Ideas For Using Spring Blooms In Your Home

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Learn how to decorate your home with spring blooms! Featuring easy arrangement ideas, which flowers to choose, and more.

blue rain boots with tulips on porch

Spring blooms are very special. They appear when we need them the most, and they are beautiful. Spring blooms will chase away the winter blues, and put a smile on your face. Arranging them is not only easy, but very gratifying. There is nothing better than turning a few bunches of grocery store flowers into a stunning and impressive arrangement. Or, if you are blessed with blooming bulbs, early blooming spring plants, or flowering bushes or trees, definitely bring some inside to enjoy. We had forsythia and bleeding hearts when we lived on Sutton Place, and I am going to miss those blooms!

cute blue rain boots with tulips

Another amazing thing about spring blooms is the variety in color. You can find bright yellow, pink, purple, orange, and even lime green, just to mention a few. Depending on the look you are going for, mix two or three colors together, or keep your bloms all one color for a monochromatic arrangement. Either way, the end result will be so pretty.

Today I’m joining my best blogging friends to bring you a huge collection of ideas for arranging spring flowers. Make sure to check out the links at the bottom of the post for more inspiration.

yellow tulips in blue rain boots flower arrangement

When my blog was very new, back in 2013, I shared a post that showed how to make a flower arrangement using rain boots and forsythia branches. It disappeared in a recent blog update, so I thought I would reinvent the idea, this time using tulips and navy blue boots.

Instead of using two or three different kinds of flowers, I chose to use only tulips. I wanted the rain boots to really make a statement, and the tulips did not disappoint! Tulips are very easy to arrange, but there are a few tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years. Learn more about arranging tulips!

supplies needed for a rain boot flower arrangement

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Supplies Needed for a Rain Boot Flower Arrangement

  • Rain boots.
  • 2 plastic cups or any sort of vase that will fit inside the boots.
  • Spring blooms.

Popular Spring Flowers

  • Here are some examples of spring blooms: tulips, daffodils, forsythia branches, pussy willow branches, lilacs, roses, bleeding hearts, rhododendron branches, azalea branches.
  • Other blooms that aren’t technically considered spring flowers, but that are easily found and very pretty: hydrangeas, daisies, peonies, alstroemeria, button mums.
navy blue rain boots with tulips flower arrangement

How To Make The Rain Boot Arrangement

It takes about five minutes to assemble this flower arrangement. Simply place a water-tight vessel in each boot, and carefully fill the vessels about halfway with water. Begin to add your flowers, making sure to give each one a fresh cut at the end of the stem. Keep adding flowers until you have enough to fill out the top of the boots.

tulips in rain boots flower arrangement

Any kind of rain boots can be used. They don’t get the least bit wet inside, so feel free to put your regular rain boots to work! Rain boots come in all colors and price ranges. If you already own rain boots, and can round up a couple of plastic cups, the only expense for your arrangement would be the cost of the flowers. Get these cute rain boots {HERE.}

spring blooms and lemons flower arrangement

More Ideas For Adding Spring Blooms To Your Decor

Mix Spring Blooms With Fresh Fruit

Combining fresh fruit with beautiful flowers is always a good idea. There are many ways that this can be accomplished. The simplest method is to place lemons or limes in a glass vase or pitcher. Add water, and then nestle flower stems among the fruit. The fruit helps keep the flower stems in place, and as an added bonus, it adds color. Using sliced citrus fruit works well too. Get all the details for assembling the lemon and flower arrangement pictured above by clicking the button below.

garden flowers and herbs in blue mason jar 2022

Incorporate Herbs into Spring Arrangements

Combining fresh herbs with spring flowers is so easy, and it’s the perfect way to add interest and aroma to an arrangement. Depending on where you live, you may not have your own fresh herbs available at the same time spring flowers are blooming. If that’s the case, just pick up a bunch of fresh mint, rosemary, or parsley from the grocery store and slip it into your arrangements. See how to combine garden flowers with herbs by clicking the button below.

the complete guide to

Arranging Garden Flowers + Herbs

Features 5 tips for arranging garden flowers and herbs that are guaranteed to provide you with beautiful bouquets!

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