Valentine’s Day Ideas

A collection of budget-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas that are easy to do and super cute! Includes decor, recipes, printable wall art, and crafts.

Raspberry Crisp Dessert Recipe

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner…so if you want to get in the mood, I have some inspiration! Truth be told, I am not the biggest fan of V-Day, but I do enjoy adding hearts to my decor, and baking a fun treat or two. I’ve gathered up all the projects I could find on my blog with easy links to each post. Plus, I have some Valentine’s Day finds that I know you are going to love.


Wreaths + Crafts

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embroidery hoop wreath with pink ribbon valentines day

Valentine’s Day Printable Gift Tags

Get two sets of free printable Valentine’s Day gift tags by filling out the form below. They are included in a collection that contain printable wall art, a banner, and the gift tags.

White Chocolate Bark Recipe from On Sutton Place

Sweet Valentine’s Day Treats

white chocolate bark for valentines day

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valentines day ideas heart pillow on chair

The Easiest Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

Festive Pillows

Pillows are, in my opinion, the secret weapon to adding seasonal touches to your decor. By simply adding pillows in the colors of the season, you can breathe a breath of fresh air into your living spaces. Don’t feel like you need to replace every pillow in the room. Just switch out one or two…it won’t take any time at all, and will make such a difference. 

valentines day ideas heart pillows on tufted chairs

Easy Tip

Invest in a set of red pillow covers that fit inserts you already have. They can be used for Valentine’s Day, all the summer patriotic holidays, and Christmas!

corinthians 13 free printable

Printable Wall Art

Printable wall art is a budget-friendly (and sometimes free) way to change out your wall art for the seasons. I have a set of three black frames, and I rotate the artwork all the time. I have a couple of different sets of mats too, which makes it fun and fresh. If you don’t have any wall space, layer a frame on a bookshelf, or use a frame with an easel.

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watercolor heart pillow on tufted chair

Pink or Red Fresh Flowers

By the time Valentine’s Day rolls around, I’m already looking forward to spring…and nothing adds that touch of spring to your home more than fresh flowers. Choose whatever you like best, but treat yourself to something red or pink.

bright pink roses in white pitcher

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