Easy Seasonal Centerpiece Idea

Use this easy seasonal centerpiece idea all year long by simply changing the main elements. Takes just a few minutes and is budget-friendly!

dough bowl centerpiece idea in dining room

If you’re like me, and are sometimes a bit overwhelmed with the thought of “entertaining,” this is the post for you. I love to have my family around me, and I am happiest when they are all home. However, the preparation can sometimes be daunting. That’s why I always try to simplify everything as much as I possibly can. That includes the menus and table settings, which of course, includes the centerpieces. The centerpiece I’m featuring today is simple, fast, and quite possible, free. (If you can find what you need in your stash!)

Easy Seasonal Centerpiece Idea

The basic idea for this seasonal centerpiece is to begin with a vessel or tray. Anything you have on hand will work. Some suggestions are:

  • a large, low bowl
  • a tray with sides at least one inch tall
  • a dough bowl 
  • a basket

long dough bowl with eucalyptus in dining room

The next step is to add some sort of soft greenery or filler. Again, anything you already have will work. It can be real or faux, but if you choose something real, make sure it’s something that will dry well. Eucalyptus works beautifully. Other options would be magnolia leaves, boxwood, caspia, or baby’s breath. Place the greenery/filler in your vessel, so it covers the bottom and hangs over the side. 

centerpiece idea for easter

Once you have your greenery base in place, the fun begins. For this centerpiece, I used faux duck eggs, bunches of carrots, and smaller faux eggs in the center. Some other suggestions for spring and summer are:

  • moss-lined nests with small eggs
  • faux blossoms
  • faux eggs
  • dried flowers
  • fresh, seasonal fruit (lemons, limes, pears)

Finish by nestling your seasonal elements in and on the greenery or filler. At this point, stand back to make sure everything is balanced and admire your creation!

centerpiece idea with eggs carrots eucalyptus

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Easy Seasonal Centerpiece Idea Sources

Long dough bowl | large faux duck eggs (from Hobby Lobby, not available online) | faux carrots | table runner | chandelier | board and batten info. | paint colors | botanical prints.

1 long dough bowl seasonal centerpiece eggs carrots

I’ve had this long dough bowl for several months and love how easy it is to put together a centerpiece. You can see more seasonal centerpieces using this same method by clicking the links below:

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  1. Ann, do you mind sharing your source for the smaller multi-colored eggs? Thank you!

  2. So beautiful as always. Effortless and that is what I LOVE about your ideas.

    Happy Easter!

  3. Lovely and simple.I have a long rectangular metal basket on my dining room table that I change out seasonally.For the base,I cut up natural colored tissue paper in thin strips and fill the entire basket then add seasonal items,easy.Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter.

  4. Donna Marie says:

    As always it looks lovely! Happy Easter to you and yours!!!

  5. I have a rectangular trough that I use most of the time. I love filling it with seashells for May-August. I paid a 7-year-old who was going to the beach with his family to bring me a bag. For $10 I got enough to put on my dining table and put in a hurricane lamp in my kitchen.

  6. Where did you find that long wooden piece?

    1. Ann Drake says:

      On Amazon! I provided the direct link at the end of the post. Thank you!

  7. Charlotte says:

    I love the simplicity of your centerpiece. So easy to add just the right items to make the table beautiful. Don’t you just love things that come together so effortlessly? Sometimes the easy centerpieces are perfect and make us smile when we pass the table. Happy Easter.

  8. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    Sweet and Simple! It probably took longer to write the post than it did to make the centerpiece !! Looks great in the dough bowl. Happy Easter and enjoy your family XOXO