Blue and White Table Setting Ideas for Spring

Use these blue and white table setting ideas for your spring and Easter entertaining. Easy and budget-friendly ways to set a crisp and bright table. Also included is information about Liberty Blue China. 

blue and white tablecape ideas table runner flowers

Spring is, as they say, just around the corner. I am so ready too. I honestly don’t mind the cold and snow that winter brings. It’s the gray skies, day after day, that really make me long for spring. I haven’t shared any spring table setting ideas for a very long time, so I decided to welcome spring a bit early, and share this simple tablescape.

trestle table with blue and white table setting

If you’ve followed this blog for even a little while, you know I love the timeless color combo of blue and white. I’m not very particular about the shades of blue and white, because I love them all. My blues range from royal blue, to navy blue, to baby blue, and I love all shades of white and ivory. It’s a classic color combination that adds a fresh touch to any decor. Today’s table setting is focused around this pretty pair of colors, but the ideas and suggestions can be used in any setting or style of decor. 

blue and white table setting with liberty blue transferware

Use Vintage Items

Bring in your own personal style and reflect your family history by incorporating vintage items into your table settings. Whether they are valuable family heirlooms or flea market finds, something old will add incredible interest to any table. Don’t feel like everything needs to be in pristine condition. Blue and white porcelain pieces with a little wear are beautiful in their own way, and the same goes for antique fabrics.

blueberry bundtlette on liberty blue plates

Mix and Match

Even though I love things to match, I enjoy mixing things up when I set the table. I still need symmetry, but I’m getting much better at finding new combinations for linens, plates, and even flatware. Getting creative with your choices also allows you to use one-of-a-kind pieces, and small sets of dinnerware with just a few pieces.

blue and white table setting with pitchers of flowers


I know I have said this before in previous tablescape posts, but it’s so important and definitely worth repeating. Use as many layers as possible. Begin with a tablecloth or table runner, add placemats, chargers, and multiple plates. Use your napkin as a layer between plates, or add it beside the placemat. Anything you can do to add depth and color is a good thing.

pitchers of flowers on blue and white table

Simple Floral Centerpiece

  • Line up vessels that are basically the same size, and fill them with flowers. To add interest, also mix in candleholders. Try to end up with an odd number.
  • Fill a pretty tray with multiple vessels filled with flowers. Mason jars or small pitchers work great.
  • Use a large pedestal cake stand to add height. Top it with small vessels filled with flowers and/or small candleholders.
  • Incorporate something from the menu into the centerpiece. Surround a flower vessel with fruits or vegetables. Add a pretty dessert to a cake stand along with a small bunch of flowers.
blue and white table setting ideas

Mix Rustic With Refined

Mixing styles is something our mothers weren’t comfortable with, but today’s entertaining rules are completely different. In fact, I’m not even sure there are any rules! I love to mix sparkling crystal with casual flatware. A round wicker place mat works with everyday plates just as well as it works with vintage blue and white transferware.

Blueberry Bundtlettes

These little blueberry bundt cakes look so pretty and impressive…and they are simple to make. The recipe uses basic pantry ingredients and most of the prettiness is added with the garnish. Get the recipe by clicking the button below.

Liberty Blue China

Whenever I show my Liberty Blue china in any of my photographs, it never fails that someone has a question about what it is, and how to get it. This china pattern originated in 1976 to honor the bicentennial of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It is authentic Staffordshire china, and was designed and produced by the Enoch Wedgewood Company in England.

blueberry bundtlette on blue and white plates

It was originally produced as a giveaway incentive for the (now closed) Benjamin Franklin Savings and Loan, located in Portland, Oregon. The Savings and Loan was also celebrating its 50th anniversary. Towards the end of 1976, the bank’s customers were notified that they had until the end of the year to complete their sets. After that, it was sold in grocery stores, mostly in the northeast section of the country. This lasted for about five years, until the china was sold out.

liberty blue staffordshire dinnerware plates bowls

The different pieces feature a significant event or location associated with the Revolutionary War. For example, the dinner plate depicts Independence Hall, the dessert plate is Washington leaving Christ Church, the cereal bowl features Mount Vernon, and my favorite is the little fruit bowl which spotlights Betsy Ross sewing the first American flag. I also love the floral pattern that encircles every piece.

liberty blue cup and saucer with place setting

It’s still available, but takes a bit of looking. My set was purchased many years ago, one piece at a time, on eBay. Back then, I was working as a school secretary, so I had my summers off. I spent one whole summer shopping online for Liberty Blue! Every time a box came in the mail, it was like Christmas. It’s also available on sites like Etsy and Replacements. Ltd.

blueberry bundlette recipe on blue and white plates

I originally purchased Liberty Blue because I fell in love with the patterns, and for vintage transferware, it was affordable. The price, not surprisingly, has gone up since I put my set together. If you love blue and white, and are interested in collecting a few pieces, this book will be helpful.

blue and white cloth napkin with table setting

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Setting a pretty table doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive, or time-consuming. Gather together your favorite linens and dinnerware, and experiment with combinations. Most of all, have fun and enjoy the process!

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  1. Your post today is the inspiration I need for my Spring tablescape. I too love those dishes. I have two of the dinner plates on a plate rack for decor. Thank you so much for your posts.

  2. Wow, you just brought up a great memory. I remember the grocery store selling sets of dish-ware or pots and pans with a feature piece each week. It was a great way to start a collection in an economical way when I was young. It also kept you coming back to the same store week after week. LOVED your rabbit picture in the ornate gold frame. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to your posts and enjoy them.

  3. Christine says:

    You set a beautiful table. I love the dishes, which I have never heard of, and I live in NJ. I don’t recall seeing them in grocery stores.

  4. CarolBinTX says:

    I love the Liberty Blue dishes! My grandmother had Currier and Ives that was eventually willed to my brother because he loved them for the memories. I’ve bought a few pieces, but I really don’t have room for more dishes!

  5. Alway love your Liberty blue plates and table display. My mom collected them from her local grocery store in WV. I’ve added to her collection from pieces I picked up from thrift stores and FB Market. She now has a service of 16 for our family gatherings. Love them.

  6. Terri Herman says:

    Oh just lovely!

  7. Dale Segur says:

    Hi there , my mother bought me four place settings of the liberty blue back in 1976 and then grand union started to sell different pieces every week. So large serving bowls , coffee and tea pots with creamer and sugar , platters , etc.was added to my collection. I loved and used them for our everyday dishes until 2009 , when I gave them to one of my daughters . She just passed it all to her 22 yr old who is getting ready to get her own place and move out . I love your designs and reading your blog is so inspirational to me. Thank you for bringing Spring into my own home.