange and brown…and there are no rules. Choose pieces that reflect your own personal style, and you will never go wrong!

fall entry decor 2021


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  1. Melissa Bonser says:

    Thanks for the great ideas! Love the info on risers!!

  2. Love your “simple is more” style, Ann!

  3. Ann, love your style, simple is best! Am wondering where you got your entry ceiling light? Am looking for a new light for our entry, haven’t found just the right one yet.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      I added it to the shopping guide at the end of the post!

  4. Love the rug at your entry, pillow and the bowl with the pumpkins.I have 2 of the same lanterns in my home.Always keeping it simple.

  5. I’ve used your tip on how to extend the life of pumpkins/gourds every year I buy fresh, and it works great. Thank you for decor tips that are reasonably priced! I always see beautiful ideas posted by others, but I cannot justify the cost. I’m self-employed and haven’t worked on a regular basis for two years.

  6. I love your arrangement and that wreath is just perfect to make it easy and pretty!! Love the rug too… :-)

  7. Barb'ry Allen says:

    Morning Ann! What is that lovely color paint you have in your foyer? Just love blue and it is such a pretty color. Posted October 2021.

  8. I am a subscriber to your blog and even though I’m a rare poster, I want to tell you how much I do enjoy your thoughts and ideas. I was moved to post today because, after my daily browse of pinterest, your post from Dec. 2015 on “doable” front porch decor caught me. I needed your words and your ideas. I have been feeling defeated looking at all the Perfect pics and knowing that this year, it will have to be nothing fancy. I live in Louisiana and the flood is still affecting us and it will, I’m sure, for a long time. I will not let comparison steal my joy :) With your ideas, I feel relieved and excited about getting ready for Christmas 2017. Thank you.

  9. I think (SImple) is always best!
    All very pretty –

  10. Nell Foster says:

    Beautiful! I love green flowers because they go with & compliment all other flowers. And, they’re also lovely on their own. Hydrangeas turn all sorts of colors at this time of year – so fun for decorating.

  11. Shirley@housepitality designs says:

    Love the beautiful simplicity of your entry…Your limelights are beautiful Ann….I have limelights for the first time this year…they produced small blooms, so need to find out what I need to do for a larger bloom next year…

  12. I absolutely adore that you make simple so beautiful. I’m tempted to keep adding decor, and when I do,I usually feel dissatisfied. Simple decor makes me feel more calm and serene, if that is possible, but I think it’s true. Love your posts, Ann.

  13. Debbie Manno says:

    Looks fantastic Ann! I love your entry way. The gather here pillow looks right at home. Your new creations are super cute too!

  14. Sue ~ The World of Suzy Homemaker says:

    I adore this, Ann. I can go a bit OTT with my seasonal decor, but I love simple just as much. Those limelight hydrangeas are gorgeous. I’m not sure how well they’d fair in our climate, but they are on my garden bucket list! Sue x

  15. alexandra says:

    Simply beautiful! Love it!

  16. Less is more. Very, very pretty!

  17. Kathy Patton says:

    I like your neat and clean decor. It is refreshing.

  18. I love your entryway looks, Ann. I believe elegance is always found in simplicity.

  19. Where did you get that beautiful champagne bucket???

  20. Sheila DelCharco says:

    I love the simplicity of this look! Thank you for the inspiration!

  21. Love the enteryway.bThanks for letting us know about your friend Debbie’s blog,going to order the gather stencil.How do I find your things on eBay?

  22. Just lovely! I love you style!

  23. Susan Dupuis says:

    Love the chair!

  24. Love that pillow cover. The chicken just makes the design.

  25. Like the table, like the stairs, like the pictures on the wall, like it all! Great job!

  26. Ann, your decor always makes me smile. And thanks for the gourd/pumpkin tip.

  27. Marlene Stephenson says:

    You have some great decor and a lovely home, have a wonderful day.

  28. Fantastic…as always. :)
    Now, of course, I want to throw out all my fall decor and copy you !

  29. Linda Charlton says:

    I love your chest. I do have a question though. I have a mahogany buffet and have been thinking of painting it. I am wondering how you got the finish on the chest so satiny. I really don’t want to paint my buffet but like to have that satin wood finish,

  30. Love the simplicity and class of your fall decor…

  31. Kathleen G says:

    Orange pumpkins and hydrangeas go together beautifully. Also white pumpkins and bittersweet too. Thank you for letting us in your home Ann and Happy Harvest!
    Kathleen in Az

  32. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says:

    Beautiful Ann!

  33. I’m all about simple this year too. I’ve seen so many beautiful blogs loaded with pumpkins but it’s just not me. I have a friend that wants to give me some of her hydrangea bush cuttings for my place. I’ve planted them in the past and they never live. I’d love to have blooms like yours.

  34. I love the pop of orange…you made the right choice! Also thanks for the tips on helping them to last longer! I still need to get my “fall on”!

  35. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    What a lovely welcome to your home.
    Thanks for sharing!

    PS Do you have a source for dried hydrangras? I used mine fresh and do not have any dried?

  36. Lydia Langston says:

    I love it. Your so right, simple can be better. Thanks Ann