DIY Wool Felt Christmas Tree Garland

In this post: How to make this adorable star Christmas tree garland from wool felt and wool felt balls. All sources and instructions are included!

ivory wool felt star garland with felt balls

Welcome to the first crafting session of the season! I’m joining the Seasonal Simplicity crew, hosted by Krista from The Happy Housie, and we’re sharing easy holiday DIY and craft projects that anyone can do. Make sure to take a look at all the cute creations at the end of the post. 

When it comes to Christmas tree ornaments, I love everything. Over the years, we’ve had trees using every combination of ornaments possible. Lately though, I’ve wanted a simpler look. The perfect way to get that is with handmade ornaments. This wool felt Christmas tree garland takes a bit of time, but it’s such an accomplishment when it’s finished. Spread the sewing out over a few evenings in front of the TV, and in no time, you will have a handmade treasure that, if stored properly, will last for years. Read on for the easy tutorial. 

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Christmas Tree Garland Supplies

What you need for 16 stars:

ivory wool felt star Christmas garland supplies

About Wool Felt

The wool felt linked to above comes in lengths that measure 18 in. x 36 in. When you order two, you are sent one piece that measures 36 in. x 36 in. The felt balls come in packages of 30. The white balls perfectly match the fresh linen felt. 

Wool felt can be used as is, or it can be “felted.” Felting wool brings out the texture and makes it a bit fluffier. All you do is fill your kitchen sink with lukewarm water. Dunk the piece of felt until it has absorbed as much water as possible. Remove it and, very gently, wring out the water. Use more of a squeezing motion and not a wringing motion. Throw it in your dryer along with a large, dry towel and a dryer sheet. Remove it when it’s still slightly damp and lay it flat to dry, smoothing out any wrinkles with your hands. That’s it!

*I felted my wool before I began cutting out stars. This is a totally optional step.

table top christmas tree with felt star garland

DIY Christmas Tree Garland

  • Make a star template. I recommend using a sturdy piece of cardboard. It is much easier to trace around than paper. Click {HERE} for the template.
  • Trace 32 stars on the wool felt and cut them out.
  • Place two stars together and, using a blanket stitch, sew them together with the embroidery floss. When you get to the last point, stop and stuff the star with a tiny bit of polyfil or two cotton balls. Continue with the blanket stitch around the last point. Repeat this process until you have 16 stars.
  • Click {HERE} to see how to make a blanket stitch.
  • Cut a piece of embroidery floss or cotton yarn about 8 feet long and place your needle on one end. Beginning with a felt ball, string eight stars and balls onto the yarn in an alternating pattern. Space them about 5 inches apart. This will give you a garland that’s approximately 6 feet long and has 8 stars.
  • (To string the stars so they hang correctly, make a small stitch in the back of each star, near the tip of a point.)
  • Repeat the process for the remaining 8 stars.
  • When finished, you will have two garlands that measure approximately 6 feet long with ample yarn for tying off on the ends. 

wool felt christmas tree garland blanket stitch

You can, of course, use any kind of fabric you want for this project. You can also simply make ornaments and not a garland. When you get to the last point, just attach a tiny hanger. Narrow ribbon works perfectly for this. If you don’t enjoy hand-stitching, a sewing machine works great. When I had my handmade shop, I made little stars and hearts from grain sack fabric and used a machine stitch. They sold like hotcakes! It involves sewing around four points, removing the star from the machine, stuffing the star, and then sewing around the last point. Using the assembly line method makes the whole process go quickly. 

To see how to make hearts and stars with a sewing machine, click {HERE.}

Storing Wool Felt Ornaments & Garlands

To store your wool felt ornaments and garlands, place them in resealable bags. This will protect them from dust, and help prevent the musty smell that stored fabric sometimes gets. It’s also helpful to add a dryer sheet to the bag before sealing. 

grain sack fabric christmas star ornaments