Summer Flower Planter Ideas with Impatiens

Easy, summer flower planter ideas with impatiens that pack a big punch and add charming curb appeal to your home. Very low maintenance and provides continuous blooms.

summer flower planter ideas white impatiens

The back story: A few springs ago, I began the growing season with two amazing lobelia plants in our black porch planters. The lobelia did well for a while, but as soon as summer arrived, and we were experiencing hot temps, the plants stopped blooming. I decided to move them to the back, and plant something fresh for summer. I had every intention of buying two ferns when I went to the market, but left with two large white impatiens instead. When I got home, I discovered that the impatiens were very lop-sided. They were full on one side, but very sparse on the other. I completely regretted not opting for the ferns! 

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black planters with white impatiens on porch

Summer Flower Planter Ideas: One large impatiens plant

Anyway, I was stuck with these two white impatiens and had to make the most of the situation. I freshened the potting soil in the flower planters, added the impatiens, gave them a shot of Jack’s Fertilizer, and hoped for the best. 

white impatiens in summer flower planter

Nothing much happened for a few weeks, but then the impatiens started to fill in and bloom. The blooms continued even though I occasionally forgot to water them. They grew, got thicker, and are now almost ready to fall over the edges of the flower planter. My favorite thing about these white impatiens is the way they show up from the street. They have upped our curb appeal, at least for a while, and that’s always a good thing!

impatiens in summer flower planter on porch

This idea is a budget-friendly, low maintenance choice for a partially shaded area. It packs a tremendous punch for very little money, and hardly any effort!

summer planter ideas with impatiens on front porch

Summer Flower Planter Ideas: Adding to the impatiens

  • It’s always really pretty to add some sort of vine to a flower planter. Good old hardy ivy, asparagus fern, vinca, or sweet potato vine are good choices. Add these trailing plants to the corners or edges of a planter. 
  • I tend to stick with one bloom color for my pots, but to add some variety, it’s fun to choose plants with colorful blooms. Impatiens comes in red, coral, and pink. Adding any of those summery colors to white would be beautiful. 
  • Adding something tall to the middle of a planter not only adds height, but it adds interest as well. Any kind of fountain grass, spike, or coleus will do the trick. 
  • Make sure to pay attention to watering and light requirements when planning your flower planters. 

I love flowers and when I was younger, I planted them everywhere. Now, I am content with my small perennial garden and a few planters filled with annuals. Even though my planting process has been greatly simplified, I still have small spaces around my home that are filled with blooms. Remember…it doesn’t have to be big to be beautiful.

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