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Spring Forsythia Wreath: A Pop of Yellow for Your Door

Bring a pop of yellow to your front door with this DIY Spring Forsythia Wreath. Uses basic craft store items. Easy and fast to assemble!

Here’s a little tip…if you want a pop of color, and a quick spring pick-me-up, get yourself some forsythia! It has been gray and rainy here for days, but when I hung this spring forsythia wreath on my door, I instantly felt better. There is definitely something about the color yellow that adds sunshine to a dark day.

spring forsythia wreath supplies 2022

*Author’s note: this project was originally posted in spring of 2018. It’s been updated with brighter images and more information. This wreath is a reader favorite, and it’s so easy that anyone can make it. Thanks for taking another look!

Forsythia is one of those flowers that blooms for just a short time in the very early spring, but when it does, it’s magnificent. Sometimes planted as a hedge, the row of amazing yellow flowering bushes is a sight to behold. As a cut flower, forsythia doesn’t last long, and the blooms tend to drop off right away. That’s why using faux forsythia branches is the perfect solution for adding this amazing bloom to your spring decor. A good trick to make faux forsythia look real is to mix it with fresh flowers. If it’s nestled among real tulips or daffodils, it’s hard to tell the faux from the real!

Spring Forsythia Wreath Supplies Needed:

(If you’re wondering about the bunny in the photo, I thought I was going to attach him to the wreath with the nest, but in the end, decided he was too much!)

spring forsythia wreath branches 2022

Spring Forsythia Wreath Steps:

  • With the wire cutters or heavy scissors, cut the individual stems from each forsythia bush. My bushes had five stems each which left me with ten stems. You want small branches of forsythia that can be easily inserted into the grapevine wreath.
  • Working on a flat surface, attach a hanger to the wreath with a piece of florist wire.
  • Using the hanger to mark the top of the wreath, begin inserting the stems into the grapevine. Imagine the spokes on a wheel and follow that pattern. Start at the top and insert five stems in the left side, ending at the bottom center of the wreath.
  • Starting at the top again, insert five stems into the right side of the wreath, ending at the bottom center.

spring forsythia wreath on blue door 2022

  • Stand back and make any necessary adjustments so the blossoms look relatively even.
  • Using another piece of florist wire, attach the nest with eggs. Just stick a piece of wire through the nest and wire it on to the grapevine.

spring forsythia wreath with nest 2022

I actually didn’t spend a dime on this spring forsythia wreath. I still had the forsythia basket I made a few years ago, so I just re-used the flowers. I had everything else in my craft stash. Even if you need to start from scratch, it’s a very budget-friendly project that will brighten your front door and greet your guests with a burst of spring!

spring forsythia wreath on open door

stairway with open front door and spring forsythia wreath

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