20 Minute Decorating: Porch Sitting Area

How to make a porch sitting area cozy, functional, and an extension of your home. Ideas for accessories, plants, lighting, and soft furnishings.

white rockers on front porch

May is here…and along with it, enough nice weather for me to get out and set up our porch sitting area for the summer months. This is always one of the highlights of my year, and this year is no different. Perhaps even more, since we have all been spending much more time at home. I didn’t buy anything new…so some of you have seen these things before. Hopefully, I’ve mixed things up enough that our porch will still give you inspiration for fixing up your own outdoor space. 

front porch sitting area for summer

Today is also 20 Minute Decorating, so make sure to take a stroll through the links at the end of the post. Like all the other little projects I’ve shown you recently, this porch sitting area is simple and functional. Everything was very dirty, so it all got a good cleaning the day before the decorating began. The starting point was the blue and white tie closure pillows that found a home on the rockers. I made the pillow covers a few years ago from vintage tea towels. They are still used often, and very much loved! (The little blue checked pillow cover was a Pottery Barn clearance find and is no longer available.)

See the front door planters!

white rocker with blue plaid pillow

The day I cleaned the porch, I ventured out to a local market that also has a greenhouse. I purchased white impatiens, along with some other plants that I’ll be showing you on Sunday, when I share the front door area. I filled two galvanized buckets with the white impatiens, and all of a sudden, the sitting area came to life. Lanterns and a tiny pitcher were the finishing touches to our porch sitting area. In a matter of minutes, this space went from bare and cold, to comfy and cozy.

front porch decor with white rocker

You’ve seen all the pieces used for this project many times before…but never in this combination. You all know I love to shop, and I love to show you new things…but sometimes it makes no sense to reinvent the wheel. This was one of those times. By using things we already have, but perhaps in a different way, we can achieve a fresh and new look for no money at all. Just look around, gather together some of your favorite things, and see what happens!

See the front door planters!

summer porch sitting area

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  1. I always love seeing what you’ve done with your front porch. We don’t have one – just a small landing – and I love porches. Maybe one day we’ll add one. Unfortunately, we have a freeze warning for tonight in Ohio. We picked up flowers for the yard today and had to store them in my husband’s workshop until it warms up enough to plant them.

  2. Elaine Wesselman says:

    I too love that you use what you have! It is really ridiculous to buy everything new each year. Moving things and mixing things up makes much more sense . Thank you for encouraging that !

  3. I love looking at how you decorate your front porch..ok I just love how you decorate .☺️ While I was admiring your porch I thought ..hey Anne have you ever thought of buying a rug under neath your white rocking chairs? I always am so undecided when it comes to rugs.. is it big enough.. or the right color..so usually I dont buy one. When I decorate my small porch I try to incorporate your design ideas. I’m usually happy with it. I have it decorated with forsythia in my black urns and a forsythia wreath. I have a black door so it does look nice. Thanks for reading my letter I feel I am talking to friend who loves decorating like me.🌞

    1. Hi Lorri…I have lost track of my comments and can’t remember if I replied to you or not. I am sorry! I actually used a rug there once…but I felt it was in the way. I get a lot of debris from the trees, and it was always dirty. Rugs are wonderful though for adding color and covering an old surface. Your porch sounds lovely!

  4. I love that you use what you have. I find it very encouraging. Thanks for all the loveliness!

  5. Your porch looks so pretty,light and airy.

  6. Kim Gibson says:

    Such a calm and peaceful porch….mine is smaller. and I haven’t painted my rockers yet, but I will use this as a mood board for my own. Thank you.