Easy Floral Spring Door Basket

Greet your guests and up your home’s curb appeal with this floral spring door basket. A DIY project that takes just a few minutes and makes a statement!

I know I’m a bit early, but I have been so eager to start adding touches of spring to our decor…and when I found this basket, I decided there was no better place to start than with our front door! This floral spring door basket was so easy and went together in no time at all. 

supplies for floral spring door basket

When I began to assemble the basket, I wasn’t sure exactly what it needed, so there was some trial and error as I went along. I knew for sure I would use the eucalyptus and blueberries pictured above, so that’s all I included in the picture. In the end, I added white cherry blossoms and some trailing greenery for the front of the basket. I’ve listed all the supplies needed. 

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Floral Spring Door Basket Supplies

floral spring door basket assemply

Floral Spring Door Basket Assembly

*As you are inserting the different stems, some will need trimmed, and others won’t. Use wire cutters to trim your stems, but keep in mind they should go as deep into the styrofoam as possible. 

Step 1: Slice the corners off the styrofoam block with a sharp knife. Firmly place it in the basket, pushing it down all the way. It should be wedged into the point of the basket.

floral spring door basket inside view

Step 2: Place your piece of trailing greenery into the styrofoam, at the front of the basket. 

floral spring door basket greenery added

Step 3: Place the two bunches of eucalyptus into the basket, one on either side of the styrofoam block. Insert them at a slight angle so the end of the bunch goes into the styrofoam. 

floral spring door basket blueberries white flowers

Step 4: Place the remainder of your stems into the styrofoam as evenly as possible. The stems are easy to pull out if any adjustment is needed. 

spring door basket on blue door

Floral Spring Door Basket Tip

After assembling a wreath or basket, hang it on your door to make final adjustments. The view from the door is completely different than the view from the work table. As soon as I hung the basket on my door, I knew it was off-balance. The white cherry blossoms were all in the back, and I needed some in the front. I didn’t have any more though…so I had to improvise. I decided to move the cherry blossoms around so they were more evenly distributed. Problem solved…but I really wish I had a few more!

floral spring door basket on navy door

Step 5: Optional. Add a bow by tying a piece of ribbon around the basket handle and wreath hanger.

spring door basket with trailing greenery

Our Front Door Paint Color

This is the sort of project that you can totally make your own. Use your favorite spring flowers, or simply use whatever you have on hand. The bow is completely optional. When placed on a wreath hanger, the basket rests nicely against the door. Wrapping the ribbon around it does steady it a bit, but it’s not necessary.

I love this door basket so much that I’m going to keep it around all year. I can see it stuffed with evergreens and red berries at Christmas, and cotton boll stems and mums in the fall. Thank you so much for stopping by. Until next time…

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