Elizabeth’s House ~ Part 2

A few weeks ago I showed you part 1 of Elizabeth’s house.
She’s my daughter and this is her first place.
Here’s part 2.Her only bathroom.
Tiny but new…and there’s a lot to be said for new.
We found the green and gray baskets
at Lowe’s. There were only 2.
We probably could have found a place for 10…

Her kitchen is very efficient.
She loves it…all except the black dishwasher!
(I give her about a year and that dishwasher will be white.)
The little cart came with the house.
I think her green mixer is very fun…way more fun than my black one.
Table and chairs are from IKEA.
Paint is Sherwin Williams Sensible Hue.

I made the valances from fabric purchased at IKEA.
IKEA fabric is sturdy and really easy to work with…and it’s 60 in. wide.
It runs about $8.00 per yard. We were lucky to find a few
different fabrics in her colors.

She had the microwave installed over the stove.
(Blurry pic…not really sure what happened.)

The floors are the same throughout her living areas.
I think it makes everything seem bigger.
This laundry room blows mine out the the water.
I’m actually a little jealous…
She doesn’t have much cupboard space
so this pantry was a life saver.


This room is an add-on at the back of the house right off the kitchen.
Makes a perfect dining room.
Paint color is SW Macadamia.
Her back door.
We got the hooks at Lowe’s.
She hopes to add a bench before winter.
Everything in her house was
planned and thought out before she moved in.
(Wonder who she takes after?)
It was all put together on a small budget
and turned out to be exactly what she wanted.I think most parents would agree
that the thing we want most
for our children is for them to be happy.
I think she’s happy…and that makes me smile.Thanks for stopping by…