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Fall Blanket Ladder Decor: Easy & Quick

Quick and easy fall blanket ladder decor. Add pumpkins, fall colors, and natural elements to greet the season with style!

navy chairs blanket ladder shelves in living room

Fall is almost here. We have turned the corner into September, and before we know it, the first day of autumn will be upon us. Today’s post is part of our 20 Minute Decorating series, a monthly feature that focuses on quick and easy decor that can help you update your home in no time. For this month, I focused on the basket blanket ladder that leans on the wall in our living room. I’ve had it for a few years, and it’s the perfect place to add seasonal decor.

living room with shelves and blanket ladder

Fall Blanket Ladder Decor Inspiration

The inspiration for this fall blanket ladder decor is the cozy gold throw blanket I scored during the Nordstrom sale. The listing on their website says it’s “olive bronze,” but I would call it a true harvest gold. The basket above the gold throw is filled with velvet pumpkins and fresh eucalyptus.

fall blanket ladder in living room

The pumpkins are velvet, because it’s way to early to find real ones…and the colors vary from navy blue, to beige, to ivory. The seeded eucalyptus will dry beautifully, so it can stay there until it starts to crumble. When that happens, I can easily replace it. 

fall blanket ladder decor in living room

The sunflowers right now are absolutely beautiful…and every time I walk in the grocery store, there they are.  They are impossible to resist, so I’ve had sunflowers in the house for the past few weeks. Adding them to a couple of pitchers on the shelf, along with some more seeded eucalyptus, finished dressing this corner of the living room for fall. 

shelves with pitchers in living room

So far, the ideas I’ve shared for 20 Minute Decorating have not taken 20 minutes. This fall blanket ladder decor is no different. After I rounded up the pumpkins from the basement, it literally took about 10 minutes. My focus for the next month or so will be sharing ideas for autumn decor that are quick and easy…so stay tuned. My email subscribers are the first to know everything, so if you would like to join us, click the button at the end of the post. 

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*The chairs do not look navy because the sun was pouring in the window the day I took the photographs. They really are a nice, true shade of navy blue. 

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