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Use these cozy + comfortable winter decorating ideas to add texture & color to your spaces during the winter months.

winter decorating ideas for living room

Welcome to this year’s batch of winter decorating ideas…which you can actually apply to any room in your home. I’m featuring our great room because it looked so bare and cold after I took down the Christmas decorations. It definitely needed to be warmed up!

neutral room with blue accessories

Winter decorating ideas…for any room in your home.

At this time of year, after the holidays are behind us, we tend to nestle down and spend time at home. When all the Christmas color is stored away, I am usually very ready to welcome the serene feeling that neutrals lend to a room. However, this year I wasn’t ready to let go of all my color, so I added pops of various blues to our already neutral room. I wanted clean and calm, but I also wanted contrast.

winter decorating in neutral great room

What follows are easy and affordable ways to add that contrast to any room in your house. Accomplishing this is especially simple to do with the huge selection of home decor items available at Walmart. Mix vintage pieces with things that are brand new, and pair your more expensive items with things that are easier on the wallet. No matter what your budget, Walmart Home can help.

fireplace and chair with blue accessories

*Although this post is sponsored by Walmart, all ideas, styling, and selections are my own. Click HERE for my disclosure statement.

Soft Furnishings: Pillows + Throw Blankets

Hands down, the easiest way to add contrast and color is with pillows and throw blankets. In just a few minutes, you can entirely change the look and feel of a room. You can turn a room filled with riotous color into a calm and peaceful space simply by switching to neutral tones. Likewise, you can take a room blanketed in beige, and by adding colorful pillows and throws, it becomes a cohesive space with just the right amount of color.

winter decorating ideas in great room

Because I have a hefty collection of blue pillow covers, no new purchases were necessary. That’s one big advantage to decorating with your favorite color for a very long time! Mixed in with the neutrals, the shades of blue add the perfect amount of contrast.

blue stoneware vase and accessories on mantel

Throw blankets are versatile and budget-friendly. Drape them over the back of a chair, have one spilling out of the top of a basket, or pile several together on a shelf or hearth. Any way you use them, they add charm and color to a room.

rattan side table beside beige chair

Well-Chosen Accessories + Symmetry

This concept of adding different shades of the same color (any color…it doesn’t have to be blue) to neutral decor can be accomplished with just a few, well-chosen accessories. Make sure to shop your house before you purchase anything new. I love mixing a few new things in with my tried and true, favorite pieces.

winter decorating ideas fireplace mantel with tv

My new purchases this year were these stunning stoneware vases from Walmart. I can’t even tell you how much I love them! I hope you like them too, because they will be staying around for a long time.

fireplace accessories on mantel

Two things that I believe every home needs are balance and symmetry. They provide your decor with a place for the eye to rest, and the two together lend even more cohesiveness to your spaces. It’s not necessary to add symmetry to every room, but it’s nice to sprinkle it around your home, here and there.

winter decorating ideas for coffee table

Books are always an excellent decor accessory, no matter the time of year…but winter is the time to sink into a comfy chair and pore over a gorgeous and interesting book. For a simple coffee table vignette, stack a few books, and top them with fresh flowers. It definitely makes a statement, yet it can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

books on coffee table with pitcher of flowers

Natural Elements

No list of winter decorating ideas would be complete without mentioning natural elements. There are so many to choose from! My go-to choice is always fresh flowers, but don’t forget about pinecones, eucalyptus, feathers, branches, fresh or faux herbs, succulents, sea shells, or driftwood. Fresh pine is also a good choice for the winter months.

jute floor pouf beside chair

Natural elements can also be introduced by choosing pieces made from rattan or wicker. Not only do these items add amazing texture, they also add a bit of the unexpected. Whether functional or purely decorative, the natural color of wicker and rattan goes with any style decor, and is ideal for winter.

neutral great room with pops of blue

It’s nice to choose items that reflect your own style, where you are located, and your family’s interests. Clearly, here in Ohio, I won’t be decorating with sea shells and driftwood! But if you live by the water, beach-related items are definitely good, especially if they are displayed in something with texture, like a thick basket or dough bowl.

Winter Decorating Ideas Style Guide

Just click on the images below for direct links to the products. Where actual items are no longer available, I’ve provided similar options. Don’t forget that Walmart offers free shipping with a purchase of $35, and a generous return window.

I hope you found some winter decorating ideas to use in your own home. I love the cozy and comfortable feeling I get when I walk in our great room. When I’m ready to relax, there are pillows to sink into, and blankets to huddle under. We’ve been in our new house for about two months, and with every passing week, it’s feels more like home.

Being able to use what I already have in our decor is like welcoming in old friends. When I pull out pillow covers that have been around for a while, or pitchers that I’ve collected over the years, it makes everything feel more familiar. It’s also really fun to add the new pieces, and find out how everything fits into a space I’m still trying to figure out.

pitcher of flowers sitting on books

Remember to look around your home, use what you have, mix the old with the new, and don’t be afraid to try something completely different!

More inspiration from Walmart Home:

Paint color for walls + trim: Snowbound from Sherwin Williams.

More winter decorating ideas:

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  1. Jeanette Duke says:

    Ann, your new home is lovely! I love how you have pulled everything together and utilizing lots of what you already have. It is amazing how different older pieces can look so different in a new space.

  2. Mary Sliwinski says:

    Ann, I love everything you post!
    Could I, too, have the info on the coffee table in your living room?
    Thank you!

  3. Ann, your living room looks beautiful and I love the pops of blue. Such a classic combo.
    Also, thank you so much for providing the 4 to a page calendars for your subscribers! I just copied mine and the first month went right in my journal!!

  4. Ann Your new living room looks beautiful!

  5. Marilyn Lundberg says:

    Do you have a link for your round coffee table? The link you gave is different than the coffee table you have in your house and that’s the one I’m interested in. I love your style. You do such a great job of putting your rooms together. Beautifully done.

    1. Thank you Marilyn…I sent you an email with the information you requested!

  6. Making a trip to our Walmart for that great two handle basket. It’s beautiful.
    Already checked it’s availability. Thank you for always sharing.

  7. Dear Ann, I have loved yout sofa for a few years now. Wondering if it is still available? would love to try one like it.

    1. Hi Karen…I’m sorry, it’s no longer available. The company that made went out of business. I wish I could be more helpful!

  8. Love the gray striped accent chair, could you tell me where you got it. Thanks so much

  9. Love your new blue stoneware vases.I am a fan of Better Homes & Gardens and have 2 of their wood & metal lanterns that I love.It looks like all your collectables are finding a place in your new home.

  10. I love your family home. It is so warm and welcoming. I love, love your blue and white pitcher. I also collect blue/white ware, especially Flow Blue. Where did you buy your pitcher.

    1. The pitcher was actually a gift from a reader! It’s vintage Liberty Blue Staffordshire. You can find it on eBay or sometimes in antique malls or flea markets.

  11. Debra Matcovich says:

    I love the area rug. I’ve already bought two and are returning because of the color. Is yours a true ivory and cream. I just want a cream rug and so many have grey in it.

    1. Hi Debra…the rug is a true beige and cream. The background is different shades of beige, and the pattern is cream.

  12. I love the pitcher on your coffee table on top of the books. The scene reminds me of St. Philips Church in Charleston, SC, where I grew up. I would love to know where you got it.

    I have fallen hard for the blues after many years of trying to deny my love for them. I finally gave in last year and I’m loving collecting the beautiful accent pieces that make the look come alive.


    1. Hi Teresa…the pitcher is vintage Liberty Blue Staffordshire. You can sometimes find it at antique malls or flea markets. It’s also available sometimes on eBay. Just search “Liberty Blue.”

  13. Lory Bernstein says:

    Your living room looks so crisp and clean but also warm and cozy… :-). I’m in love with that rattan pouf!

  14. I can’t believe those lamps are from Walmart! They’re beautiful. Lately I am liking to order from Walmart much better than Amazon, Walmart is more trustworthy. And it’s “pore over” a book, not pour over. Sorry, channeling my Mom for a second.

  15. Jackie Boguski says:

    Hi Ann,
    I appreciate the calendar format. I had printed your calendar on “invoice”, to fit my journal, but I will reprint this format as well.I do love your calendar artwork. Thanks.

  16. Those stoneware vases look awesome on your mantel, Ann! I’ve just spent about 30 minutes on the Walmart site finding a few things I need (want!) Ha! Everything looks beautiful in your new home!

  17. Stunning and I love your old clock! Every house needs some old wood! Everything works so well together and looks quite cozy…..

  18. Karen Ewing says:

    Ann… I love the rattan side table … where is it from ? Warmly…in Ohio too…Karen

    1. Hi Karen…it’s from Walmart! Just click the little square image in the shopping guide at the end of the post. Stay warm!

      1. Ann, where did you get the grey striped accent chairs? They’re a lovely addition to your mostly white living room.