A Guide To Modern Farmhouse Decor

Discover how, by using these design ideas, you can seamlessly blend modern farmhouse decor into your home. Learn key tips and tricks for selecting furniture, accessories, and color palettes. 

modern farmhouse decor tufted chair and striped pillow

When I hear the words “farmhouse decor,” the word that comes immediately to mind is authenticity. Classic farmhouse style is quintessentially authentic because it reflects a very real, down-to-earth way of life. The furniture is often simple and sturdy, which harkens back to the practical needs of times gone by. Farmhouse decor also incorporates vintage items and antiques, which add a sense of history and nostalgia. What I love most is that farmhouse style embraces imperfection. It celebrates the beauty of simple objects, and it feels totally genuine.

modern farmhouse decor market basket with branches hanging on doorknob

Is Farmhouse Style In or Out?

We’ve all read articles by experts in the design world who say that farmhouse decor is outdated and unpopular. Well…I disagree. It’s been around for hundreds of years, and although there are different versions, it’s still a beloved decorating style. It’s comfortable, cozy, and affordable. Like any style of decorating, I believe it’s not all or nothing. Because it’s so versatile, you can definitely add touches of farmhouse style to any living space in your home. 

tv over fireplace in neutral living room tips for a simpler life
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A Design Influencer

Modern farmhouse decor, with its rustic charm and emphasis on natural materials, has had a big impact on other decorating styles. Its simplicity and warmth have inspired the latest Cottagecore interior design trend, Rustic Chic, Industrial, Boho, and even Scandinavian design. Modern farmhouse style gives spaces an inviting and timeless look, and has also encouraged people to embrace a more relaxed atmosphere in their homes. What follows is a collection of elements that make up this near-to-my-heart decorating style.

modern farmhouse decor tufted chair with lumbar pillow branches in pitcher

Modern Farmhouse Decor Ideas

  • Create contrast with dark natural wood tones against a light backdrop.
  • Let natural light flood the space. It creates an airy and welcoming atmosphere characteristic of modern farmhouse style.
  • Clean lines emphasize the simplicity and functionality of modern farmhouse furniture, contributing to its timeless appeal.
  • Comfortable furniture invites hospitality and socializing, which in turn encourages coziness and relaxation. Can you think of anything better?
vintage quilts on blanket ladder best farmhouse fabric ideas
  • Bright, vintage quilts bring warmth and texture to modern farmhouse bedrooms and living spaces.
  • Vintage fabric adds character and warmth, infusing spaces with patterns and colors from yesteryear.
  • Throw pillows in linen, ticking, stripes, and florals provide texture and pops of color. They are an important tool in creating a layered look in seating areas.
  • Fresh flowers displayed in vintage vessels bring the outdoors in, and they add vibrancy and amazing personality to any space.
farmhouse decor branches for arrangement
  • Along with fresh flowers, incorporate other natural elements: tree branches, fern fronds, hosta leaves, dried flowers, and pinecones.
  • Framed photographs that tell the story of your family serve as cherished focal points in modern farmhouse decor.
  • Artwork that you love adds personality, and is another way to add your own unique taste.
antique dresser in foyer with board and batten wall
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  • Antique furniture and vintage pieces featuring wood tones or chippy paint evoke nostalgia and character in modern farmhouse design.
  • Grain sacks repurposed as decor items add rustic flair and a sense of history.
  • Simple white pitchers offer classic elegance and versatility in modern farmhouse tablescapes and vignettes.
  • Plate collections displayed on walls or shelves create visual interest, and a feeling of curated charm in kitchens, living rooms, and entryways.
  • Mason jars, repurposed as vases or storage containers, lend a quaint and practical touch.
  • A neutral color palette on walls, window treatments, and main furniture pieces establishes a serene and timeless backdrop in modern farmhouse interiors.
  • Real or faux hardwood floors provide warmth, and add an appealing touch of simplicity.
  • Family heirlooms passed down through generations add sentimental value and personal history to modern farmhouse decor.
small entryway ideas vintage dresser with navy rug
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  • Natural textures, such as those found in area rugs and window treatments, infuse any space with warmth and tactile appeal.
  • Rustic elements like wooden beams contribute to the cozy and authentic atmosphere of modern farmhouse living spaces.
  • Open shelving offers both functionality and visual interest, allowing for the display of cherished items and everyday essentials in every room of the home.
  • Combined living room and dining room layouts foster a sense of togetherness and ease of flow.
table with dough bowl centerpiece 2023
  • Dough bowls of all sizes serve as versatile and decorative elements in modern farmhouse kitchens and living areas.
  • Industrial accents, such as wrought iron and galvanized metal, add a bit of urban edge to modern farmhouse interiors.
  • Barn doors, whether used for pantry or closet doors, are a great way to add architectural interest.
farmhouse trestle table in dining nook
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The Most Important Thing

If you’ve made it this far, you must love modern farmhouse decor as much as I do! At the end of the day, loving your home is truly the most important thing. If you don’t love where you live, it may be time to make some alterations. There are many reasons you might want to make decor changes, or refresh your living space.

  • You’re bored with your current decor.
  • You feel pressured by what you see on social media.
  • What you have doesn’t work with your current stage of life.
  • Opinions from your family.
modern farmhouse kitchen gas stove white cabinets

But here’s something you should do before you make any changes. Ask yourself this question: “Will it make me happy?” If you can honestly answer with an enthusiastic “yes,” then you will be making your decor changes for the right reason. If your home doesn’t make you happy, then it’s pretty hard to love it. If you feel uneasy when you walk in the door, that’s a true and valid reason to start planning a decor update. Even if you just start small, and change one simple thing, you will be on the way to loving your home. Any kind of progress counts!

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I’ve been there.
I know how you feel.
I can help.

P.S. I’m working on updating an old post that includes tips for loving your imperfect home. I’ll get it out to you as soon as I can!


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  1. Lovely home, and although I am a huge fan of farm house living, I don’t own too many pieces but I do enjoy looking at them.

  2. Hi Ann, I’ve always loved modern farmhouse. When I got married, MANY years ago, I decorated in Early American. I still have the Hitchcock dining set we bought when we got married. As the years have gone by, I’ve switched over to modern farmhouse. That’s what attracted me to your blog. Thanks for all the great tips!

  3. Great post. I have so many thoughts about this. Designers need reasons and creative inspirations to stir the market up which is fine with me. Guessing part of farmhouse decor is staying around is its affordability. I tend to stick to the basics with beauty that I like and comfort for my family.

  4. Wonderful post. Your home is lovely. A cozy warm home. Flowers. They make a house a home!

  5. The mason jar with the hydrangeas in just made me weak. May I ask what size the jar is?

    1. Hi Erin! That jar is a regular mouth half gallon vintage Ball jar. It measures about 9 inches tall. You can find them on eBay or Etsy. Thanks!

      1. Hi Ann, thanks for letting me know. I really appreciate it.🌺

  6. I totally agree, Ann. I have embraced darker colors but I am still Farmhouse at heart and it makes my house cozy and as a bonus….covers up some of its imperfections!