Fall Porch Decorating Ideas: Fun & Festive

In this post: Fun & Festive Fall Porch Decorating Ideas. Five easy ways to add outdoor fall decorations to your porch. Budget-friendly porch decorating ideas for fall.

outdoor fall decorations on front porch

One of my very favorite things to do with each new season is refresh my front porch with outdoor fall decorations. I’ve got it down to a system that anyone can follow. Each season, I basically do the same five things. Not all may apply to you, but it’s a process you can follow and adapt to your own home. Today I’m sharing some fall porch decorating ideas that go along with these five things. First is the front door. (All sources are at the end of the post.)

Porch Decorating Ideas for Fall

A New Wreath

fall porch decorating ideas wreath on blue front door

About wreaths. By “new” I don’t necessarily mean brand new. Repurpose what you already have or start completely from scratch. Treat yourself to a premade wreath if you don’t want to make one. Craft stores like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby have amazingly beautiful wreaths for every season. This is something that everyone can do because every home has a door no matter what! Start there and choose what you love. If you do that, you cannot possibly go wrong. 

See how to make the wreath

Pots & Flowers

outdoor fall decorations on porch gold mums

One of the easiest fall porch decorating ideas ever is to add a pot (or two) of mums. If you have room, this will instantly transform your porch and provide a touch of autumn. Mums come in the best colors. Two years ago I chose a coppery shade, so this year I went with gold to blend in with my wreath. Mums are hardy and even if it frosts, they should last all the way to Thanksgiving. 

More Outdoor Fall Decorations for your Porch

A New Doormat

fall porch decorating ideas neutral doormat gold mums

A budget-friendly idea for adding outdoor fall decorations to your porch is a new doormat. Doormats are sort of an obsession of mine and I totally understand if you don’t share it! If your doormat is in good shape, and is a neutral color, there is no reason to change it. I just enjoy switching mine out to freshen things up. This doormat is very neutral but I like the way it has fall colors running through it. It’s not technically a doormat (it’s referred to as an accent rug) but it’s been rained on a few times and is doing great. 

Soft Furnishings
(Pillows & Throws)

outdoor fall decorations white rockers on porch

Using pillows and throws for outdoor fall decorations only make sense if your porch has some sort of seating. It can be rockers or chairs, a bench, a swing or even a stool. I found these throws at TJMaxx and instantly knew I had to have them. I had planned on using a pair of gold velvet pillows I already had and these throws would match beautifully. I thought I knew where the pillows were but after a long, frustrating hunt, I had to give up. They were nowhere to be found. The only thing I can think of is that they were disposed of when we had the water damage in the basement. So…since I was at the very end of my budget, I searched through my stash and found something practically perfect. Problem solved. 

gold geometric pillow on front porch rocker


fall porch decorating ideas ivy planter on round table

Porch accessories can be, in my humble opinion, the same as any accessories you would use inside your home. I try to include some sort of lighting, a natural element, and something specific to the season. Like your wreath, just use accessories that you love and you will hit it out of the park!

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porch decorating ideas lanterns with led candles

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Fall Throw Ideas 

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