Home Decor Ideas: Decorating With Collections

Easy DIY home decor ideas for decorating with collections. Room decor ideas and how to decorate with the things you love.

Easy DIY home decor ideas for decorating with collections. Room decor ideas and how to decorate with the things you love.

Today we’re going to chat about how to incorporate the things you love, your collections, into your decor with style. We all collect something…some of us probably collect too much! Over the years, I have discovered some key home decor ideas for making your collections shine, and look cohesive. First though, let’s talk about what defines a collection.

“A group of interesting or beautiful objects brought
together in order to show or study them.”

Easy DIY home decor ideas for decorating with collections. Room decor ideas and how to decorate with the things you love.

How to Decorate with Collections

Beautiful is in the eye of the beholder…so I believe any group of items can be a collection. The most important thing to remember is to group the items together. Boundaries help but are not completely necessary. Using bookcases, a hutch or shelves of any kind makes it easier. Tabletops or trays can also be used to display your things with simple style.

Easy DIY home decor ideas for decorating with collections. Room decor ideas and how to decorate with the things you love.

If you have a group of five or six like items, but they are spread all around your room, they won’t make the impact they would if they were grouped together. In the photo above I have gathered white ironstone together and filled the bookshelves. I used other items to add seasonal color, but the main focus is the ironstone.

home decor accessories plate wall

Home Decor Ideas

Don’t be afraid to mix the old with the new. Some of my ironstone is vintage, but most of it was found at TJMaxx or thrift stores. When it’s all grouped together, it doesn’t make a bit of difference. The plate collection on the wall was gathered in the same way. These room decor ideas will help your collections make sense. See how the plate wall went together {HERE.}

If you are thinking to yourself “I don’t collect anything,” then think again. Just use what you have because chances are that you love it already. Books, framed family photos or items from a special time in your life make personal and meaningful collections.

Easy DIY home decor ideas for decorating with collections. Room decor ideas and how to decorate with the things you love.

My two favorite collections are my blue ball jars and my heirloom silver. The silver is all from my husband’s family. When it’s grouped together, and displayed as a collection, it packs a stylish punch. The same goes for the blue jars. I use them all over the place, especially for vases…but when they are all in one place, they really stand out.

Easy DIY home decor ideas for decorating with collections. Room decor ideas and how to decorate with the things you love.

I hope you’ve been inspired to put these home decor ideas to good use and gather your collections together. Place them on a coffee or side table…or on bookshelves. No matter how you present them, this is the most important thing: that you smile when you walk into the room.

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  1. Reta Rupp says:

    Where can I find a wicker trunk like yours….
    it’s the perfect size

  2. I need help —-just inherited sterling pitcher and other sterling bowls from my 105 year old mother in law. I also just received a beautiful silver plate coffee and tea service set from my 93 year old mother!!!!! BEST WAY TO POLISH THESE BEAUTIES????

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  4. Mary Brewer says:

    Would you please tell me where you bought the chair covers used on the kitchen stools?
    I am so tired of brown furniture but can’t replace it.

    I enjoy your posts so much. You are an inspiration to me.

    Thank you!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Mary!
      I made those out of a vintage mangle cloth. I didn’t use a pattern…I just measured the stool back and went from there.

  5. I am a quilter and I love old quilts. My eye was drawn to the blue & white quilts in your second picture. The bottom quilt is a nine-patch with a sashing. The two rolled quilts in the middle basket are mysteries, I love that all of the quilts are following the blue/white theme.

    The top quilt is the one that is tempting me – I see fragments of a variety of blocks – nine patch, Irish chain like and one I have to research.

    Can you show a picture of the whole quilt? I would love to try to replicate it. I am also working on taking a tile pattern from a picture of an old bathroom to make into a quilt. Beautiful patterns show up in many places and we need to celebrate them. I would be glad to share any information on the blocks/quilt with you as well as a pattern that I work up.

    I bought an old quilt that had embroidered blocks of the birds of each state. My Mom loved the quilt when I gave it to her for her birthday and she slept under it for many years. I found another top where the person had tried to do the same technique, but she was not schooled. So some blocks look good and some are in reverse embroidery – she was not aware that she was making the mistake. I love it since it was the best attempt of the quilter. There are some quilt tops where you just appreciate the effort that went into it, but you cannot finish the quilt since it impacts the history of it.


  6. Julie Briones says:

    Lovely post, Ann… thanks for the tips and ideas!

  7. Diane Smith says:

    Ann, your ironstone looks lovely! You know, I’ve looked at your shelves MANY times, but something just occurred to me…where are all your books?!?

    1. Ann Drake says:

      I donated most of my books to a local nursing home a few years ago. I had read them all and wanted a change. I kept only my favorites and they are now in our bedroom in a glass-front cabinet. Also, I wanted to have a cleaner, less cluttered look. Thanks!

  8. Love your collection! Adorable stuff for decorating home beautifully. I enjoyed reading your article and got some great home decoration ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I love the galvanized lanterns. Would love to put two on my fireplace mantel. What size did you get? Target’s $24.00 ones?

  10. Hi Ann, I have long loved your white ironstone collection. Over the years, I’ve seen you display it in so many creative ways and no matter what, where or how it always looks RIGHT and BEAUTIFUL! You have brightened winter arrangements with it as welcomed spring with those happy yellow blossoms. Your designs are always a surprise. I wonder if it’s the ironstone or YOU that that makes it perfect every time??? :)
    I collect all things “PEAR”. I have some lovely vintage ceramic pears, carved wood pears, papier-mache pears, vintage silver pears, a couple of cement and one copper pear, all sizes. I also have a collection of vintage pear postcards and prints. My lovely daughter, an accomplished artist, sculpted a beautiful pear for me in her freshman year of college. The coloration is a mottled celadon green and gold. The top third of the pear comes off (like a lid) which makes me love it even more. My collection was born… I can’t display all of them, but I love changing the displays, the locations, and always in keeping with the season.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      This sounds lovely Judy…thank you so much for sharing! I love pears, lemons, etc. Just fruit in general. Happy Spring!

  11. Carole Strawn says:

    Have you ever considered painting the back of the shelves in your living room a color to make the white ironstone stand out ? I did that with some shelves in my home and I really like the look. All of your collections are lovely. I especially love the colors in your kitchen (I think it is the kitchen). The blue cupboard is beautiful. I just love your home and the way it is decorated. So beautiful and yet cozy and welcoming. You really have a talent for decorating.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Carole and thank you! I have thought of painting the back of the shelves a contrasting color…but I always end up sticking with the neutral. When we first moved to this house the backs of the shelves were a sort of tan color. I thought it actually made them look smaller if that makes sense. And yes…the blue cupboard is in the kitchen!

  12. Lorri Rauscher says:

    Oh dear I have alot of Collections…Birdhouses, with cute bird and birdnests, different cat items. I started with Royal Doulton then I had to get a Curio Cabinet. My tastes changed and my Mom loved them so they have a home there for now. I collected Tea Cups and Saucers for my Mom when she had a Card Club. I collect Snowmen..all different shapes and sizes. Yep I love collecting..oh yes forget to tell you about my Glass Collection..lol..Glad to see other people have this addiction as well..😉

  13. Great suggestions! I used to display my collections all over and truly only by grouping them together do you get that impact and really appreciate them! The suggestions on how to do this are really helpful!

  14. Hmmm, does wire edged ribbon count? After the holidays I always go through my craft closet and get things back in their right place. This year I was taken aback at the number of rolls of ribbon I unearthed and did a quick estimate of how much it actually adds up to. Would you believe somewhere between one-third and one-half a mile? Get a grip, Mandy.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      This made me laugh…and yes ribbon counts! If it makes you feel any better I am a ribbon hoarder too. Enjoy your spring!

  15. Such good advice from a collector of pretty things. I am a collector of blue and bunnies. Sadly I must now sell my Beatrix Potter figurines, dishes, and the rest of the 70 bunnies. I am moving to a tiny senior apt and there is no room for them. I collected since 1965. Unfortunately my family does not want them. I am grateful I enjoyed them in my china closet all those years. Love seeing your home.

    1. Nancy Trotta says:

      Nancy with the bunnies: I too have a collection of bunnies. They number about 25 and they are made of all kinds of materials and china brands. I know how you must feel about your collection not having a future home. It’s sad that none of your family members will adopt them and cherish the memories of the joy you got from them. My bunnies will need a home when I downsize and I hope my grand daughters will be interested. Have you thought of donating them to an assisted living facility. My husband just relocated to a lovely one. They might use them in a book hutch. How about a shelter for battered women and children? or a childrens’ library or reading room? Good luck with your darlings. Take pictures of your collection to remember them for many more years. I think they will make a lovely keepsake in lieu of the actual bunnies. Good luck to you in your new “home”. I feel for you.

    2. My heart breaks for you letting go of the collection. Have you thought of contacting an estate sales person to sell them? Any one of us would love to have them.
      Wishing you all the best in your new home.

  16. Love your collectables and how they are displayed.I have a small collection of pitchers and tea pots.

  17. Lucia Donahower says:

    Beautiful display! I love how you grouped your ironstone together.
    Thanks for the ideas!

  18. Carol Boyle says:

    One person mentioned using silver but needing to get polish…….on that note, I inherited my grandmother’s sterling silver flatware and kept it in the wooden box for years. My girls don’t want it so I decided to just go ahead and use it every day…AND I put it in the dishwasher! It’s been over a year of enjoying seeing the pieces and it is all fine!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      I don’t blame you. If I had flatware I would use it too!

  19. Denise Cox says:

    Ann, I made your Mac and Cheese recipe from Sunday’s ebook printable. It was delicious. My Mom enjoyed it ss well! Next time, I think I will substitute another type of cheese for half of the amount of the cheddar required.
    Thank – you so much for sharing…
    Denise Cox

  20. Carol Heartfelt Whimsies says:

    Your style is absolutely gorgeous! Great tips! I must say—your home is one of my absolute favorites! The perfect mix of casual and elegant, old and new and homey yet magazine-worthy!

  21. Betty Lou says:

    I like anything that has a history but mostly collect dishes, etc., white pitchers, canning jars, dishes of all kinds, old and new, hen and nest milk glass. Oh, the list goes on and on.

  22. I love your plate wall. I have been collecting hand painted plates for many years and have some of them hanging on a wall in our guest bedroom. I also started collecting ironstone many years ago when a dear family friend gave me some pieces that had been in her family. This was long before ironstone became popular with farmhouse style. Now it is harder to come by new pieces for my collection. I also have a large collection of Longaberger, a bit of pewter and red transferware. I have recently started a collection of Mackenzie Child’s Courtly pieces. With my bigger collections I don’t display everything at once, since I am trying for a less cluttered look, but I do have smaller collections displayed in groupings.

  23. You have inspired me to get my silver tea set out of the box on top of my closet and use it! Better go shopping for some polish first, though!

  24. Hi Ann. Such great tips. Always look forward to your emails. Whether it’s your tips on styling your home or your recipes, they are all wonderful. THank you for all you do.

  25. Runningonempty says:

    Very nice collections.

    I have one of International dolls playing musical instruments. I find, restricting the parameters like that stop me buying too many, as they are relatively rare compared to dolls without instruments. No way do I want a huge collection taking up space. Nearly all of mine were given to me decades ago, only occasionally do I get another from a thrift or vintage store. I used a couple last Christmas on the lunch table, which I put up on my blog. Otherwise they are dust gatherers!

  26. Jana rampton says:

    Thank you for sharing your ideas. I’ve been searching for a “soul crafting sister” and I found you.
    I loved your ideas for using your own collections. I loved your burlap techniques. I loved most that I have already designed and enjoyed some of your ideas. That was when you became my crafting soul sister!!!!

  27. I love collections! I’ve collected things since I was a teen – many, many moons ago. Right now, I’m beginning a collection of white plates. I’ve collected spoons, pigs, books (still have a small but lovely collection of “coffee table” books) silver charms that represent all the states I’ve visited, and even more . . .

  28. Shirley@housepitality designs says:

    My heart skips a beat every time I see the room with those beautiful chairs and all of the gorgeous details in the room….I love how you group your fabulous collections to create such visual impact and interest!!

  29. Marlene Stephenson says:

    You have some lovely collections and thanks for sharing your ideas,have a Happy Easter.

  30. Jackie York says:

    Love this post! I felt like I just took a little walk with you through some pretty rooms! Love your style – course you know my favorite is still the yellow chairs, LOL!! But the dishes and blue jars – oh my, sigh… so pretty.
    Thanks for the inspiration :)

  31. Tracy@www.bluridgevintage.com says:

    You are so right, grouping collections together does make more of an impact than separately. I really like your blue and white wall display collection. It looks very nice with your other décor.

  32. Maria Izabel Goncalves says:

    Everything so beautiful!! <3

  33. Sharon H. says:

    Loved your tips. Putting things into groupings goes a long way to help de-clutter a home.

  34. Diane Zueck says:

    Ann, the ironstone collection is a beautiful display for Spring. It is so fresh, clean, and crisp. I love the addition of the pops of the yellow color you added to the bookshelf. I also have lots of white pottery vases that I have collected over the years. Displaying them as you have really breathes new life into that collection.

  35. Your house is so pretty Ann, and I love how to bring everything together:) I needed these tips because there are times when it seems as if I have no idea what to do with my glass jars. Everything looks beautiful in your home!

  36. You girls are such an inspiration. My style is a combination of all of you. Thanks for the tips!

  37. Debbie manno says:

    You are a beautiful decorator Ann! Love your tips.

  38. I love decorating with plates too! I especially love your Silver collection! What a beautiful way to display it! You are an inspiration always!

  39. Hope Williams says:

    Good morning Ms. Ann. Your home is still so homey. I love the come on in feel it gives.
    I love this post. Soon, very soon I’ll be to the decorating phase.
    I’ve been trying to find a few more pieces of red transfer ware. Difficult I will say! But I will definitely refer back to the pic of your living room for help to display mine.
    Have a blessed day, Hope

  40. Thanks for the inspiration!! :D

    1. S. Rohtenburger says:

      You have such a wonderful sense of style which I love.
      Thanks for sharing your ideas.

      S. Rohtenburger