DIY Heart Wreath Two Ways

DIY heart wreath ideas featuring one heart wreath, two ways. Easy and fun Valentine’s Day decor ideas for your front door!

The two heart wreaths featured below begin the same, but end up looking very different. Use the steps outlined below as a guide to make your own Valentine’s Day wreath, but before you buy anything, make sure to look through your “stash” to see if you can use something you already have. Let the Valentine’s wreath reflect your own personal style by changing the color of the little flowers or ribbon, and use any type of greenery you like.

heart wreath with white flowers on blue door

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Neutral + Natural Heart Wreath

First up is a heart wreath that is neutral and light. The absence of pink and red make this a good choice for anyone who celebrates Valentine’s Day in an understated way!

heart wreath with white satin bow

*Any kind of heart form can be used. A wire wreath form would be a good choice, but in addition to the florist wire, a glue gun may be needed.

Supplies Needed

diy heart wreath tutorial

How to Make

  • Step 1: add a greenery garland of your choice to a heart shaped wreath. Use green florist wire to attach the garland to the wreath.
  • Step 2: gather together the 4 white flower stems. Using wire cutters, clip a few inches off the bottom of two stems. Stick them in each side of the wreath, at about the middle point with the top of the stems pointing down. The fluttery top ends of the stems will overlap at the tip of the heart.
  • Step 3: cut the remaining two flower stems into 3 pieces each, for a total of 6 pieces. Stick these smaller stems into the top half of the heart.
  • Step 4: tie a bow using white wide satin ribbon. 
  • Note: if you are using a floral bush, instead of stems, cut the stems of the bush apart with wire cutters, so you have lots of individual flowered stems. Just place them in the wreath evenly. To get a natural and organic look, add curly willow or thin sticks. (Get the sticks from any craft store or forage them from your own yard!)
diy heart wreath on blue front door

Heart Wreath with Pink Grosgrain Bow

The second idea uses an incredible bolt of wide pink ribbon, and is a more traditional addition to your Valentine’s Day decorations. I used the same heart shape wreath featured in the above tutorial, and left the same greenery right on it.

diy heart wreath ideas supplies needed

Supplies Needed

Note: the flowers pictured on this sweet heart wreath are no longer available. Any kind of pink faux flowers can be used. Cherry blossoms are a good choice.

pink flower bunch for heart wreath

How to Make

  • Step 1: add a greenery garland of your choice to a heart shaped wreath. Use green florist wire to attach the garland to the wreath.
  • Step 2: using wire cutters, cut the stems off the flower bush so you have several separate small branches. (Picture below.)
valentines day decor flowers for heart wreath
  • Step 3: stick the pink blossoms in the wreath, at least 4 on each side. If desired, add twigs to the bottom point of the heart.
  • Step 4: Using this bow tutorial, make a bow from the wide ribbon.
  • Step 5: Attach the bow to the wreath.
heart wreath pink flowers pink grosgrain ribbon bow

Once you make the investment in a wreath and greenery, it’s very easy to switch it up for the different seasons.  A heart-shaped wreath form can be hard to find, but don’t let that stop you! This tutorial could be easily adapted to a round wreath, and it would be beautiful.

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  1. Hello! Beautiful wreaths. May i know what those silvery grey foliage on the grapevine is called. R those artificial or some form of moss? I had been looking for those online. Hard to find without a name. Where did u get those foliage. Appreciate ur input. Txs, tc

  2. Your blog is just filled with so many wonderful ideas.
    Thanks to you; my home is looking
    beautiful ❤️

  3. Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Hi Ann! What color blue is your front door? I love all you posts! Thank you!

  5. Your wreath is beautiful, Ann! Is that grosgrain ribbon, though? I thought grosgrain ribbon had the little raised bumpy stripes on it. The bow in the photo looks shiny and silky. Could yours be more like a taffeta or something? I am going to go to the craft store today and see what I can find. I need a Valentine wreath for our front door. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Tina…yes, it is grosgrain ribbon. I just didn’t capture it in the photographs. Satin ribbon would work too and look beautiful. Thank you!

  6. Those wreaths are both beautiful but I especially love the simpler one. Looks so pretty on your navy door. What a great idea for February without looking too over the top Valentine’s Day.

  7. So pretty! I love On Sutton Place–so classy!

  8. My friend and I have looked everywhere for the grapevine heart wreath like yours. We can’t find it any where, Michaels, Hobby Lobby and on line. Where can we get one?

  9. Susie Coppotelli says:

    Love your site…best one I have found..wonderful ideas and some many helpful hints..Thank you so much for sharing all your great ideas..the patterns and everything..

  10. Kathleen G says:

    I love how you make your wreaths and bows. With the navy color door as a backdrop against the colorful variations of pink is gorgeous! Kathleen in Az

  11. Connie Compton says:

    I love the wreath, flowers and bow – just perfect! My front door is painted
    Persimmon so can’t have pink (though I love it). I’ll just use another color, maybe white like you used on the blue door.

  12. Marlene Stephenson says:

    That heart wreath is beautiful and it really would put me in the mood for spring,thanks.

  13. I had a storm door at my first house and put a wreath in between the main door and the storm door. I had to be creative because I didn’t have much depth. You could hang a wreath on the storm door with a wreath hanger. I have grapevine wreaths with plain greenery on my shed doors. They get all sorts of weather and have done very well. Good luck!

  14. Hi Nancy…yes stay in and safe! Thank you for the sweet comment ~ Ann

  15. Hi Laura! On top of the wreath is a garland that actually does sort of look like Rosemary. I got it at Hobby Lobby. They have a whole aisle of different kinds. Thank you for stopping by!

  16. Ann hubble says:

    Ann, that beautiful cherry blossom wreath was just lovely. Thank you for the excellent tutorial! I LOVE your blog !!!!

  17. Wow, your wreathes get progressively better. The pink on the navy door is striking. I love your blog and am so glad I found you. You truly inspire me.

  18. Peggy Zortman says:

    Charming! Pink is one of my favorites and when I first saw this I thought of my pinks in my garden. They have that flyaway green leaves and stems. I love the look. I am going to have to see if I can find something similar. Spring seems far away this morning with the wind and cold temperatures we have here.

    1. I know what you mean about spring feeling far away. Treat yourself to some pink tulips from the grocery! They really do help.

  19. Ellie LaJuett says:

    Thanks ! The wreath is lovely and even I can make that bow! Stay warm and safe!

    1. Hi Ellie! Of course you can make that bow…thank you for your lovely Facebook comments and for visiting here. You stay safe too…

  20. I guess this means I better take my Christmas wreath down and get busy with Valentines and spring. Today for Super Bowl I am making your baked beans recipe to go along with the barbeque spareribs and potato salad. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas. Today I am celebrating my 80th birthday, all over the country people are having Super Bowl parties but I think they are all just celebrating my birthday. Lol

    1. Happy Birthday Betty Lou! Your Super Bowl meal sounds amazing…and truth be told I just took down my Christmas wreath when I put this one up!

    1. What a lovely thing to say Jennifer…and I could say the exact same thing to you!

  21. Absolutely lovely wreath. I used to make them regularly. However, a major reconstruction update after a dreadful ice storm caused so much damage leads me to not hang anything on the new doors. You have inspired me to make a new one like this for inside. It is very nice. Just found your blog recently and look forward to each post, thank you.

    1. Yes this type of wreath is perfect for indoor too…and welcome to On Sutton Place!