Spring Forsythia Wreath: A Pop of Yellow for Your Door

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Bring a pop of yellow to your front door with this DIY Spring Forsythia Wreath. Uses basic craft store items. Easy and fast to assemble!

spring forsythia wreath on open door

Here’s a little tip…if you want a pop of color, and a quick spring pick-me-up, get yourself some forsythia! It has been gray and rainy here for days, but when I hung this spring forsythia wreath on my door, I instantly felt better. There is definitely something about the color yellow that adds sunshine to a dark day.

spring forsythia wreath supplies 2022

Forsythia is one of those flowers that blooms for just a short time in the very early spring, but when it does, it’s magnificent. Sometimes planted as a hedge, the row of amazing yellow flowering bushes is a sight to behold. As a cut flower, forsythia doesn’t last long, and the blooms tend to drop off right away. That’s why using faux forsythia branches is the perfect solution for adding this amazing bloom to your spring decor. A good trick to make faux forsythia look real is to mix it with fresh flowers. If it’s nestled among real tulips or daffodils, it’s hard to tell the faux from the real!

spring forsythia wreath branches 2022

Supplies Needed

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(If you’re wondering about the bunny in the photo, I thought I was going to attach him to the wreath with the nest, but in the end, decided he was too much!)

spring forsythia wreath on blue door 2022

Spring Forsythia Wreath Steps

  • With the wire cutters or heavy scissors, cut the individual stems from each forsythia bush. My bushes had five stems each which left me with ten stems. You want small branches of forsythia that can be easily inserted into the grapevine wreath.
  • Working on a flat surface, attach a hanger to the wreath with a piece of florist wire.
  • Using the hanger to mark the top of the wreath, begin inserting the stems into the grapevine. Imagine the spokes on a wheel and follow that pattern. Start at the top and insert five stems in the left side, ending at the bottom center of the wreath.
  • Starting at the top again, insert five stems into the right side of the wreath, ending at the bottom center.
  • Stand back and make any necessary adjustments so the blossoms look relatively even.
  • Using another piece of florist wire, attach the nest with eggs. Just stick a piece of wire through the nest and wire it on to the grapevine.
spring forsythia wreath with nest 2022

I actually didn’t spend a dime on this spring forsythia wreath. I already had several stems of forsythia and I found everything else in my craft stash. Even if you need to start from scratch, it’s a very budget-friendly project that will brighten your front door, and greet your guests with a burst of spring!

osp-single-flower cropped (1)


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  1. Mary Ellen Wood says:

    Ann, what a simply elegant yet cheery wreath. I have kept a wreath on my front door because it’s one of the few ways I can add a special punch to our house. You see, we have no front porch or much of a walkway–just driveway. One problem I have, though, is that the grapevine wreath keeps scratching the paint off my front door. How do you keep that from happening?

    1. Ann Drake says:

      When we lived on Sutton Place, there was a light mark on the door where the wreath hung. I didn’t really worry about it because there was always a wreath on the door, so the marks never showed. Just make sure that it fits your hanger snugly, so there isn’t a lot of moving around. Thank you!

    2. Debbie Hopkins says:

      Mary Ellen, may I suggest that maybe you could cut a piece of brown felt in a “O” shape. Cutting out the center of course so it couldn’t be seen from the front of the wreath, to fit the back of your wreath, and then hot glue it to the wreath. Making sure to put the glue on the inner and outer edge of the felt. Just a thought. 😃

    3. I attach a piece of brown felt to back side of wreath, just the area that would touch the door. I have used brown thread or yarn to wrap around the wreath, holding felt just where I want it. Can’t see felt when decoration is added to wreath.

  2. Very pretty! Spring is coming!

  3. I agree with you that you is such a great way to welcome spring and I use it inside and out both with faux and real blooms. A forsythia wreath I have used for years will be on my front door and I am going to freshen it up with some faux yellow Tulips and a new bow. Maybe a small nest with little eggs like you suggest. Can’t wait to hang it up come March. I have a few Daffodils blooming in my garden so those will be arranged in little blue vase to brighten up the kitchen once the Valentine flowers have faded.

  4. Connie Gould says:

    Hi Ann,
    Thanks for sharing how to make a forsythia wreath. I plan make one for my front door! I really found your mixing pillow patterns interesting. I ordered a set of pillow covers with stylized navy blue flowers with a pale blue background and also have a lumbar pillow with a gray bird on a navy blue background with a few large white flowers. I was thinking I might need to brighten things up a bit with some yellow colored pillows. I do like pale yellow checked or geometric designs. What do you suggest to go with the navy flowers on a pale blue background. I love your choice of blue and yellow in your livingroom. I’m still pretty new at mixing patterns. Would really appreciate your help Ann.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Connie! If you want to add yellow, try to find a pattern that combines either the navy with yellow, or the light blue with yellow. Your idea of a small check would work well too. Good luck!

      1. Lynda Johnson says:

        Hi Ann, I copied the beautiful blue and white wreath that you featured a couple of years ago on your front door..I use a common over the door wreath hanger that causes my wreath to bang against the door every time we open and close it. I just wanted to ask what you use to hang your wreaths. I enjoy your site so much. I care for my disabled husband at home. Thanks for the quiet, peaceful break I get each time I can get away to spend some on OSP. Lynda in Moses Lake, WA

  5. After inserting each sten ito the wreath, what do you do with the stem? Do you twist it onto the wreath? Glue it ? Hot glue? Cut it so it doesn’t stick out too far at the back? Wire it around a piece of the wreath? I’m new at this! Thanks

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Shirley! I’m sorry for the delay in answering. The best thing to do is cut the stems to a length so they don’t stick out the back. Also, if you insert them at a slight angle, like the spokes of a wheel, they go into the wreath instead of out the back. I hope this helps!

  6. Shannon - Home Made Lovely says:

    What a lovely bright spring wreath!

  7. Heather Luckhurst says:

    Your wreath is so beautiful Ann! Love th pop of yellow!

  8. Gail Martin says:


    I think you displayed a wreath like this a couple of years back. And because I love your timeless style that just is wonderful, I found one at a local craft shop. I bought it and hung it on my front door. It was hanging for about a week and my son noticed that birds were building a nest in it. Now anyone that knows me knows that i do not like birds anywhere near me. I’ll feed them in winter, but i do not want a bird nest any where near my front door. Those crazy birds flew in my house and that was it. That wreath came down from the door and promptly went on the wall over my bar. It is funny now, but not so much then.

  9. That’s really pretty Ann. I pinned it to my Wreaths board.

  10. What a beautiful pop of color!

  11. This is absolutely fantastic, Ann! Forsythia is my favourite! I always get so excited when I first start to see it blooming in the garden each year – it’s like the first real proof that spring is on the way very shortly! So glad you could be part of this hop and series:)

  12. This wreath is perfection!! This is exactly what I have been looking for to spruce up my front door. Thank you for sharing!!

  13. Hello Ann,
    Thanks so much for the Irish Blessing Printables. They are the touch I was looking for to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. I also appreciate the DIY Spring Wreath collection, another timely post. Cheers!

  14. Julie Briones says:

    So pretty, Ann… I always like your projects!

  15. I love the cheeriness of this Forsythia wreath! It is the perfect pop of color to welcome spring! XO

  16. That is a very cheerful wreath! I think it IS time for a little cheer after all the grey and frigid weather we’ve had this winter. We’ve actually had sun for two days in a row up here in Michigan and I have really appreciated the lift it gives me.

    Truthfully, I just today got my Christmas wreath taken down off the front of the house. Can you believe it? We don’t use our front entrance much at all and I sort of lose track of what is out there! But today when I went out to the mailbox I spied the wreath on my way back in and decided that this was the day to get that darn wreath down. Now I can work on getting something more Spring-like hung and hopefully it won’t stay up until our next holiday season!

  17. We’ve been having gray, dreary weather here too, and I feel the same way about wreaths – they add so much cheer! I love, love, love the forsythia! xoxo

  18. Norma Rolader says:

    Beautiful wreath and thank you for sharing

  19. The bird nest with eggs is such a pretty touch!

  20. Jo-Anna Rooney says:

    SO pretty and cheery…I just love forsynthia branches! And I agree, when I hung my spring wreath, I instantly felt better too!

  21. The yellow! I just love the flowers on this!

  22. Yellow is this grandma’s “happy color” so what better way to welcome the coming of Spring. Think I have some forsythia stored downstairs!!! 😀

  23. Love the yellow splash ! Spring is on the way ,while out walking this morning I saw a robin . He was singing his Cheer up song and I have tulips poking their noses through in the garden .

  24. Shirley Graham says:

    Love the wreath – I have yellow in my house & it always gives me a lift! Thanks!

  25. Nothing says spring like forsythia! I need to plant a forsythia bush. The lovely yellow is just like sunshine to me. Our winter hasn’t been bad except not enough moisture, but I am so ready for spring.

  26. Very pretty and an easy craft.Looks beautiful on your door.

  27. I love making wreaths. This one definitely looks like spring. As soon as the forsythia bush blooms in the back yard I know that spring is really on the way and it makes my heart glad. I think that this should be my next craft project. Thank you for all your wonderful yet easy to achieve projects and ideas.

  28. Brenda Armstrong says:

    Ann, not pertaining to today’s blog, but yesterday I made Lemon Shortbread cookies and they were easy and delicious. Thanks so much for all you do to make our world and lives more beautiful and tasty.

  29. What a nice pick me up for the front door. We certainly need it this year in our part of the country. Last week we suffered with an ice storm but now we are in the 50’s. Thanks so much for all the effort you put into this blog.