Welcome to the Sugar Maple House

After 28 years in the house on Sutton Place, we took the plunge and moved. Welcome to the Sugar Maple house…let me show you around!

Sugar Maple House 18

Before I introduce the Sugar Maple house, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who commented or emailed when I shared the news that we were moving. I was utterly overwhelmed by the good wishes, and I could literally feel the love. You are all so supportive and kind…and I want you to know how much I appreciate it. I loved hearing your own stories, and I’m so grateful that you wanted to share them with us. Now…it’s time for the tour!

sugar maple house entry before

Our Must-Have List

There are so many things about this house that made it the right choice for us. From the floor plan, to the finishes, to the yard…it’s all just perfect. In regards to my must-have list, never in a million years did I think a house would appear that met all my conditions…but it happened. I had no desire to move unless it was 100% worth it. I can now say with certainty that it definitely was! This was my list:

  • the house had to be less than 5 years old
  • one floor, open concept
  • split bedroom design (meaning the master bedroom is on one side of the house and the guest rooms are on the other.)
  • first floor laundry
  • kitchen island that seats at least 3
  • very small yard
  • no trees
sugar maple house entry and office door

The items above were very much non-negotiable for me. Two other things that I wanted, but could have lived without, were a front porch and a concrete driveway. The Sugar Maple house has both!

sugar maple house great room
From the entry, there’s a clear and open path to the great room and kitchen.

My husband and I didn’t necessarily have the same must-have list. He would have liked a bigger yard, and he couldn’t care less where the laundry room is located! The thing that sold us on this house in the end was the fact that it meets the needs of our adult children and grandchildren when they visit. There’s an amazing basement (I’ll show you later) that has a bedroom for the grandchildren, a bedroom for their parents, a full bathroom, and a very fun lounge area. All the other must-haves were important, but providing our kids with a comfortable place to stay was at the top of the list.

sugar maple house hallway
This hallway leads to my husband’s den, a guest room, and a guest bath.

There are a few other things I want to mention that sealed the deal for me. When we renovated our bathrooms at the Sutton Place house, I chose navy blue KraftMaid cabinetry. The huge island at the Sugar Maple house is the same color (Midnight) and style. When I walked in for the first time and saw the island, I could not believe it. The SMH front door is exactly like the one on Sutton Place, and the porch railings are almost identical. There is an office space for me, and a den for my husband. The landscaping at the SMH has limelight hydrangeas, and the walkway to the front door is slightly curved. The very first time I set eyes on the Sugar Maple house, I felt at home.

sugar maple house navy island
sugar maple house pantry doors
Those two closed doors are pantries! The open door goes to the laundry room and then through to the garage.


Because I had been saving and saving for a kitchen renovation, I had some money available to make this house feel more like ours. We painted everything a lovely neutral color called Snowbound, from Sherwin Williams. I ordered shutters for all the windows, and I picked out some new ceiling lights. The biggest change is in the master bedroom. The navy blue feature wall is gone! It was just not us, and it had to go. It was replaced with a stunning shiplap wall that I’ll show you as soon as I can.

This feature wall is gone!
sugar maple house master bath
The doorway on the right is the toilet room, and straight ahead is the closet.
sugar maple house master bath vanity
We’ve removed the builder grade mirror and replaced it with two mirrors centered over the sinks. I hope to replace the light as well.
sugar maple house shower and bathtub
The shower and tub are directly across from the vanity.
sugar maple house basement railing and kitchen

A kitchen island with seating was very important to me. I wanted a place where my family could gather together and be comfortable. If I close my eyes, I can imagine my three grandchildren sitting at this island, while I’m in the kitchen. The possibilities for making memories are endless!

sugar maple house hallway to bedroom
The master bedroom is through the doorway pictured above. To the right is our entry, and the front door.

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye to the house on Sutton Place was very bittersweet. Although I know moving was the right choice, there are so many family memories that were made on Sutton Place. It’s where our kids grew up, and it’s where we brought home a little puppy named Kelly. As some of you know, leaving a family home is sometimes necessary, but never without emotion.

What will I miss the most? I love the finishes in the SMH bathrooms, but I will miss our newly renovated navy blue bathrooms on Sutton Place. I’ll miss my garden, especially my peonies, and my birdhouse. I’ll miss our dining room. Because the SMH doesn’t have a dedicated dining room, we passed on our furniture to our nephew and his wife. We felt strongly about keeping it in the family, and it has definitely found a good home.

on sutton place house

Something one of my readers pointed out to me that I hadn’t considered was that by moving on, we are “making someone else’s dream of beginning a new chapter in a beautiful home a reality.” I hope and pray that the young couple who chose our home will be happy and content. It’s the perfect place to raise a family.

As soon as we’re settled, I plan to jump right into Christmas preparation. I’ll be sharing our front porch decorated for Christmas, as well as our great room, there are new printables, and hopefully a new recipe. After that, probably in the new year, I will be sharing much more of the Sugar Maple house.

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Until next time…