5 Easy Tips for Decorating With Accent Chairs

In this post: 5 things to look for when decorating with accent chairs. Whether you want a set or just one, this guide to buying accent chairs will help you choose!

navy blue accent chair in living room

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When decorating a living space, many elements are involved. Sofas, chairs, tables, rugs, soft furnishings, etc. This post concentrates on chairs, which can be broken down into two categories: comfortable arm chairs (that are used for lounging) and accent chairs. Accent chairs are usually smaller than the other furniture in a room. They are substantially smaller than a lounge chair or wing chair. They fit nicely in a corner or in a grouping around a table. Generally, an accent chair isn’t meant to be used for long periods of time. Comfort is a consideration, of course, but size and scale are important as well. Decorating with accent chairs fills empty corners, and fills in empty spaces in conversation areas. 

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Here are a few things to consider when you are decorating with accent chairs. By focusing on these details, you can choose pieces that add interest and charm to any room.

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Tips for Decorating with Accent Chairs

Arms or Not?

A good choice for an accent chair is a “slipper chair.” Slipper chairs (my personal favorite) are armless and sit lower to the ground. They were originally used in bedrooms for ladies to sit and slip on their shoes. They have definitely left the bedroom and are now found in main living areas. A set of slipper chairs is perfect for flanking a fireplace or a large piece of furniture. One or two slipper accent chairs can add a touch of the unexpected to any space.


Chair fabric is the perfect place to insert some of your personal style. Choose a favorite color or pattern…or stay neutral so the chair(s) can move around your house. I purchased the chair below for one of our guest bedrooms, and it could literally go in any room of our home.


The one thing that will take an accent chair up a level (or two) is tufting. Tufting is achieved by attaching buttons through an upholstered piece and pulling the thread tight. This results in “tufts,” or indentations in the back or seat of a chair. Tufting sometimes (but not always)  bumps the price of a chair up a bit, but the texture it adds is definitely worth it. A tufted accent chair is perfect for any style decor.

tufted chair in living room with neutral pillow

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Piping on an accent chair adds a finishing touch. It is a trim applied to the seams of a chair, usually around the edges of seats, arms, and backs. Piping can be highlighted even more when it’s made in a complimentary color. It pops off the main color and adds interest and depth to an accent chair.

Leg Style

Most smaller accent chairs have exposed legs. Choosing a leg style that reflects your own personal style is the best route to go. If you like modern or contemporary furniture, choose a sleek and plain leg. For traditional style, a carved or turned leg would work well. Some accent chairs even come with casters which add a lovely, vintage touch.

pair of tufted chairs in living room with fall decor

Do Accent Chairs Need to Match?

There is no simple answer to this question, because it’s a matter of taste. Personally, a matching set of anything makes me smile. I love symmetry, and a matching set of chairs can quickly add it to any room. One instance where accent chairs would not have to match is if they are being used on opposite corners of a room. If the chairs are separated, there is no reason they have to match. If the chairs are side-by-side, or in a corner, my opinion is that it’s best that they match. 

When it’s time to buy!

Buying accent chairs can be can be fun, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. I’ve purchased two sets of accent chairs online, and nothing could be easier or more convenient. Both sets came fully assembled except for the legs…which I attached in just a few minutes. Find some good choices below for buying accent chairs online.

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