Simple Christmas Porch Ideas

Use these simple Christmas porch ideas to add a welcoming touch to your home. Includes touches of red, tiny wreaths, and a layered doormat.

blue front door with christmas wreath

Welcome to our Christmas porch! Did you have to look twice?

Yes…this is the Sugar Maple porch. One of the things I love most about this house is the fact that the front porch is very similar to the house on Sutton Place. It’s missing a few things the OSP porch had, like porch lights and a mailbox…but the door and white railing made me feel like I was coming home the first time I approached the door.

christmas porch ideas evergreen trees in planters

With the exception of the wreath and doormat, nothing new was purchased for this Christmas porch. I had a brand new space to work with, and I wanted to see what I could put together from things I already had.

In the past, I have always used the door wreath as the inspiration for the rest of the porch decor. This year was a bit different. I added the red pillows (which I’ve had for years) to pull out the red in the layered doormat, and everything else just fell into place.

christmas porch ideas

In almost every situation, using your existing decor in different ways can give your space an entirely new look. Don’t be afraid to mix things up, and try fresh combinations. Something old, like my red pillow covers, can look updated and original just by using them in an unexpected place.

red and green christmas porch ideas

How to Refresh Outdoor Christmas Decorations

It’s sometimes a challenge to look at your old outdoor Christmas decor, and see ways to refresh it. Here are a few tips that will get you started.

  • Add something new. You may think this is defeating the purpose, but there’s no harm in updating your things by adding new accessories. Even a couple of new bolts of ribbon would brighten any space. Don’t start from scratch…but keep an open mind about purchasing a few, well-chosen decor items. The only items that were newly purchased for this porch are the wreath and doormat. I’m not sure you’ll see the doormat again, but I can guarantee you will see that lovely wreath for years to come!
  • Switch things around and bring the inside out. Use something outside that you normally use inside. If you always hang the same wreath over your mantel, use it on your front door instead. Bring your stairway garland outdoors and use it around your front door. If you collect snowmen or Santas, bring some of them outside.
  • Add fresh greenery. Even if you don’t have any outdoor Christmas decorations at all, start with fresh pine cuttings. Put them in a bucket or basket beside your front door. If you don’t have pine trees, look around and see if a friend or family member has some. You can buy fresh pine for a great price at places like Costco or Sam’s Club. It’s pricier at nurseries and garden centers, but many times you can find small bunches for a reasonable cost.
blue front door with tree planters

A New Blue for the Front Door

Here is the story of how we picked the front door color. I really, really, really wanted to paint the new front door the same color as the door on Sutton Place, which was Sherwin Williams Naval. However, when we tried it, Naval was just too dark. From the street, it looked black.

christmas wreath on blue door

So we went back to the paint store and got more samples. I didn’t consider any color other than blue, so that helped narrow down the options. In the end, we decided on Sherwin Williams Distance…and we love it. It’s a bit lighter than Naval, and it looks lovely with the brown stone. It also looks great from the street, which is a very important factor for me.

christmas doormat on plaid rug

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Christmas Porch Ideas Shopping Guide

white rockers | red pillow covers | small wreaths | red striped ribbon | lanterns | evergreen tree candles | red plaid rug | evergreen doormat | white planters | small trees with lights | frosted berry stems on wreath (similar)

*The Norfolk pine wreath is sold out everywhere. I will try to let you know when it comes back in stock.

christmas porch ideas red pillows

With each passing day, the Sugar Maple house feels more like home. All the little adjustments are working themselves out, and I’m just about ready to pound the first nail in the wall and hang a picture! I’ll be talking more about the move, and all the lessons learned along the way, in the new year. I’ve been organizing my thoughts, and am very much looking forward to sharing it all with you.

christmas porch ideas wreaths on chairs