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Heart Christmas Tree Ornament

Heart Christmas Ornament | An easy tutorial from onsuttonplace.comHello and welcome to my first craft session for Christmas 2014! It’s early but we all know how fast the time goes…before we know it Thanksgiving will be over and the race to Christmas will have started. I thought I would try to get you some easy, handmade Christmas tutorials early enough so you would have plenty of time to create. Creating in a rush is really no fun. This heart Christmas tree ornament involves sewing but I promise it’s very simple. Use them as tree ornaments or as lovely add-ons to your gift wrap. It’s a great way to use up left-over fabric but fat quarters would be easy too. You could coordinate several different fabrics. Let’s get started!

Heart Christmas Ornament | An easy tutorial from onsuttonplace.com

What you need:

1. Red Ticking Fabric (or fabric of your choice)
2. Scissors
3. Heart Template
4. Ribbon for hanger
5. Polyfill

The first thing you need is a heart template so click HERE. This link will take you to the template I use. Just right click>>save as. After you have saved it, go ahead and print. Cut out the size(s) you want. Helpful hint: if you are planning to making several of these ornaments I highly recommend making a template out of cardboard. It is much easier and quicker to trace the heart with a sturdy template. 

The directions I’m giving are for one ornament. Again, if you plan to make several it’s quicker to use the assembly-line method. 

1. Cut 2 pieces of fabric approx. 6 in. x 6 in. (This is for the heart size specified on the template.) Trace a heart on ONE piece of fabric.

2. Cut out the heart. Make sure to cut INSIDE the heart so your tracing line doesn’t show.

3. With WRONG sides together, place the 2 pieces of fabric in your sewing machine. Note where I started sewing…on the right downward curve of the heart. Using your presser foot as a guide, sew along the edge of the heart. 

4. When you get to the top of the heart, bury your needle, lift the presser foot and insert your ribbon hanger. Continue sewing. (Back stitch if needed to make sure your needle has caught the ribbon.) Stop about 2 inches from your starting point. This will allow a gap to insert the polyfill. Remove the fabric from your machine.

5. Insert a tiny bit of polyfill. I just take little blobs and insert them with the end of a wooden spoon.

6. Put the heart back in your machine and close the gap with stitches.

Heart Christmas Ornament | An easy tutorial from onsuttonplace.comNow is the best part. Carefully cut out the back side of the heart. Here’s what you have…

Heart Christmas Ornament | An easy tutorial from onsuttonplace.comI use this method to make all the ornaments for my shop. It’s so much easier than trying to sew 2 hearts together and keep them lined up. Try to use a sturdy fabric that won’t easily fray. You could also make different shapes like stars or stockings.

Here’s a few ornaments from last year to give you a little more inspiration…

Heart Christmas Tree Ornament from suttonplacedesigns.com

Heart Christmas Tree Ornament from suttonplacedesigns.comSources for ticking heart:

5/8 in. striped ribbon (aff. link)
red ticking

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