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Blue and White Kitchen (with Navy Blue Kitchen Island)

Ideas and inspiration for a cozy blue and white kitchen that include a navy blue kitchen island, neutral quartz countertops, and minimal accessories.

tray with flowers plates and candle on kitchen island

When we looked at the Sugar Maple house for the first time last September, I knew it was right for us because of many things, but at the top of that list was the kitchen. It’s not a big space, but because of the open floor plan, it feels huge! I love the fact that there are no walls, and that I’m no longer closed off from what’s going on in the rest of the house.

The kitchen looks very much like it did the day we moved in. The changes I made were purely cosmetic, and they gave me the opportunity to bring in my own personal style….which is slightly different than before. We switched out the sink faucet, and installed new lights. The lights have an industrial/farmhouse vibe, and the bar stools lend a modern feel to the space. We also purchased new appliances. Like in our grey and white master bathroom, I have embraced the brushed nickel metal, and actually love it very much.

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blue and white kitchen with stainless steel appliances

Blue and White Kitchen Ideas

A blue and white kitchen is clean and classic…but if you aren’t a lover of blue, all of these ideas can still be used by simply substituting your favorite color. Can you imagine how beautiful our kitchen would be with a dark green island? Or smoky grey?

blue and white kitchen with brushed nickel lights

The Navy Blue Kitchen Island

So let’s discuss the option of choosing a contrasting color for your kitchen island. There are four things to consider:

  • First, you have to be sure about adding color! Cabinetry is a huge expense, and the most important element of your kitchen. It’s definitely not a place to experiment. Choosing a neutral color for kitchen cabinetry is always a safe route to go if you have ANY doubts.
  • Second, choose an accent color you love. Choose a color you have lived with for many years, and that is used in other rooms of your home. I know there are exceptions to this piece of advice…but on the whole, don’t go with a new and untested color for an element as large as a kitchen island. (Note: I had already chosen navy blue cabinetry for our renovated bathrooms at the Sutton Place house. I knew for sure I loved it, so the navy blue kitchen island was perfect for us.)
  • Third, keep the background cabinet color neutral. Not only is that a practical choice, it’s also a good design choice.
  • Last, if you love the idea of contrasting cabinet colors, but don’t want to commit to an actual color, consider going with a wood tone. Neutral cabinetry looks beautiful with any natural wood color.
navy blue kitchen island with sink and dishwasher

Tip: if your kitchen can’t accommodate an island, an accent color can be added by choosing different upper and lower cabinets. A good rule of thumb is to put the darker color on the lower cabinets to ground the space…but you know how I feel about rules. They are made to be broken!

gas range with cast iron pot

Accent Pieces

Adding color to a neutral kitchen can easily be accomplished by using well-chosen accessories. In my case, I did that with plates, pitchers, cooking utensils, and linens. Other than the island, these are the ways I brought more blue into the space.

microwave over stove in kitchen

Moving into a home where none of the design choices are your own is a challenge. Even if you love the choices, there’s still a nagging need to put your own mark on the space. One way I made this kitchen feel like mine was to incorporate items we brought from the Sutton Place house. Namely, my plate rack. You can learn more about it HERE, but it’s one of my favorite pieces, and there was no way I was leaving it behind! It turns out that the Sugar Maple house has a wall space that was literally made for my rack. It hangs between the pantry door and the laundry room door in our kitchen, and it’s perfectly wonderful.

custom plate rack in kitchen

If you have followed this blog for very long, you know that before we moved, replacing the tile countertops at the Sutton Place house was at the top of my goal list. They were old, and no longer functional. My dream was to have beautiful, neutral quartz counters, so when I saw this kitchen for the first time, my heart skipped a beat. The counters are perfect, and if I could have chosen them myself, I would have picked exactly the same thing.

navy blue kitchen island with bar stools2

About the backsplash…truth be told, and unlike the countertops, it’s not something I would have chosen myself. I briefly thought about replacing it…but I really like it, it’s a classic style, and I consider grey a neutral color. Plus the same tile is used in the fireplace surround. After considering all of these things, replacing the backsplash went out of my head. It would have been a mess, and an unnecessary expense.

hexagon tile backsplash in blue and white kitchen

There are still a couple of projects I want to tackle in the coming months. Before we moved in, I added glass doors to the cabinets flanking the microwave, and the insides need to be painted to match the cabinets. (Not a job I’m looking forward to!) The sink is very scratched and worn-looking, so I would love to replace it. Other than these two things, there is nothing I want to change. At least not right now!

flowers on kitchen island

Blue and White Kitchen Resource Guide

Click the images below to go directly to the product listing.

navy blue kitchen island with flowers in sink

Additional Sources:

  • Cabinets: KraftMaid Shaker – Dove White
  • Island: KraftMaid Shaker – Midnight
  • Countertops: Cambria Quartz – Swanbridge
  • Backsplash: I don’t have a specific source. It’s honed grey marble hexagon tile, similar to THIS.
  • Wall Paint: Sherwin Williams Snowbound
flowers in kitchen sink

Thank you so much for your kindness and friendship. From the very first time I shared that we were moving, you have all been supportive and interested. I know some of you miss the Sutton Place house, and honestly, I do too. But there is much to look forward to as we transform this new-to-us house into a home.

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