Simple Living Meets Farmhouse Style

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How to incorporate farmhouse style into your existing decor so it complements your focus on simple living.

Simple living and farmhouse style decor are closely related, and often go hand in hand. Both concepts embrace a similar aesthetic and philosophy, and focus on a return to a simpler and slower way of living. Over the years, I have featured many ideas for adding farmhouse style to your existing decor. Even if you don’t live in a farmhouse, which I don’t, the charm and personality that defines farmhouse style is easy to achieve.

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The Evolution of Farmhouse Style

Many years ago, farmhouse style consisted of stenciled walls, hearts, roosters, cows, and lots of gingham. It has evolved into something more modern, and it is now easier to add bits and pieces to our existing decor. It is no longer all or nothing…and you can make farmhouse decor reflect your own personal style and aesthetic. When I think of farmhouse style, these are the things that come to mind.


Farmhouse decor is known for its rustic and nostalgic charm, drawing inspiration from traditional farmhouses and rural settings. (Hence the roosters and cows!) Simple living focuses on uncluttered spaces that are easy to live in, and easy to maintain. The two concepts meet in the middle by featuring a cozy atmosphere that nurtures the body and soul. It encourages an intentional approach to decorating your living spaces, and promotes a simple and easy-to-maintain lifestyle.

Back To Basics

Both simple living and farmhouse style decor focus on the desire to return to a simpler way of life. They encourage us to return to days gone by, when life was less complicated. Both things emphasize the importance of connecting with nature, embracing handmade or vintage pieces, and finding the beauty in imperfections. The combination of simple living and farmhouse style results in decor that is authentic, and that focuses on the essentials that make your life easier and more fulfilling. The emphasis is on using furniture and decor that serve a purpose, while at the same time, keeping things clean and uncluttered.

farmhouse style plate rack in white kitchen 2023


Simple living and farmhouse decor go hand-in-hand with sustainable practices. Both concepts focus on reducing clutter, repurposing items you already have, and opting for locally sourced or handmade products. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with choosing mass-produced items that are affordable and easy to find. It’s just nice to add things that are passed down from family members, local finds, and natural elements. By incorporating farmhouse decor into a simple living lifestyle, we can create spaces that reflect our values of sustainability and intentional buying.

Functionality and Comfort

Simple living and farmhouse decor both prioritize functionality and comfort. Farmhouse decor embraces practicality by incorporating elements such as farmhouse tables, durable and washable textiles, and comfortable seating. Simple living promotes a clutter-free environment that focuses on essentials and promotes an easier, more manageable lifestyle. Both concepts help to create spaces that are welcoming, functional, and that encourage you to relax and recharge.

farmhouse pitcher of flowers on gas range in kitchen 2023
stoneware pitcher | Ohio stoneware crock

Overall, simple living and farmhouse decor promote a shared appreciation for a simpler, more intentional way of living. They complement each other by combining style and mindful buying with a clear purpose. The focus on authenticity results in spaces that are cozy and inviting. Together, they help us to live simply, and make a happy life.

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round wood tray with farmhouse style white pitcher of flowers
round tray | tall pitcher

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  1. Loving your post.I totally agree with getting back to simple living including anything farmhouse.

  2. Jeanie Nichols says:

    Love your house. It’s decorated beautifully.

  3. Nana Diana says:

    What an absolutely lovely post. I always find such serenity here. Beautiful, Ann!xo Diana

  4. Sue Daugherty says:

    Excellent post. The combination of the two styles is very much my vibe.