Sources for My Favorite Faux Greenery

I’m breaking down what to look for when you are buying faux greenery, listing my favorites, and providing sources for everything!

preserved boxwood mini wreaths on blanket ladder

Decorating with faux greenery and flowers can be very hard to get right. I have purchased some really bad stuff along the way, and with each regretful purchase, I have learned what works, and what doesn’t. Today I’m sharing my favorite faux greenery picks, along with some tips for making them look (almost) real. It’s also 20 Minute Decorating, so make sure to stop by the links at the end of the post.

Favorite Faux Greenery: Preserved Boxwood

Of all the faux greenery I have ever purchased, preserved boxwood is by far the most realistic. It’s actually real boxwood, and there are many different DIY preserving methods. The most popular method is using a mixture of glycerin, dye, and citric acid. Or you can do what I do, and simply buy the boxwood already preserved! I have had my wreaths and garland for several years, and it’s all still bright and beautiful. I especially love the wreaths because they can be used anytime of the year. Preserved boxwood is an investment at the start, but it pays off by providing years of use and enjoyment. (Boxwood sources listed at the end.)

preserved boxwood garland on stairs

faux greenery eucalyptus in wood dough bowl on shelf

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Eucalyptus Garland

When I styled my winter shelves, I used a long dough bowl on the top shelf. I originally left the bowl empty, with plans to add seasonal greenery or flowers. When I saw this eucalyptus garland, I knew it could double duty. I measured my dough bowl, and then snipped off a piece of garland that rests perfectly in the bowl. The remaining piece of garland was used to make a spring wreath, which I will be showing you soon. This garland can also be used as a dining table centerpiece, or nestled in a bowl or basket.

velvet pumpkins on shelf with fresh flowers

faux greenery rosemary in pot


I love rosemary. I love fresh rosemary, dried rosemary, and I am completely in love with these little bushes of faux rosemary. They come three or four to a pack, and fluff up beautifully. Even though it doesn’t smell like fresh rosemary, it’s definitely the next best thing! (These exact rosemary bushes are no longer available. Click HERE for something similar. I actually like them better!)

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lambs ear faux greenery centerpiece with pumpkins

Lamb’s Ear

One of my favorite places to buy faux greenery and flowers is Hobby Lobby. The store is close to our home, and it’s very convenient for me to pop over occasionally to see what’s available. Two years ago, I discovered their lamb’s ear stems and garland. Since then, I’ve collected a few stems at a time, and I now have a nice bunch that I can reuse for various arrangements. It’s a beautiful color, and has a furry texture just like the real thing. Adding natural elements, like cotton bolls, makes it look full and more realistic. If you don’t have a Hobby Lobby retail store in your town, I found very similar faux lamb’s ear stems and garlands online. Links are included at the end.


lambs ear faux greenery wreath

faux peonies in white pitcher


When it comes to peonies, I am not going to insult your intelligence by saying that these faux flowers look like peonies from the garden.

They do not.

However, they are very pretty, and if you mix them with some fresh or dried greenery, they will fill the bill until peony season arrives! In the image above, I added some dried eucalyptus. Some other suggestions for add-ins are fresh seeded eucalyptus, fern leaves, or baby’s breath. This particular bunch of faux peonies comes in 20 different colors, so there is definitely something for everyone!

Best Faux Greenery & Flowers Sources

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  1. IKEA has some lovely faux greenery.

  2. Julie Haag says:

    I love your faux greenery ideas! What color is your door with the lamb’s ear wreath?

  3. Charlotte says:

    My dining room was missing something in its’ decor. I couldn’t put my finger on what it needed but then I read your article and put a faux plant in there. It made all the difference! The room came “alive” (so to speak). Thank you for such a great post.

  4. I have found beautiful faux flowers, cotton bolls, etc…on Magnolia site on sale. Check out their sales!

  5. Diane Smith says:

    Hi Anne,
    Just curious…who makes your boxwood garland? The link is going to the rosemary!

  6. Anne Marie Gorman says:

    How about some posts for Christmas garland that I could use in Florida? Any ‘found’ sources? Would really appreciate some ideas/advice. I do miss my CT home with all the fresh greens I used. Thanks, Ann, for all your work providing us with new ideas for decorating my home.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Anne Marie…I am not familiar with what you would need in Florida. My good friend Janet, from Shabbyfufu, lives in Miami. I know she could help. Here is the link to her site: Good luck!

      1. Anne Marie Gorman says:

        Thank you for the referral. I will check with her.

  7. The pumpkin prints are so pretty, thank you for sharing , the recipes look great!!!

  8. I agree with you about rosemary, but I always manage to kill fresh rosemary plants. I never thought about buying artificial rosemary, but I think I’d miss that fresh rosemary smell. Fresh boxwood, however, smells like cat urine to me. It is frequently used for hedges at old Virginia plantations (I live in Virginia), but the smell is overwhelming on a humid summer day. Does preserved boxwood still have that same problem?

  9. After reading you article about faux greenery I bought both the eucalyptus and the lambs ear you suggested. They will look lovely running down the tables of a bridal shower I will hosting in a few months. Thank you for the ideas. Have a Blessed day!

  10. Thank you for the links – all lovely faux greenery!

  11. Hi – I just wanted to let you know that I found the most beautiful peony’s at TJMaxx and Home Goods. They came with a lot of flowers and I got three different colors. They were $12.99 each. They are absolutely beautiful.

  12. Sondra Burnett says:

    Always love your pretty blogs. Where – please – did you buy your lovely peony vase?

  13. Thanks for the information and the links they will be used. I am also swooning over your beautiful white pitchers, love them.

  14. This is so valuable! Thank you! Do you have any links for faux tulips?

  15. One of my favorite stores for greenery is Hobby Lobby.When doing faux arrangements,I usually add real eucalyptus.Love the peonies in the white pitcher.

  16. Thank you so much for these links, and for the ideas on how to use these beautiful faux greens. And I appreciate your outlook that investing in quality faux greens really does ensure many years of happy decorating!! I’m off to shop!!!

    1. Wendy Masters says:

      Love all the information you give us! My biggest question is, how do you store all of these faux greenery and flowers during off seasons? Thanks!