Farmhouse Throw Pillows: Best Sources

My best sources for affordable farmhouse throw pillows. Includes linen pillows, Pottery Barn pillow covers & several other sources for farmhouse pillows. 

farmhouse throw pillows linen pillows on sofa

Pillows. You either love them or you hate them…I don’t think there’s really any in-between. Throw pillows have so many endearing qualities and yet, they can be the source of tremendous frustration for family members who just don’t get it! More often than not, if you go overboard with pillows, they end up on the floor. Because honestly…your family has to sit someplace. 

Finding that happy medium is a bit of a challenge, but it can be done. Here are a few tips:

  • Provide a source in your space where the pillows can land, other than the floor. A large basket, the bottom of a book shelf, a wicker trunk.
  • Choose reasonably-sized pillows. 18 x 18 inches or 20 x 20 inches is plenty big enough. Small lumbar pillows are perfect for chairs and pack the same punch as a larger pillow.
  • Less is more. More than five pillows on a sofa is too much…and that might be pushing it. (Just my opinion.) I also limit myself to one pillow per chair. 

I’ve had a lot of questions about my pillows lately, so I wanted to put all the source information in one place. Listed below are all the places or websites where I shop on a regular basis and that I can honestly recommend. 

Sources for Farmhouse Throw Pillows

*Affiliate links included. Click HERE for my disclosure statement.

T.J.Maxx or HomeGoods

I know we all don’t have a T.J. Maxx or HomeGoods down the street…but I had to include them in this round-up. My town doesn’t have a HomeGoods but we do have a T.J. Maxx. I like to stop in occasionally just to see what’s new. I have accidentally found some lovely things, especially farmhouse throw pillows. It’s always worth a look. 


Some of us love IKEA (I’m raising my hand) and some of us hate it. Either way, the fact of the matter is that they have great throw pillow covers and inserts at incredible prices. It’s hit or miss depending on where they are seasonally, but I always seem to find something I can’t live without. (The pillows with blue dots on the sofa above are from IKEA several years ago.)

neutral pillows on sofa

H & M (Great Source for Linen Pillows)

I just discovered a new (to me) source for farmhouse and linen pillows. I have known about H & M and even been to their website, but I didn’t realize they have home decor items. I was astonished at the selection and low prices. They have natural fabrics like linen and cotton, low shipping plus a huge selection. Click {HERE} to take a look. 

Tip: If you see something on the H & M website, don’t wait if you really want it. Their items sell out very quickly. 

Get my Guide to Neutral Pillow Covers 

Pottery Barn Pillow Covers

Although I don’t shop at Pottery Barn on a regular basis, I love to stroll through their stores and when I do, I always find something I can’t live without. I got the two large navy pillow covers pictured below during one of those strolls and they are wonderful. The little blue plaid pillow fits in anywhere, so it moves around the house. They run sales almost all the time and offer free shipping on a regular basis. It’s a good idea to sign up for their emails so you don’t miss out on something you want. Shop HERE.

pottery barn pillow covers on sofa


I continue to be amazed, on a daily basis, at what you can find on Amazon. You can literally get anything…including really nice farmhouse pillows at reasonable prices. Amazon has also added a “Handmade” category that has some wonderful selections. I added my favorite farmhouse pillow covers to my Amazon Shop so you can find them easily. Click the button below to take a look.

amazon shop button pillows throws blankets

Farmhouse Pillows on Etsy

I love Etsy. I love supporting anyone who sells handmade items, so when I am looking for farmhouse pillows, Etsy is one of the first places I look. Here are two of my favorite shops:

farmhouse pillows on dining room chairs

Sew Your Own Farmhouse Pillow Covers

If you can sew a straight stitch, you can make your own farmhouse throw pillows. Here are two of my easiest pillow cover tutorials. They have both just been updated so if you have any questions, please let me know.

Envelope Pillow Cover Tutorial

farmhouse pillow cover tutorial

Tie Closure Pillow Cover Tutorial
(Includes grain sack &
ticking fabric sources
which are perfect
for farmhouse pillows.)

front porch decor with white rocker

See our summer front porch!

Living Room sources that are still available:

Sofa, chairs & footstools no longer available. | Safavieh Rug | Basket tray | Bunny vase  Basket blanket ladder | Dough Bowls Tissue holder

5 Tips for Mastering Farmhouse Style Email Series


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  1. Maureena Ferris says:

    Oh, thank you, I love all your emails and tips but the pillows, the pillows. I live in a small space and use color to keep it lively for me. These ides have me ready to change my pops of color starting today. Lack of storage has me loving pillow covers and I’m going to try the tie ones also. THANK YOU!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Love all these beautiful ideas!
    Thank you for helping me make my home pretty and refreshed!

  3. Sam Nicholson says:

    5 stars
    Love your pillows! Another great way to save. Get pillows with insert to replace cover on. I get all sorts o f pillow forms this way. At 50 cents a pillow it’s a lot cheaper! You can also look for brainwaves there, I’ve been really lucky so far. I go to three THRIFT stores and have ten pillow forms waiting to be covered!

    1. Pillow covers are great! I swap out my porch pillows for the seasons and my husband was getting annoyed at the bins that stored pillow alone! Wish I had discovered pillow covers at Amazon a long time ago! I could have 4 pillow and changed them with covers! Easy to store and super cheap! Choices on Amazon are endless! The pillow on my family room couch right now are actually my summer porch pillows with covers on.

  4. I really enjoyed your article on throw pillows. I love them, my hubby kinda hates them! Plus thank you for all the links.

  5. joann stanley says:

    5 stars
    What color is your front door? I want to change my front door color. Love yours

    1. tina stone says:

      I think she said that it was Naval.

  6. Susan Whittaker says:

    lots of good places and ideas. DIY is the most satisfying feeling and probably one of the most economical for me. IKEA’s prices and selection are amazing and the solid ones can be embellished with ribbon, trims, fabric, embroidery, using fabric glue, stitching, or glue gun.
    Or, try stenciling with acrylic paints.

  7. Ann, I have also gotten nice pillows at Big Lots.

  8. 5 stars
    Awesome thank you love the ideas ♥️

  9. Love the pillows. This whole series is going to be fun. I am still using the envelope pillow pattern to make pillows. Thanks for the series

  10. Shirley Hale says:

    Greetings— I bought three red and white buffalo check pillows covers from you via redbubble several weeks back, and love them—-they’re perfect.
    Am interested, tho, in having a lumbar pillow made in the same fabric, and wonder if there’s a chance you might make me one—
    May I hear back regarding this?
    Many thanks for any info you can send my way—And for the perfect pillows youve already sent.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Shirley…unfortunately, Redbubble doesn’t offer lumbar pillows. I wish they did. I’m so sorry! Happy New Year, Ann

      1. Shirley Hale says:

        I’ll live. Thanks for the reply– Happy New Year back!

  11. AnnMarie Cutkosky says:

    It’s interesting that you posted this article today. I am beginning to do an Autumn bedroom redo and have been searching sites for throw pillows for the bed. I found a few that I think will be great on Amazon and Etsy. I am new to your site and I am loving your articles and printables. This is the first time I have ever commented on a site but I just had to let you know I am truly enjoying yours. I will send a picture when the room is finished. Thank you again for you and all your hard work.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      I AnnMarie! Thank you so much for taking the time to say hello…and welcome!

  12. Shannon Fox says:

    Ann, I love all these great sources. HomeGoods is my all time favorite, but at 4 hours away (round trip) it’s not always possible to get a good pillow fix.
    Thanks for the super resources! And for having my for Home Style Saturdays today too.
    xo Shannon

  13. Betty Lou says:

    Good suggestions Ann as I love pillows also, but since i now live in an apartment and have a loveseat instead of a large sofa I have to trim my enthusiasm for pillows. My navy loveseats came with two matching navy pillows, boring and screams furniture store but purchased two navy/white print pillows from Home Goods with zipper covers. I love the way you mix your prints when using multiple pillows and think I will try adding one more I want to add a quilt ladder to my living room, may I ask is your the 60″ or 72″. I would like the taller one but afraid the proportions would be too tall in an apartment. Any suggestions?

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Betty Lou! My blanket basket ladder is 72 inches tall. I have 8 ft. ceilings so they are not at all high. I would think that as long as your ceiling isn’t too low, the taller ladder would be fine. I hope this helps!

  14. Love the look of multiple pillows on a sofa and a bed but sometimes not so practical.Your couch looks lovely with the added pillows, the blue and white looks so fresh, hope the pillows don’t end up on the floor !

  15. What a great post. I love pillows, the hubby not so much. He wants to wad them up under his head to take a couch nap. Yikes! We’ve had a couple of discussions about the meaning of “decorative.” Your living room with the blue and white color scheme is so soothing and swoon worthy. All of my living spaces are warm colors and it would be too expensive to change everything but I did manage to get a blue and white powder room with the recent addition to our house. I just love your decorating style.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      My kids used to do that and I wanted to scream! But of course I didn’t. ha! Enjoy your new powder room. Sounds lovely.

  16. Cyndi Brey says:

    Looking for cheap outdoor pillow inserts. Have any suggestion?

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Cyndi! I try to get my pillow inserts at IKEA because they are so inexpensive. You can get poly inserts at any craft store like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. Even Walmart. They are the most inexpensive especially if you can hit a sale.

      1. Cyndi Brey says:

        Just ordered 9 pillow inserts. Love all paint colors and decorating..

  17. Pam Fraser says:

    Looking for country pillows & style.

  18. Lorrie Bredal says:

    Just curious what makes a pillowca Farmhouse pillow?

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Lorrie…I’m not an expert and the ideas in this post are just my opinion. I would say the main thing is the fabric. Linens, cottons, mostly neutral colors, typography, vintage.

  19. I was looking at older dining room pics. Could you please answer two questions. How high up is your board and batten and how high are your ceilings. I LOVE the look you have after looking at so many posts on pinterest. Thank you so much!!

      1. Thank you so much for the information. I am remodeling a bed and breakfast and love your look!

  20. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Hi! Ann! I’m a pillow gal, too! Whenever I go shopping, there is always something that has to come home with me! We have a basket in our Great Room where the pillows go when company comes!

    Love your Amazon Shop! You are so thoughtful in putting all this information together for us on your posts! Thanks! Have a great week!

  21. I believe you are no longer making and selling your own covers but I have to add they are quality covers. I purchased one from when you first were selling. Still love it and it was ‘quality’.

  22. I love making my own throw pillows and am inspired by what you have shown me, thanks always

  23. Very helpful, just started decorating a new space.

  24. Thanks for the shops to look . Love your color scheme.

  25. Gerry Bubbs says:

    Ann, you have such an inviting home. Right from your front porch, into your living room, dining room and kitchen. I thoroughly enjoy your website and all your wonderful articles. 🏡

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Thanks Gerry…for taking the time to let me know and for your kindness. You just made my day. :)

  26. Hi Ann, I just love the look of your living room! Thanks for all the great tips on where to find fabulous pillows. I love your couch too, it’s exactly the look I’m going for. Where did you get it?

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Cindy! The sofa is from a chain with stores mostly in the Midwest called Artvan. I will add the info to the post!

  27. hi Ann, I was looking at the lovely pillows and my eye went straight to your sofa. It’s the perfect basic sofa for putting beautiful colorful pillows. Where did you buy your sofa? I love it!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Pamela…it’s from a chain with stores mostly in the Midwest called Artvan. I added the info to the post!

  28. I am a pillow lover too.If I had my way they would be all over the house ! The pillows in your living room are lovely.Thanks for including your sources.Happy Sunday !

  29. Ann, this post couldn’t have come at a better time since I am looking to change out my pillows for the spring and summer in my living room. I love your blues, it seems to be the color I am drawn to most. I also have a white sofa. Thanks for the resources and the photos! Have a great day!

  30. oops, I meant checked pillow

  31. Love your pillow post. Where did you get the bright blue plaid pillow on the sofa?

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Linda…it’s from Pottery Barn but is no longer available. It’s from a few years ago.

  32. Hi, Ann. I’ve been enjoying your blog since last October. Thanks for the great articles and printables. I’ve had a lot of luck finding throw pillows in at home stores in my area. The selection is huge, and they are also very affordable.

  33. Jeanette Duke says:

    So beautiful and clean! Surely wish I could keep my house that way for at least a couple of days! Ha Ha! I have those same Pottery Barn pillow covers in charcoal that you have in navy. I get almost all my pillow covers from there. Happy Spring, Ann! 🌷🌞🌷

  34. Nancy Bailey says:

    I LOVE it when you include sources! Thanks to you and your Blog I now have a new Spring wardrobe and the pillows I have been searching for everywhere. My DH likes the foods I prepare from your recipes, too. Whatever makes him happy – so I can continue to shop. Blessings, Nancy

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Thank you so much Nancy…I agree that a happy husband is a good thing. :)

  35. Hi Ann and staff, love the helpful simple tips that sometimes we just don’t think of ourselves. And enjoy the articles immensely along with recipes of course. Thanks

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Yvonne…this made me chuckle. There is no staff. Just me and my little dog, Kelly!

  36. Runningonempty says:

    Great taste, Ann!

  37. Judy Fisher says:

    When I click on the button in your email to take me to your Amazon site, nothing happens. How do I get to your site?

  38. Alejandra says:

    Just thinking on a farm house, brings to me good memories, and how lovely to see the photo of the inside of a farm house with white and blue decoration!
    Pillows are good to add that lovely touch to any decoration.
    Thanks for sharing great tips to make any house a home!