DIY Easter Bunny Nest

DIY Easter Bunny Nest | Elements include dried grass, carrot bunches, colored eggs and of course a bunny! All items can be found at craft stores.

In my never-ending quest to renew and refresh what I already have, I’ve updated my DIY Easter Bunny Nest yet once again. I’ve had this wooden bunny for years and it appears each spring somewhere in my decor. I got it at Hobby Lobby and although I could not find this exact bunny on their website, click {HERE} for something very similar.

diy easter bunny nest in bowl with text

This year for my DIY Easter Bunny Nest, I used one of my favorite pieces of ironstone, a large bowl from Pottery Barn. This bowl moves around my house and fits in absolutely anywhere. I placed it on my little yellow table and built the nest from the bottom up.

diy easter bunny next collage of stepsDIY Easter Bunny Nest Assembly

1.) Begin with a bowl, basket or tray.
2.) Add a riser of some sort so the bunny sticks out of the nest. I used a plastic container turned upside-down.
3.) Cover the riser with dried grass.
4.) Around the edge of the bowl, lay bunches of silk or dried flowers. Anything will work for this. Just use what you have.
5.) Place your bunny in the center of the nest.
6.) Add some carrot bunches (available at Pier 1) for a pop of color.
7.) Add some colorful Easter eggs.

diy easter bunny nest with carrots greenery

I added a little heart charm on a piece of twine to the bunny’s neck for a very cute finishing touch.

diy easter bunny nest charm on wooden bunny

To show you a few different ways to do this, I played around a bit and came up with a couple of options. First is using a bunny that is a little more natural looking. This one is from Pier 1 and you saw it the other day in my spring lantern.

diy easter bunny nest with natural rabbit

Second is adding a grapevine cloche to the nest with the tall bunny. It adds a natural element to the sort of unnatural wood bunny. I found the grapevine cloche at a local shop and have never seen another one anyplace else. Any sort of cloche would work so if you like this look, just experiment!

diy easter bunny nest with cloche

(Her little necklace is turned around…oh well!)

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DIY Easter Bunny Nest Shopping Sources:

 Ivory bowl (similar)| Bunnies | Eggs | Carrots | Set of Glass Cloches

So there you have a DIY Easter Bunny nest three ways! I hope this helps get you in the mood for spring and ready to add some fresh, festive decor to your home.  Until next time…

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