Curtain Topper Tutorial

As promised, here are the directions for a custom topper
on a ready-made curtain panel.
I am not a teacher so I’ve tried to explain the best I can.
I sure hope it all makes sense.
This project requires only one line of straight stitching per panel.
Here is your best friend:
Get the super weight and at least 5/8 in. wide depending on the width of your trim.
You’ll need a couple of packages.
 I’m not very meticulous when it comes to measuring.
I do the best I can but sometimes it all doesn’t come out right.
This is pretty fool-proof though…
Begin with a 15 in. strip the width of your fabric.
You will need one width of fabric per curtain panel.  I had 4.
IKEA fabric is 60 in. wide which works well with the 55 in. panel.
If you are using normal 54 in. decorator fabric
you will have a seam in your topper. Or you can purchase a narrower panel.
Either way no big deal.
Moving on.
On your ironing board press one long side of the topper up 3/8 in.
Use the hottest setting on your iron.
Fold the same side over again to equal the width of 1 in.
Measure frequently as you work your way down the fabric, pressing as you go.
It would be dreadful if it came out crooked.
Lay the fold open and place the Stitch Witchery along the edge of the fold.
Work in small sections.
Press as you go applying pressure with your iron.
Turn your topper right side up.
Now it’s time for any trim you would like to add.
We opted for ribbon…but you could really use anything.
If you use a heavier fringe you may have to sew it on.
I don’t think the Stitch Witchery would hold something with more weight.
Again I used an inch for my measurement.
Place the Stitch Witchery along the finished edge topping it with the ribbon.
Press very firmly.
Here is your almost finished topper.
We chose tab top curtain panels but you could use any type.
It makes no difference to the finished panel at all.
Cut the tabs off along the top edge of the panel.
Place the WRONG side of your panel along the RIGHT side of your topper.
Pin if you need to and sew a seam along the raw edges.
This is the TOP of your curtain panel.
Open it up, lay it flat and press.
The next step has to be done to both edges of your panel.
Fold the topper over to line up with the long edge of your panel.
Fold under again to obtain a finished edge.
Use Stitch Witchery to keep the edge closed.
I must have blanked out and didn’t take a pic of the last step.
But it’s very easy…just turn your topper over so it’s
laying on the right side of your panel and press.
I used rings to attach it to the rod.
This eliminates any need for a rod pocket…which is just more sewing.
These IKEA panels come un-hemmed.
I had to measure and hem all 4 panels.
Hemmed panels would be way easier so keep that in mind.
You really don’t have to be a sewer to do this project.
It takes no real skill.
Anyone can use a pair of scissors, an iron and a ruler.
If you decide to give it a go, let me know.
I’d love to see your end result!
Thanks for stopping by…