Versatile + Timeless Neutral Living Room Ideas

Neutral living room ideas that can be used throughout your home, and how to transition to neutral home decor without breaking the bank.

This post is for those of you who have been thinking about adopting a neutral palette for your home’s decor, but are unsure if that’s what you really want, or are unsure how to do it. Are you worried a neutral space will be boring or bland? I promise it won’t be! In this post, I will walk you through the easy steps for transitioning to a neutral backdrop, how to incorporate different shades within a neutral color palette, and tips for adding natural materials. 

What Is A Neutral Color Scheme?

Neutral means “without color.” It’s calm and cool, relaxed and restful. The following neutral shades are the best place to start:

  • White
  • Ivory
  • Beige
  • Taupe
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Black
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Why I Switched To A Neutral Scheme

Many years ago, our family home on Sutton Place was decorated from floor to ceiling with color. I had bright yellow walls in the living room, red and gold wallpaper in the entry, and navy wallpaper in the kitchen. All the window treatments were made from large-scale colorful fabrics. I had a red sofa, yellow toile chairs, and dark wood furniture. When I chose all this color, I did like it…but after a few years, it became oppressive.

  • I couldn’t change a thing because the colors were so specific. 
  • It was dark, and lacked that cozy feeling I was craving.  
  • There was no place for the eye to rest. There was so much going on that I literally felt edgy.
  • I chose fabrics that were trendy, and when the trend was over, I was stuck with something I didn’t want.
neutral living room with high ceilings and area rug

Start With The Background

I lived with all this color for a long time, but I knew I wanted to make a drastic change. My transition to a neutral look was gradual, and began with neutral walls, which are the perfect backdrop. The walls and trim in our current home are painted Snowbound by Sherwin Williams. The walls are a satin finish, and the trim is semi-gloss.

The next steps are flooring and window treatments. These big ticket items will take time, but keep in mind that the changes don’t need to happen all at once. I took one thing at a time, and saved money in between projects. That’s the beauty of decorating with neutrals. They “go” with everything. 

blue ticking pillow on tufted chair in front of fireplace neutral living room ideas


Once you have your background neutralized, it’s time to move on to furniture and accessories. In my own home, I chose furniture pieces in various shades of beige, and warm whites. Again, this was a very gradual process. I began with a comfortable sofa, and moved on to sitting chairs and accent chairs. I added a coffee table and end tables in warm wood tones. At this point, it was time to accessorize. 

built in bookcase with pitchers 2023
Walls and trim at the Sutton Place house
were Sherwin Williams Alabaster.


  • Showcase your favorite neutral accessories by creating curated collections. For instance, arrange a group of neutral-toned pitchers or vases, or a collection of antique books on a shelf. This will create visual interest and showcase your personal style while maintaining a cohesive look.
  • The simplest way to embrace natural elements is with your decor accessories. Neutrals and natural elements are the perfect pair. Consider incorporating elements like raw wood, stone, jute, or plants to bring a sense of nature and warmth to the space. This will add a touch of organic beauty to your neutral color scheme.
  • Accessories are also where you can add pops of color, and bring in seasonal style. Neutral colors can be enhanced with the addition of contrasting accent colors. Consider incorporating bold colors, such as vibrant throw pillows or artwork. A focal point can be created by simply adding color. 
neutral living room ideas with set of tufted chairs

How Neutral Home Decor Can Save You Money

Decorating with neutrals can help you save money by minimizing the need for frequent updates and replacements, providing versatility, and increasing the longevity of your decor. Neutrals go with ANYTHING. Once you paint your walls a neutral color, there will be no need to paint them again for many years. Once you neutralize your window treatments, they are there for the duration. 


For window treatments, choose a classic design that won’t go out of style. Full, simple panels, or plantation shutters are a good choice. 

neutral living room ideas seasonal spring decor
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By choosing neutral colors for your “big ticket” items, color and style can be added with inexpensive soft furnishings and accessories. This can save you money in the long run by reducing the need for major redecorating projects. If you get tired of a color, or want to add seasonal decor, you have a lovely neutral background to work with. By decorating with neutrals, it’s easy to give your home a fresh look without spending a dime. Furniture and accessories can be moved from room to room because they are all in the same color family. In minutes, you can create a completely new look for literally no money. 

coffee table in living room with fall decor 2022
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Add Color If It Makes You Happy

Of all the color palettes available, it’s the neutrals that make me happy. I do, however, use blue as an accent color. Using an accent color, or using a variety of accent colors, is the best way to add your own personal style. Even though I don’t think I could live without neutrals, I am positive I couldn’t live without blue either! So it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. The most important thing is that you feel relaxed and happy in your home. 

navy blue kitchen island with bar stools2

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I keep a neutral color palette from feeling boring?

A great way to add interest is to incorporate a mix of textures. Use fabrics with a subtle pattern, and use a variety of neutral tones. 

Will a neutral room feel bigger?

Yes! Let in as much natural light as possible. It will bounce off your white walls, and make your space feel open. Interior designers will tell you that neutral paint colors won’t make a small room feel bigger, but I tend to disagree. White living rooms, no matter the size, give off an airy feel.

How can I make a neutral design feel modern?

Incorporate warm metallics. Metallic finishes, such as gold, silver, or copper, can add a modern look to a neutral color scheme. Use metallic elements in your light fixtures, hardware, wall decorations, or decorative accessories.

How can I lighten my carpet without completely replacing it?

A simple way to transform your dark carpet is to add a neutral area rug.

What architectural features make a neutral color scheme more interesting?

Wood beams, open shelving, or wall treatments like board and batten, beadboard, or shiplap.

Neutral decor offers a laundry list of benefits that make it a perfect choice for creating stylish and cost-effective living spaces. By embracing a neutral color palette, you can achieve a classic appeal that stays away from trends, saving both time and money in the long run. The versatility of neutrals lets you explore new styles, as smaller accessories can be easily swapped out to refresh the look of a room without breaking the bank.

In a world where design trends come and go, neutral decor stands the test of time. It brings balance, peace, and beauty to living spaces while offering practical benefits that make it a savvy choice for those who are looking for both style and savings. Decorating with neutral colors continues to be a no-fail approach to creating beautiful, inviting, and classic homes.

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  1. I appreciate your advice on using neutrals in the home…your posts are always lovely, calming, and perfectly timed. I’m ready for some changes and will be using your suggestions!

  2. Love the periwinkle blue, my favorite even though there is not one thing in my house that color. I need to introduce it in small increments!!

  3. It is time to paint all the rooms in my house. Can you recommend a soft white for our bathrooms and maybe either a soft white or a light beige for the open concept living room, dining room and kitchen? I will be keeping my crown molding and ceilings white. Furniture is brown and dark green. Thank you.

  4. Catherine N says:

    I love your home decor!! Neutrals are very elegant but I love my emerald green couch! Can I mix the two in an elegant way?

    1. Absolutely! An emerald green sofa sounds lovely. Pair it with neutral pillows, and bring the emerald green color in with one or two pillows with a pattern. A floral that features the same green would be beautiful. Good luck!

      1. I am not a neutral decor person…it looks nice but for me it is boring. I love color and use it proudly as it makes me happy. But I realize this ne neutral decor is on trend. I subscribe to the English Homes magazine since I’m an Anglophile, and all the decor is so different than it is here. Lots of pattern and colors. I love English decorating.

  5. Pat Severance says:

    Hi – I was wondering if you listed where you purchased your sofa? I love it! Thanks!

    1. Hi Pat…I got the sofa at a furniture store chain that has gone out of business. It’s no longer available. I wish I could be more helpful!

  6. I absolutely love your style. Where did you purchase your pitchers/vases. Also where did you purchase your sofa pillows. I was trying to go with a more relaxed farmhouse style but I always seem to lean towards the traditional style.

    1. Hi Crystal…I get the pitchers mostly at discount stores, my antique mall, or on eBay. I also find some at TJ Maxx or Homegoods. The pillow covers come from all over. My favorites and the most budget-friendly are from H&M Home.

  7. Going to try the neutrals. Thank you!

  8. I started painting walls furniture, refinishing furniture during the shut down. Our home is very small
    And I wanted to brighten !!!! I loved how when is look at others homes who went Neutral looked so peaceful, clean and bright. I love what I’ve done and I’m not going back. Accenting with layers of textures makes keeps it interesting and accenting with brass and black. I’m so happy I
    Took on the challenge. It’s been a lot of work but so worth it 💕

  9. Love the neutrals in decorating as well and have used throughout our condo as well as our former little bungalow. Just found your blog and joined in November and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading. My husband enjoyed your Potatoes Delmonico recipe addition to our Christmas menu and now I have it on a card in my recipe box. I am commenting today as your dining room harp chairs brought back a sweet memory for me. My grandmother had a harp chair at her desk and as a child I loved sitting in it. I have no idea where that chair is now, but I think I will be on the look out for one (at least) to have in our home. Thank you for your wonderful ideas, recipes, taking the time to write and for today transporting me to a sweet time and place.

  10. Kristie Blyseth says:

    I love your home! I probably would have loved the brighter version too because of your sense of style. Last year I switched to neutrals and my family seems to like it better. In fact, when my thirteen year old redid her room this year she wanted to go with a “warm white”. That was not something this 80’s girl would have ever uttered. Hahaha.

  11. 5 stars
    Your home is so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this information.

  12. Good for you Ann.
    In my last two residences (one a condo, one a single family home) I begin with Benjamin Moore’s Linen white on all surfaces…ceilings, walls, trim, baseboards…then over time if I decide to add accent color, I do. The linen white is so easy to live with and I never tire of it.

  13. Using neutral home decor is just the best idea. I love it, because I can really save money with it, and I don’t have to rethink twice if I want that neutral home decor or not. It easy to work with it when comes to decorating. So I can only embrace the idea!

  14. Great use of neutrals to make your decorations pop. Love this blog for great inspiring ideas.

  15. Great article Ann! You make some great points and your pictures do an equally great job of pulling everything together!

  16. I love neutrals, too! They create the perfect backdrop for punches of color, which I love to change out from season to season!

  17. Betsy White says:

    I love everything you post! Such good ideas. I live in an older home and can always use your recommendations. Love you Ann!

  18. Your home is so pretty. Thank you for sharing how you found your decorating style. I love neutral backgrounds with blue. I feel I could live in your home very happily. Smiles