DIY No Sew Linen Napkins: Easy Tutorial

DIY No Sew Linen Napkins. I’m sharing an easy, budget-friendly tutorial to make soft and fluffy cloth napkins with NO SEWING!

diy no sew linen napkins with frayed edges

These DIY No Sew Linen Napkins, which I promise are super easy, give you a tremendous bang for your buck. Linen napkins are the best. The more they are washed, the softer they get. At the end of the post I am sharing my linen source too. You might be surprised where it is.

steps to make custom cloth napkins

DIY No Sew Linen Napkins 

A.) Decide what size you want your napkinsto be, and then cut squares one inch larger. My napkins were 18 in. so I cut my squares 19 inches. DO NOT PREWASH THE LINEN.
B.) Starting on one side, start pulling threads. Linen ravels quite easily so it won’t be hard. Pull the threads until you get one continuous thread that runs along the entire side. At this point you will need to trim your fringe so it is even. 
C.) Pull enough complete threads so your fringe is at least 1/4 in. I usually pull enough threads so my fringe is a bit longer than that. Just eyeball it. 
D.) When all your sides are fringed, it’s time to wash and dry the napkins. When they come out of the dryer, there might be some stray strings. Just trim them off or pull them out. Use a hot iron to press but don’t be too particular. Linen has incredible texture so let it shine.

cloth napkins with rosemary

Source to make your own cloth napkins

Now it’s time to share my linen source so you can make your own custom cloth napkins. I think I have mentioned this before but it is worth repeating. When I opened my Etsy shop, I looked and looked for 100% linen that I could afford. Believe me it was not easy to find. I started out buying on eBay but that soon turned into an unpredictable situation. I knew I needed someplace I could count on to get the same linen all the time.

source for linen napkins

JoAnn Fabric turned out to be the answer. This Sew Classics linen comes in 3 colors. Natural, White and Black. The natural is a darker, flax color and is my favorite. The white is actually a soft ivory and not a bright white. I have never purchased the black but I’ve seen it in the store. It’s just as nice as the others. It sells at full price for $19.99 but I never pay that. I always buy when it’s on sale or I have a coupon. It’s very affordable and excellent quality. 

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(The Joann links are not sponsored. I just love the linen and wanted to share.)

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